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Best Online Casino Guide: Top Online Gambling Guide For Australians

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Online Casino Australia

Online casino sites are where most Australian real money gamblers spend their time. However, these days there are so many online gambling sites it makes hard for a Kiwi player to find the best real money online casinos to play at.

That is why we exist as the Best Real Money Online Casino Gambling guide for Australia real money online casino gamblers. To make sure that we give all the best online casino sites were Kiwi gamblers can enjoy safe and secure online casino games.

As the best real money online casino guide Australia, we give you the best real money casino sites to play at. We also give you all the top online casino no deposit bonuses. As well the best online casino games for Kiwis.

The best online casinos can be found on this top real money gambling guide. As well as the best online pokies and other real money online casino games like table games and live dealer casino games.  

Top Online Casinos for Aussies and Kiwis

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Finding Your Way To Online Casino Gambling Bliss

Gambling has always been a mysterious activity. This is the reason why so many people know so little about this fascinating pastime. If you are one of those people then fear not, we are here to show you how easy it is to enjoy online casino games even if you are in the outback. All provided you can have a good internet connection and smartphone or desktop computer to play on. Regular casino game players will also benefit from the insightful information that is available here.


Top Australian Real Money Casino Games








Sports Betting


Sic Bo











Top Australian Online Casino Games

Mobile OnlineOnline casino gambling games are a lot of fun. They help you relax and keep you excited and entertained. However, it should be noted that gamblers prefer different games for different reasons.
Some games are easy to play while others pay out more. Also, some games require skill and strategy. Because of this, not everyone can play them. However, we have come up with a list of the most popular online casino games in Australia to help you choose.

  1. Pokies

    Online pokies are also known as slots. They are the most popular, featuring hundreds and hundreds of games. Mainly, they come in 3 variations which are:

     i. Classic or 3 reel slots
     ii. Video or 5 reel slots
     iii. Progressive slots

  2. Roulette

    Roulette is probably one of the oldest casino games in the world. Online Roulette features a wheel, a table of bets and a ball. To play, you must wager on the outcome. You win when the ball lands on a number in the wheel that you have wagered on.

  3. Bingo

    Bingo is very easy to understand and play. All you have to do is dab a number on your card as it is called out. The first card to spell BINGO wins.

  4. Baccarat

    Again, this is a simple game. To win, you must reach a hand total of 9 with 2 cards. This is known as a Baccarat.

  5. Blackjack

    Blackjack is a hand total goal game, too. To win, you must get 21 or any number close to that without going over.

  6. Craps

    Craps is a dice game which utilises 2 dice. In order to win, you must land a certain number while betting on the outcome.

  7. Keno

    Keno is almost similar to Bingo. You must draw numbers from a plastic ball. Next, you will tick them off on a card.

  8. Sic Bo

    Sic Bo is a popular dice game is played with 3 dice. You must bet on the outcome. Also, the dice are rolled before they are revealed.

Free Online Casino Games

Free online casino games are available at all online casino Australia. This is one of the features that come with an online casino that sets them apart. players have the chance to play the games for free before they play them for real money. 

This means that players can enjoy free online pokies, free blackjack online, free roulette, free craps as well as other free online casino games. This is all before they play the games for real money.

However, the player needs to know that playing the games for free means that they will not be able to walk away with real money prizes. This also means that all the wins that you will make while playing for free are counted. 

The main reason why you would play free online casino game is so that you can practise the game that you want to lay. When you are ready to play for real money, you can easily just switch the game to real money mode. It is then that you will be able to make a fortune. 

Real Money Online Casino Progressive Jackpots

Online casino games for real also have what is known as progressive jackpots. These are the jackpots that will grow each time that the game is played. that is why you will that there is a game that has a jackpot of over 5 million AU$. Those are the real money online casino progressive jackpots. 

There are not that many online casino progressive jackpots. However, the one that has jackpots that have reached over a million dollars. Real money online casino gamblers in Australia will find that the most common progressives are online pokie games. However, there is also other online casino tables game that comes come with progressive jackpots. These will be games like progressive blackjack. 

What You Can Expect From Australian Casinos Online Guide

Australian Casinos Online GuideEverything there is to know about online casinos, mobile casinos and all other forms of real money gambling entertainment. While this statement gives the whole scope of this site in a nutshell, it also perfectly and simply tells you what you can expect from us.

You can expect professional and unbiased gambling information that is designed to be useful to readers in Australia and New Zealand. The thrust is to give relevant answers to the questions that gamblers all over the continent and beyond are asking.

Why You Can Trust Us

As the top online gambling guide, you will not just get the ins and outs of real money gaming. Instead, you will in-depth analysis of all things related to this awesome hobby. We are not just a bunch passionate gamblers trying to do good. Rather our team is made up of professionals who have been in the gambling industry (both land-based and Online) for over 20 years.

It is for this reason that you should trust us to do a thorough job of studying the internet gambling industry in order to give you great and reliable advice on online casinos. Key Features of the online gambling industry are examined and put highlighted clearly. Some of these aspects include:

  1. Security and Safety at the online casinos
  2. Real Money Online Casino Software Providers including top brands, RealTime Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech.
  3. The online casino games on offer such as Online Video Pokies, Online Table Games, Live Casino Games and Online Progressive Jackpots.
  4. Bonuses available and Promotions running at internet gambling.
  5. The money issues. These are Online Casino Payment and Withdrawal Methods which work. Also the speed of processing both Withdrawals and Deposits.
  6. Online Casino Reputation related issues including compatibility with Operating Systems (Android, iOS, Windows and Linux) and Customer Support

Best Australian Online Casino

Finding the best online casino in Australia can be really difficult. This is due to the fact that there are quite a number of Aussie online casinos. We have gone out of our way to compile a list of the best Australian online casinos.

Mobile Online Gambling Australia

Mobile OnlineAustralian mobile casinos have become quite popular among gamblers. The mobile gambling sector has grown rapidly recently due to technological advancements. Therefore, most online casino games have been optimised for mobile devices. Additionally, players can use their casino accounts to log in and begin playing.

Mobile casinos can be accessed through a casino mobile app or mobile browser. Mobile casinos run on most platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

However, if you are using Android, you can use an app or a web browser. On the other hand, iOS users must download the casino software first. Also, mobile casinos run on most devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Banking Options

BankGamblers play to win real money. In fact, you will win some cash now and again. This is why safe, secure and trusted banking methods are vital. When choosing an online casino, choose one that offers different banking methods for deposits and withdrawals.

Also, choose a real money casino that accepts different currencies. Not only that, select an internet casino that charges no transaction fees. Lastly, don’t forget to choose a casino that releases payments in minimal time.

There are a wide variety of banking options that you can choose from, including:

  • Wire Transfers
  • MasterCard©
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Paysafe
  • Direct Wire Transfers

Bonuses at Top Online Casinos Australia

Bonuses at Top Online Casinos AustraliaAll online casinos will offer Welcome Bonuses to all new players in order to get them to sign up.
 Furthermore, there are on-going promotions to keep players wagering and playing for real money. The most popular online casino bonuses are listed below.

  1. No Deposit Sign Up Bonuses

    Some casinos offer the No deposit Sign Up Bonus to its new players. You can claim this as soon as you register and confirm your email. Normally, a casino will offer a small amount of money to new players, usually under AUD$50. As soon as you claim this bonus, you can use it on your preferred games. Also, you get to keep your winnings from this bonus. However, you have to meet some wagering requirements before withdrawing the winnings.

  2. Free Spins

    A Free Spins bonus allows you to play on online pokies without wagering real money. You may receive this bonus as part of your Welcome Bonus package or as a stand-alone bonus. Now and again, a casino may decide to award its members some free spins as an appreciation token.

  3. Welcome Bonuses

    A Welcome Bonus is a bonus that you get when you register as a new player at an online casino. This usually comes in the form of a percentage match up bonus or Free Spins.

  4. Loyalty Rewards

    After registering at an online casino and as soon as you begin wagering, you start receiving loyalty points. In fact, the more you wager, the more loyalty points you receive. As a loyal player, you will receive loyalty points. When you have accumulated enough, you can redeem them for cash, free spins or trips and other perks.

Customer Support and Services at Top Australian Online Casinos

Customer Support and ServicesOne main thing that you should consider when looking for an online casino is its customer support and services. A good customer support team should be reliable, responsive and friendly.

On top of that, it should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only that, customer support should be offered in different languages to cater to players worldwide.

Also, to answer players’ general questions about online gambling and games, a casino should have a Frequently Asked Questions page. Furthermore, a good casino must offer many ways to contact support, namely: Skype, e-mail, live chat and telephone.

Safety and Security at Internet Casinos

Safety and Security at Internet CasinosThis is, perhaps, the most important factor that players should consider when choosing an online casino.

Gamblers need assurance that their personal information is protected over the internet. Also, players want their transactional information’s to be safe and secured online.

You will be happy to find out that most internet casinos are safe and secure. Most of them are licensed and regulated by eCOGRA and the Malta Gaming Authority. Also, they use an SSL encryption system to protect all players’ information.

Types of Real Money Online Casinos

  1. No Download

    As much as we love to play online casino games, we do not like an aspect of having to always download the casino application. That is why have no download casinos. These are casinos that allow you to play without having to download any of the casino applications. Meaning that you can enjoy all the games online.

  2. Download Casinos

    Just like there are no download casinos, there are also download casino. These are casinos that you need to make sure to download the application in order to play. As such, you will find that these casinos have specific requirements on the type of device that you use.

  3. VR Casinos

    All thanks to technology, we now have VR casinos. These are casinos that allow experiencing casino, without having to leave your home. VR casinos are made to make to give a fully immersive experience of online casino gaming.

  4. iPhone casinos

    If there is one brand of the user that is specific about the products that they use, it is the iPhone users. That is we also have iPhone casinos. These are casinos that have been tried and tested. As such, they meet all the Apple expectations. Therefore, all iPhone users can enjoy limitless real money online casino games in Australia.

  5. Android Casinos

    Mobile casinos are a growing trend, as such, it is vital to make sure that you are bel to cater for all sorts of mobile phones. That is why we have Android casinos. These are casino that is made to integrate seamlessly with all sorts of Android phones. As such, when you play at an Android casino, you will be able to enjoy all the games without having to worry about the application not being compatible with your phone.

  6. Tablet Casinos

    As we all know that everything is going mobile, as such we have table casinos. These are real money online casino designed especially for the game on tablets. As such you will that the graphics and the quality of the game are not compromised as the casino will be made specifically for tablets gameplay.

  7. VIP Casinos

    At a VIP Online casino, everything is just the same as a regular casino. however, the major difference is that here, everything is a bit more expensive. These are types of an online casino that cater for the higher roller group. These are real money gamblers who do mind making large wagers at online casinos.

  8. Live Casinos

    At a live online casino, you will be offered live dealer games. These are games that you get to play via video stream.  The main reason why people love live dealer casino games is that they give them both the online casino experience as well as the land-based casino experience as well.

Online Casinos Australia Real Money Strategies

Real money online casino gaming is fun and quite easy, to be honest. However, that does not mean that you make it with the help if a few strategies and tips. It is with real money online casino strategies and tips that you are able to get the most out of playing at online casinos in Australia. 

Online Casino Gaming Strategies

There are basically three categories of strategies that you can use to win real money at online casinos in Australia. These are Positive progression betting, Negative progression betting as well as the flat betting system. Each of these categories has several strategies that fall under them.

  1. Positive Progression Betting

    when you use the positive progression betting strategy at online casino games, you are playing with the money that you would have won during the game. the best part about such strategies is that they take advantage of the money that you would have made as such, it makes it easier to save and as well as to manage your bankroll.

  2. Negative Progression Betting

    This is the exact opposite of positive betting. These types of strategies will take advantage of your wins. With such strategies, you will be able to recover the real money that you may have lost while you were playing. When you place bets using negative progression strategies, you will have to raise your bets when you lose and reduce them when you win.

  3. Flat Betting

    As you can already tell by the name, all the bets made using this strategy are flat. This means that whether you win or you lose, you remain to place bets using your base bet. You will not have raise or to increase your bet during wins or loses. the best part using this strategy at online casino Australia is that you are able to win even money.

How to Win at Online Casino Games Australia 

Playing real money online casino game is truly fun and exciting. However, as much as we do play games, we also want to make sure that we are able to walk away with great money rewards. This is as, while we know that the games are played for fun and relaxation purpose, at the back of our minds we all want to be able to walk with the jackpot. 

Bearing that in mind, we will give you a few tips. these will help you walk away with great online casino real money rewards. 

  1. Make use of the casino bonus: While many players might think that they can make it on their own, we advise that you use the casino online bonus. This bonus will help to both save your money as well give you a chance to make more real money. 
  2. Play for free: Its always good to have practice round.  That is why you always need to make sure that you play for free before you play for real money. This will allow you to learn more about the game.
  3. Read the rules: While most real money online casino games are similar,  it is always wise to read the rules. These will help you to see what you need to do in the game in order to get the most out of it. 
  4. Terms and Conditions: All real money online casino game have terms and conditions. And as boring as this may be. You need to make sure that you always read the casino terms and conditions. By reading these you know that you are on the safe side and that way you can easily claim all the money that you win without any hassles.

Best Real Money Online Casino Software Providers 

There are quite a number of online casino games. As we all know that everything has to come from something, there are masterminds that are behind the creation of online casino games. These are called online casino software providers.

There are quite a number of real money online casino games providers that makes sure to supply online gamblers in Australia with the best games ever. While there are some online casino software providers that provide online pokies, online table games as well as live dealer games. There are also those that provide either one of three. 

Some of the top online casino games providers that we om this online gambling guide include

  1. Playtech
  2. Microgaming
  3. NetEnt
  4. Rival
  5. Top Game
  6. RealTime Gaming
  7. Novomatic
  8. Amatic
  9. SG Interactive

Real Money Casino Gambling in Oz

Online casino gambling is one of the most controversial issues in Australia and all over the world. This is because in most countries there are no laws that prohibit gambling at the same time there are no set laws that actually allow gambling.

As such, many Australians want to know if real money online casino gambling is allowed in Australia. The answer to that question is yes, legally, Aussies are allowed to play internet casino games.

Online Gambling Australia: Regulatory Bodies

Below we will outline the gambling regulatory bodies in different Oz regions.

  1. Licensing Commission: Northern territory
  2. Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing: New South wales
  3. Departments of Racing, Gaming and Liquor: Western Australia
  4. ACT Gambling and Racing Commission: Australian Capital Territory
  5. Independent Gambling Authority: South Australia
  6. Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation: Victoria
  7. Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation: Queensland
  8. Tasmanian Gaming Commission: Tasmania

Australian Gambling Territories

There are eight main gambling territories in Australia, and as we have outlined above, each is governed by a different governing body, below we shall briefly look at each of those gambling territories as well how you can enjoy real money casino when you are there.

  1. Australian Capital Territory

    Although it is one of the smallest gambling areas in Oz, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is one of the most powerful. One of the main reasons for this is because it has the Australian capital, Canberra.

    Players can enjoy real money online casino gaming in this territory. However, Australian companies are not allowed to set up online casino and offer their services to the Aussie gamblers.

  2. New South Wales

    If you are looking for the top real money online casino gaming sites in New South Wales, then search no more. We give you all the top real money online casino gambling sites in NSW. Here you can all real money online casino games.

  3. Northern Territory

    There are quite a number of online casino as well as land-based casinos for gamblers in then Northern Territory. Therefore, NT gamblers can enjoy all the top real money online casino games and walk stand a chance to walk away with millions of AU$ worth in online casino prize money.

  4. Queensland

    Australian gamblers in Queensland can enjoy a wide array of both online and land-based casinos. One of the main advantages of online gambling in Queensland and other parts of Australia is that online casino gambling is considered a recreational activity. This means that players will not be taxed for their real money wins.

  5. South Australia

    Om South Australia like other parts of Australia, players can legally enjoy online casino gaming. However, it is illegal for a business to open up a casino and offer its services to other Oz gamblers. If the company were to open, they would only be able to offer their services to international online casino gamblers.

  6. Western Australia

    Online casino gambling in Western Australia is just the same as it would in other Australia states. As such players in Western Australia can enjoy all sorts of real money online games. Some of the favourite real money games offered include table games like baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. There are quite a number of online pokies that players can play for free as well for real money.

  7. Victoria

    In Victoria, according to the Interactive Gambling Act(IGA) 2001, online gambling is restricted. This means that it is illegal for Australian online casinos to provide services to other citizens of Oz. However, players can play at other international online casinos.

  8. Tasmania

    In Tasmania, betting is huge. As such, you will find that there is a tonne of real money online casino as well as other online gambling activities that you can enjoy.

Online Casinos New Zealand

It is very hard to talk about online casino games and gaming in Australia and not mention real money online casino games in New Zealand. This is because the two are very close to each.

As such, as you go through this top online casino gambling guide, you will find that we a section that talks specifically about both online and land-based casino in New Zealand. This is so that the fun never stops regardless of where you are. 

Online Casino Australia FAQS

Every player has a unique gaming experience. That leaves players with different questions about online casino gambling. In this section, we will answer your general online casino questions.

Yes. In fact, most online casinos are licensed and regulated by eCOGRA and the Malta Gaming Authority. These gaming bodies ensure that online gambling is safe and secure. Also, most internet casinos use SSL encryption. As a result, your personal and transactional information is safe. Please note that there are some rogue online casinos and you should choose only trusted ones. Check out our casino reviews page to find out which ones you can trust. Furthermore, when looking for a casino online, choose one that offers safe and secure banking options. Some of the trusted banking methods include PayPal, Wire transfers, Visa, POLi and many others.
All top online table games are just as fair as their land-based counterparts. Online casinos in Australia use third parties to audit them. In actual fact, casinos online use a Random Number Generator (RNG). This ensures that games are random and winnings cannot be affected by third parties. Also, you will find that the house edge is lower at online casinos than at land-based casinos.
Very popular! In fact, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of online casino gambling in Australia in recent years. In particular, gamblers enjoy playing AU pokies and table games
Yes. As a matter of fact, most online casinos offer you the chance to try out a few games before you play for real money. As soon as you sign up, you may receive some Free Spins which you may use on online pokies. Other than that, you may try out the casinos’ demo play feature. As soon as you decide what game you actually want to play, you can then play online games for real money.
It’s very easy. You can trust us to show you the best casinos with the best bonuses online. You can browse our website in order to decide which casino bonus you want. However, before claiming any bonuses make sure you choose bonuses that are within your spending limit. Also, choose the ones with the lowest betting requirements.
The process is pretty simple. As soon as you register at a casino, head on over to their cashier page. There, you will see the various ways in which you can make a deposit. Also, use the same page to make withdrawals. Note that your personal information is protected when transacting at most online casinos.
Pokies is a special name given to slots by Aussies. They are also known as one-arm bandits or fruit machines. Online pokies come in many variations which include classic slots, video slots, progressive jackpots and many others. Most casino gamblers prefer them because they are easy to play, affordable and offer life-changing jackpots.
No! Perhaps, this is the greatest advantage of playing at an online casino. In fact, the Australian government considers online gambling a recreational activity. As a result, no tax is applied to casino winnings or jackpots.
As mentioned above, a reliable and trustworthy online casino should excel in the following areas:

  1. Banking options
  2. Safety and security
  3. Bonuses and promotions
  4. Game selection
  5. Customer support and service
  6. Mobile casino option

Constantly, we revisit Australian gambling sites to see if they have improved their standards or deteriorated. Australia Casinos Online will test both new and old casinos using a stringent testing process. We find out if the casinos are adhering to current industry standards so you need to worry at all. Also, it will satisfy you to know that our reviews are completely independent.  Consequently, our online casino reviews are not biased towards any online casino.