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Best Live Casino Games in Australia 2020

Live Casino in Australia

Live Casino

Live Casino games are the best that has happened to the gambling industry. Top Live games are enjoyed by all Australians as they are a mixture of land-based and online casino games.

With a live casino game, the player plays a game via live video footage. The dealer will deal the cards, or if they are playing roulette, spinning the wheel for the player, while the player is in a remote casino.

So basically live casino games are a hybrid of online casino and brick and mortar games.

Top Online Casinos for Aussies and Kiwis

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Live Game Developers

There are more than 20 online casino game developers in the world. But not all than offer live casino games. There are few who actually specialize in live dealer casino games and they are some who do both live dealer and online casino games.

  1. Evolution Gaming

    It’s hard to mention live dealer casino games without mentioning Evolution Gaming. This is because; these are the only games that are made by the company. So, when it comes to the best at live dealer games then Evolution Gaming is the name that you should look for.

    Their live dealer game selection includes, live roulette, live blackjack, live Texas Hold’em, live Dream Catcher, live three card poker.

  2. Microgaming

    Microgaming is one of the most respected game developers in the industry. They have been around for more than 2 decades and their skills just keep getting better and better. Though, unlike Evolution Gaming, Microgaming does pokies and table games as well. Their live game selection is one that is worth playing. Their first live dealer game was baccarat in 2006 and many have followed since then.

  3. NetEnt

    Not as big as the first two, but NetEnt’s live dealer games are also very fun, enjoyable, and undemanding. They have good quality and if you are looking online gaming pleasure, then you should be playing at a NetEnt casino that will give you real dealers.

How to Select Live Dealer Casinos

For Aussies to get the most of tier live dealer casino experience there are a few points that they should consider.

1.      Developer

Players should take note of the developer of the game. This is because some developers may not be as good as they claim to be. And they may ruin your live dealer game experience.

2.      Player Safety

You should always make sure that the casino that you playing at is secure. The minimum security feature is through the use of a 128-bit SSL encryption. And you should always check if the casino licensed and regulated by a trusted regulatory body.

3.      RTP

When you play real money online casino games, you need to make sure that you also check for the casino RTP.  This is the percentage that you have of winning real money when you play at the casino. You need to make sure that you play a live casino that has an RTP of 95% and above. As for the games, they also need to have an RTP of at last 95% and above as well.

4.      Customer Service and Support

Live games are very fascinating to play, however, you need to make sure that you have someone to call should anything go wrong. That is why the customer service and support team is important. so that you have a number to call when things are not going your way.

5.      Customer Support

All real casino have a customer service and support team that is there to assist the players. The customer service and support team will be there to assist the players should they face any disruptions during their gameplay. As such, it is a vital part of any live casino.

6.      Banking Methods

Playing live casino games for real money, you will need to have banking methods. Therefore, the best live dealer casino games need to make sure to have proper banking methods. These are methods that are fast, safe as well as secure.

7.      Mobile Gameplay

These days everything happens on a mobile phone. Therefore, you need to make sure that you play at live dealer casino that offers you live casino games on your mobile device.

These days everything happens on a mobile phone. Therefore, you need to make sure that you play at live dealer casino that offers you live casino games on your mobile device.

Difference Between Live Casino Games and Online Casino Games Australia

Many people are curious as to what the difference between live casino games and online casino games is. As well as how live dealer games work. At a live casino, you get to place your bets in real-time and ypu can talk the dealer. the live dealer games streamed to players via video camera. As such, you can see the dealer as well as talk to the dealer as you play.

However,  online gaming at casino sites, everything is computerised. There is no interaction between the dealer and their players. 

Advantages of Playing at Live Dealer Casino

  1. Social interaction with the dealer
  2. You get the best of both worlds, online gambling and brick and mortar casino gaming
  3. Some allow for more than one player to play
  4. There is no use of the Random Number Generator; this makes a few players feel safe as they don’t the science behind the RNG.


  1. They use a lot more data than do the normal online casinos
  2. The speed remains a constant; this can be a bad or good thing, depending on the player.
  3. Bets are higher as they have to cover for the operational costs.

Top Live Dealer Game Types

In most live casinos, one will find the game of live roulette. It is a very game popular live casinos. As such, there are quite of variations that can be played at live casinos. Each of the live roulette games has its own set up as well as settings as well live roulette tables.


However, the main versions of roulette are always there, these are American Roulette, French Roulette and Europen Roulette.  When playing live roulette, video cameras capture the game play. They are situated in strategic positions at the casino to make sure that they give you a full view of the game that you are playing.


In most casinos, players can actually get to toggle around to find a view that best suits them. 

Another popular live dealer casino games is live blackjack. Online blackjack is very popular at both live and online casinos. One of the main reasons for this is that the game has one of the smallest house edges that you can find on a casino table game.


As such, players rush at the chance to walk away with great real money rewards.  Like live roulette, like Blackjcak has quite a number of variations that can be played at live dealer casinos. Each of the games comes with its own bet size, rules and settings.


However, what usually stays is the value of the blackjack payout, which is always 3:1.  Because blackjack is a very popular game, there are live dealer blackjack that can suit all players. There are live dealer blackjack games for high rollers as well as live dealer blackjack games for the rest of the players. 

Poker on its own is a very popular real money online casino game. That is why it is no shock that there are tonnes of live poker games that can be played in Australia. Like all the other live dealer games, players will find that they have a series of choices when it comes to live poker games. 


There can be several changes when it comes to the gameplay of live poker games. However, what stays the same throughout all the games is the aim of the game.


That is to create the best poker hand and to beat your co-players. That is why you will find that will the rules may be different the poker hands are the same in live poker.

When you play live casino games s well as other real money online casino games, you need to know that it is all about luck.


Live baccarat is a game where you know that you need luck. Live baccarat gameplay is very fast like all the other live dealer games. Players can enjoy countless live baccarat versions at all top real money live casino Australia.


In live baccarat, the aim is the same just like online baccarat. That is to get hand whose value is closet to 9. In order to get the most out of the game, players can use various strategies as well as betting methods. 

Tips for Playing Live Dealer Games 

In order to enjoy your live dealer games, we will give you a few top tips. 

  1. Check the Internet Speed

    Live dealer casino games require a constant internet connection. That is why you need to make sure that you have a connection as you play. A slow connection can interrupt the gameplay. 

  2. Gamble Responsibly

    This means that you need to set the bankroll of your game. As well know what time you need stop gambling. If you play responsibly you get to enjoy the games for longer. 

  3. Have Fun

    As much as winning real possible is possible when you play live dealer games. You also need to make sure that you have fun. 

Mobile Live Casino Games

The best thing about all casino games, be it you are playing for free or you playing them live is the mobile gameplay. All live games can be played on mobile devices as well. This is to make sure that the gameplay never ends.

As such, players will find that they can all the top live dealer games for any of their mobile devices. Be it you are using an iPad, iPhone Android, Windows, Blackberry and other software. You can play all the live games on your mobile device. 

Free Live Dealer Games 

One of the best parts about playing real money casino games is that they can be played for free as well as for real money. Playing the games for free gives the players a chance to practise of the game to see if they really like it or not. As such, it is recommended at all casino, for players to play the games for free for they play them for real money.

However, with live casino dealer games, it is very hard to play games for free. This is because there is a lot that comes with running dealer games. As such, to play the games for free would be an extra cost to the casinos. As the dealers would have to work more hours to cater to the casino free games. 

Live Casino FAQs

The main difference between live dealer casino games and online casinos are that live dealer casino games are streamed live from the casino. Also with the live casino games, players can interact with the dealer. While with online casino games, everything is computerised and there is no dealer-player interaction.
Yes, it is very safe to play at a live dealer casino. This is as long as you are playing at a site that has been revied by other players. You also need to check for the encryption measures as well as the general safety and security of the site.
The best live dealer casino games to play are live roulette, live blackjack, live poker and live baccarat. Players will find all these games at all the top live dea.ler casino Australia.
A live casino is another form of an online casino. With a live casino, the games are played in real-time against a live dealer. The games are streamed live from the casino, which allows you to talk to the dealer. Additionally, at a live casino, you can also talk to other players if you are playing on the same table.
There are quite a number of live dealer games. However, all of them are variations of the top live dealer games. The top live dealer games being live roulette, live blackjack, live poker, and live baccarat
To find the best live dealer casino games, you need to look for top-rated real money online live dealer site. These casinos will offer the full selection of live dealer games.
Unfortunately, it is very rare to find a live dealer game that can be played for free. This is because it is very expensive to run the live dealer games as such, there are very few free online live dealer games
Yes, the live dealers’ have shifts, as such, you are able to play the live dealer games at any hour of the day.