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WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments 2020

World Poker Tour 2020

World Poker Tour 2020

The WSOP and WPT poker tournaments are on for 2020. If poker is your ideal card game, then we suggest that you start thinking of taking a trip to New Zealand this summer. This is as the largest online poker bodies are back in business. The WSOP and WPT poker tournament dates for 2020 have been set ladies and gentlemen, and they are that is starting this weekend.

If you in it for the money as well for the fun then we are glad to tell you that there will be hundreds of millions of dollars that you could walk away with.

We have the World Poker Tour (WPT) that will offer players at least $100 million on PartyPoker. And the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) will be offering a $25 million guarantee on just the Main Event alone that will be held via GGPoker and Natural8.

WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments 2020 Going Digital

The online casino and the online gambling world have just got a whole lot more interesting, as the WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments of 2020 are going online.

The WSOP and WPT are the largest poker tournament bodies in the world. And they manage to attract players from all over the world. And the best part is that they are now going online, and we have to thank the coronavirus for this. One of the few things that we have the lockdown and quarantine period for.

  1. WPT Joins Hands With PartyPoker

    The WPT was forced to cancel all its live tournaments as the spread of the virus crippled the world. As such, they decided to collaborate with PartyPoker to offer all the players online events. And as a result, they are now going to offer players the WPT World Online Championships that will run from the 17th of July to the 8th of September.

    PartyPoker will offer players 12 main WPT branded tournaments. And from those 12, 3 players will be crowned the victors of the WPT and this will then earn those 3 lucky champions seats to the WPT Champions. The buy in’s will, however, range from $33 to $102K.

  2. WSOP Collaborates With GGPoker

    World Series Of Poker 2020

    World Series Of Poker 2020

    The pandemic also cancelled the WSOP Tournament that was set to be held in Las Vegas this year. So, the WSOP collaborated with GGPoker to put 54 out of 85 gold bracelet WSOP events on Natural8.

    The WSOP will kick off its events starting on July 19and they will run until September 6. This will be the first time that the WSOP will be online and it will be the first time that it will be open to non-USA players.

    The series will also feature an NLHE main Event at a discount. This will cost $5k for the buy-in and will come with a $25 million guarantees.

PokerStars Gets The Wheel Rolling

A few weeks ago, PokerStars announced a new series that was is to run through the month of July. This new stadium series is something unique as compared to its other tournament series. This is as it offers an escalating buy-in structure, weekly heats and Sunday Finals as well. This all, of course, leading up to the main event.

This series began on the 5th of July and will until the 2nd of August. It will offer 102 different Stadium Series Events. That will you ample time to take a short leave out of Australia and head for a country that allows PokerStars.

PokerStars will also be awarding  $2 million worth of free tickets as well as tournament seats.

Australians and Poker

Poker is one of the most played games in Australia. This why many people believe that poker has a very place in the ecosystem. And you will note that poker is the only game that has international events like the WSOP and WPT poker tournaments.

As for Aussies and poker, statistics from 2018 show that at 132 00 Aussies gambled on poker, both online and at land-based casinos.

As compared to other gambling games, poker will take up most of a gamblers bankroll, with an estimate of 48%. While the lottery will take up at least 12% of a player’s bankroll EGM’s (Electronic Gambling Machines) will take up at least 10% of a player’s bankroll. Casino Table Games like baccarat, roulette and baccarat will take 8% while private betting takes up 7%. Sports Betting, Race Betting and Other Gambling Activities will take up 5% each.

WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments 2020

WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments 2020


As you can clearly see that poker means a lot to Aussies, and that is why we are sure that there are now packing their bags and looking for ways to take in the WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments 2020. Combined, the tournaments will offer winners over $175 million in prize money. Therefore, we are sure that the WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments 2020 are where you need to be playing if you are a poker fan.

WSOP and WPT Poker Tournaments 2020 FAQs

Yes, there will be World Series of Poker Tournament in 2020. However, it will not be held at Las Vegas but will be held online via the GGPoker and Natural8. It will run from 19 July to 6 September 2020.
The World Poker Tour will also be held online this year. In conjunction with PokerStars, it will run from 17 July to 8 September and will offer players up to $100 million in prize money.
To be able to participate in the WSOP and WPT poker tournaments, Aussies can either buy-in or they can win their way through beating all the other players.
Both these poker tournaments combined will offer players at least $175 million in real cash prize money.
No, this will be the first time ever that the WSOP will be held online. It will also be the first time ever that the tournament is open non-US poker players as well.
The short answer is no, Australian players are not allowed to play at PokerStars.Therefor to partake in tournament, you would need to have to travel in a country that allows the site to operate like our neighbouring New Zealand.

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