Is Gambling With A VPN Allowed in Australia?

Is Gambling With A VPN Allowed in Australia
Is Gambling With A VPN Allowed in Australia
Is Gambling With A VPN Allowed in Australia

Gambling with a VPN has been the solution for many real money players who play at online casinos that are beyond their borders. Despite the fact that online casino gambling games like poker, blackjack and online pokie machines have been legalised in many places around the world, there are still those sites that some players can’t get through to.

This is especially true if you are in Australia as most online casino sites have been banned in the country. As such many players have chosen to gamble with a VPN. However, there is always that question that is at the back of our minds when gambling with a VPN. And that question is, “Is Gambling With A VPN Allowed in Australia?”

Today we will lock at gambling with a VPN and answer the most common question that surrounds that area.

Gambling With A VPN in Australia FAQs

What is a VPN?

VPN means a virtual private network. We know that the name may sound a bit dark and illegal, however, it basically offers online casino players the chance to gamble on a private network and reducing the fear of any cybercrime. When you gamble with a VPN, you reduce your chances of being attacked by cybercrime drastically. Players can also use the following measures to reduce their chances of being victims of cybercrimes as they play at online gambling sites.

  1. Have long and detailed passwords
  2. Updating old social network passwords<>
  3. Avoid giving out information to dodgy websites
  4. Using a VPN

What is the difference between a VPN and a normal internet connection?

Normally, when we connect to the web, we use our PC, smartphone or any other device that we want to use. This connection is very fast, however, it is not secure as it leaves breadcrumbs that can be easily traced back to you. With a VPN, you will be able to get that same connection through a server in a different country or different city. Moreover, with a VPN, it’s like you have another firewall over the firewall that you already have. A VPN means that you will be using a remote server and will be able to keep hackers away. This will then mean that your data will be able to stay safe and secure. As it will seem as if you are gambling with a VPN form where the server is located.

Why do real money gamblers use VPN’s?

The use of VPN’s started with big corporations as they wanted to protect their information from getting into the wrong hands over the network. And with time, everyone started doing the same. For gamblers, gambling with a VPN gives them access to an online casino and other gambling sites that may be banned by their country. As we mentioned earlier that Australia has a number of online casino gambling sites that are restricted from operating in the country. As such, gamblers may opt for gambling with a VPN when they want to access these sites.
The usage of VPN’s on online casino gambling and other online activities will differ from country to country. There are some countries like Belarus, China, North Korea, Oman and Russia that will prohibit the usage of VPN’s. One of the main reasons why some countries prohibit the usage of VPN’s is to avoid any stalking online and any terrorist activities. Such that in most cases, it has more to do with national security that it does with online casinos and real money online gambling sites. There are also some counties that have censorship laws that affect internet usage. At the same time, there some countries like Australia and the USA that do not mind the use of VPN’s for accessing online sites. To answer the question, yes it allowed to VPN in Australia.

Can I gamble legally with a VPN in Australia?

The usage of VPN’s in Australia is allowed, as such, real money online gamblers are allowed to use VPN to gamble in Australia. However, there are some sites like PokerStars, that specifically tell players from Australia that gambling with a VPN on the site is not allowed Therefore, despite the fact that gambling with a VPN in Australia may be allowed, you will also need to check of at site permits the usage of VPN’s.

Will I be arrested for illegally using a VPN to gamble on a site?

The quick answer is no, you will not be arrested for illegal gambling with a VPN on a site. However, the site will make sure to kick off it to avoid it ever happening again. In most cases, if the nation catches you may be asked to pay a fine. But this will also depend on the jurisdiction.

Why gamble with a VPN?

With the usage of a VPN, you can easily access some of the best real money online casinos on the web. And this means that you can also get some amazing online casino offers as well. Which all adds up to the chances of you walking away with huge real money rewards.


Gambling with a VPN is a great way to stay safe as you enjoy your online casino and other gambling games. The great part is that is allowed in Australia and as such you can access great real money sites by gambling with a VPN. However, you need to check if that site allows you to gamble with a VPN before you try and play there. Other than that, gambling with a VPN gives you access to great real money sites as well as amazing real money rewards as well.

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