Best Mac Online Casinos Australia 2022

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Mac Online Casinos

Mac online casinos have been scarce for a number of years. As such, Mac users have had to suffer as there were no Mac online casinos for them to use. However, the popularity of Mac devices over the years has led to an increase in platforms on which these services are offered.

There is also an increasing demand for online gambling services worldwide as well as Mac online casinos. The online casino gaming software was available only in downloadable versions on the Microsoft platform.

This meant that online casino games were available only on Windows operating systems. Thanks to technology, this has all changed and now we have a number of Mac online casinos that all the Australians can use.

Top Mac Online Casinos for Real Money

  1. House of Pokies
  2. Pokies Parlour
  3. Joka RoomSlotomania
  4. Caesars Slots
  5. Jackpot City

What to Look for In Mac Online Casino Sites

1.      Compatibility

The first thing that you need to for is compatibility, in order for you to be able to enjoy top-class real money games at these online casinos, they need to be compatible with your device. As such, before you download the casino application or rather before you begin your gameplay, make sure that there is seamless integration between the site of your choice as well your gambling device.

2.      Casino License

Thereafter, you need to check for the licence, this is what will show you if that site is safe to play or not. A safe casino site will have its licence as well as other regulations in the clear so that there is suspicion involved with it. If you come across that has no clear licence or other regulatory information then you stumbled across rogue gambling as such, we advise you to avoid it and look for another one.

3.      User Interface

Real money gambling can be enjoyed or despised all because of the user interface. That is why you also need to check if the user interface of the site that you chose is one that you will be able to play at. You need to check for the colours as well the placements of buttons like “play”, “bet” and other important buttons when you want to play real money games.

4.      Games

The availability of gambling games will also weigh heavy on the choice of site that you want to play at. That is why you need to check what types of games are available ion the site for you to play.  Most sites will usually offer you pokies, table games and live dealer games, make sure to also play those games free before you play them for real money to see whether they are worth your real money or not.

5.      Real Money Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos have always been known for their real money bonuses and promotions, as such you need to make sure that the site that you choose has great bonuses and promotions. Some of the common bonuses that casinos offer include:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • March-Up Bonus
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Free Spins Bonuses
  • Refer a Friend Bonuses

The casino also needs to have daily, weekly or monthly promotions as well as a loyalty club for all the prominent players and a VIP club or bonus just in case you cvhho0se to enjoy the upper-class casino gaming.

6.      Banking Methods

Playing for real money means that you will need to be able to deposit as well as withdraw your real money at the casino sites. Therefore, it is imperative that you check for the casino banking methods that are on offer at eth casino as well. Make sure that there are at least one of the following banking methods that fall under the following categories:

  • e-wallets e.g. Neteller, Skrill, PayPal
  • Credit and Debit cards e.g. VISA, MasterCard
  • Cryptocurrencies e.g.- Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Bankwire transfers e.g. Cheques

7.      Customer Service and Support

Aussies also needs to check for the customer support and service team. This are the people who you should be able to get in touch with should anything go wrong in the midst of your real money gambling. Great online casinos give you the following option in order to contact them:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Fax

The Progression of Mac Online Gambling Sites

Mac Online casinosAs the demand for online casino games compatible with iOS increased, innovative ways to meet these demands also increased. Online casino gaming software developers started to design games that require no download.

You can access casino games using the latest versions of Java/Flash. Mac users must be using Safari or Firefox browsers in order to access the latest Mac online casino games. This allows for faster connection speeds.

Pros and Cons of Mac Online Casinos


  1. At first, browser-based games had bad graphics compared to the downloadable versions. However, the difference in game quality between the two is barely visible now.
  2. Apple devices offer high resistance to malware and virus attacks. Data protection is also enhanced on devices using iOS. This means that your financial and personal data are protected from prying eyes.
  3. Flash or Java games are also accessible on mobile devices using iOS-like iPhones and iPads. Many big online casinos allow you to pause a game on desktop and resume it later on a mobile device.
  4. Accessing your games is instantaneous and hustle free. This is because no download is required.
  5. There is no demand for space on your hard disc.
  6. You can easily identify genuine casinos offering iOS compatible games. Usually, most sites that offer both Flash versions and downloadable versions are operated big online casino companies. Companies of this magnitude will not provide below-par products.


When it comes to mobile casinos, it should be noted that browser-based casinos offer fewer games than download versions. If you are looking for a specific game, this may be a bit of a problem. But usually, it’s the older and less popular games that are not available. However, most top online casinos now have a full suite of games.

As technology keeps improving, all casinos will offer a full suite of casino games on instant play in the future. Until then, Mac owners get to enjoy casino rewards that are specific only to Apple users.


Mac compatible online casinos are now readily available for all who wish to play there. Thanks to technology, many Mac users can now enjoy top real money online casino gaming in their Mac devices. If you are Aussies who have a Mac, we have given you the best Mac online casinos to play at today.

Mac Online Casinos FAQs

Are there any special requirements for Mac online casino gaming?
No,all that you need is your Mac book. You also need to make sure that you Mac has a flag plugin installed. This will allow for instant gaming.
Are download games the same as no download games?
For the most part yes. Other than the initial gameplay between various games, however, everything else is the same. This means that the bonuses on a download game are just the same as the one in a no download game.
Is it safe to play at Macgambling sites?
Yes, it is. Apple is very particular about its user’s safety, as such, they make sure to use top-notch security measures for all applications.
Do Mac online sites have good quality games?
Yes, they do. As you play at these sites, you will clearly be able to see all the game graphics features as well.
Can I get a bonus at Mac gambling sites?
Yes, you will. All real money online casinos, including Mac Casinos, have at least one real money bonus. As such you will be able to get a bonus when you play at Mac online casinos.