Best Live Blackjack Online Casino Games 2022

Live Blackjack
Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack game is an online casino game that involves a real blackjack table and decks of cards that are dealt with by a real dealer. Live blackjack is the game for all the players that want to feel like they are in an actual casino when they are in the comfort of their homes.

You can be relaxed whilst interacting with real dealers and other players just like in an actual casino when you are playing live blackjack.

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How To Play Live Blackjack Australia

It is important to know how to play Live blackjack before you actually indulge in this casino game.  The objective of this game is to get a total card count that is higher than that of the dealer but without going over 21. In live blackjack you will be playing against the dealer, however, they will be other players that could be up to 7.

Most Australian Online Casinos use 52 card decks.  2-10 numbered cards are worth their face value. All the face cards are worth 10 and aces are worth 1 or 11.  When you have to find the best live casino blackjack and you have deposited follow the following steps to play the game.

  • Place a bet- you need to place a bet on who you think will win the game.
  • Cards- when the betting process is done, the dealer deals on ecard face up t every player in the game. The dealer starts with the player on his left side.
  • Second card- the dealer then deals every player a card face up and he gets one himself face down.
  • Card value- it is now time to see the value of your cards shown on the screen.
  • If your cards total to 21 that means you have a blackjack and you win
  • In a case that a dealer does not have a total of 21, all players can be dealt with another card. You can double down which is an option that you can use to double your bet adding another card to your hand. Apart from double down, you can opt to hit. You receive another card to add on to the total value of your hand. You can also stand that is if you are happy with your hand count.
  • If the cards you had from the beginning are two cards of equal value you can split them and make separate hands. And each hand will have their own bet equal to your to the original ones
  • Winner- when all the players have made their own moves, the dealer then flips over their own face-down card to see the results.

How We Choose The Best Live Blackjack Australia Casinos

There are many live blackjack casino sits on the internet, but they are not created the same and they don’t offer the same gameplay.  That is why we have reviewed soma casinos to make sure you get the best blackjack live casino in Australia.  We have gone through a process to test all there is like security, payout speed, and other things just to make sure our players get the best here are some of the things we looked at.

  1. Safety

    We made sure to list the best casinos that offer players the security that they need. Safety is an important factor when playing at online casinos. Therefore the top-rated sites we recommend for Australian players offer exactly that.

  2. Faster payouts

    It can be exhausting to wait for long to collect your winnings from a casino. Our shortlisted live blackjack casinos offer fast payouts you don’t have to wait long to withdraw.

  3. Game variations

    The casinos we recommend offers many ways to enjoy blackjack. There isn’t one way to play this game therefore we recommend sites that offer different ways to enjoy this game.

  4. Payment methods

    Top Australian live blackjack casinos should accept different kinds of payment methods so that players can choose what works for them. Well, we have made sure to give you just that. The casinos we recommend have a variety of payment methods that you can use to deposit and to withdraw as well.

Benefits Of Playing Live Blackjack Dealer Online

There are many reasons why one should play live blackjack dealer game. To begin with, the game gives you an opportunity to experience the real casino experience and yet you will be in the comfort of your home. You play at your own pace, time and anywhere as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should play live dealer blackjack.

  1. Convenience

    One big advantage is that you have full control of the game. You can choose to hit, double down or stay in the game and you can do it in the comfort of your home. Whatever you need to make the environment conducive for you is on you. From the songs to the drinks, you want to have.

  2. No Rigging

    Not that we recommend casinos that have rigged games, but there are players who are not easily convinced of the fairness of the games. Because you don’t see the person who is dealing you cards, it is normal to have doubts and worries. That is why Live blackjack game is the best for you as you get to see everything unfold.

  3. Real Dealer

    The good thing about live blackjack game is being able to interact with a real human dealer. You are able to interact with the dealer and actually talk to other players.  You will be seeing all that on a webcam. This makes the game more fun and enjoyable.

  4. Choosing your own Dealer

    All the live blackjack casinos we recommend gives players an opportunity to choose their own dealer.  From gender, style you choose what is comfortable for you to work with.

  5. It Is Safe

    Live blackjack casinos are safe. Driving all the way to a casino may not be safe especially if you feel like playing your game in the evening. Driving just to get top a casino may not be as safe. With live blackjack casino you can still get the real casino experience and you don’t even have to drive our, or dress up for it. You can simply access your casino in the comfort of your bed and you can enjoy your live blackjack game.

Live Blackjack Australia Rules

It is important to know a few rules and some features that you may come across whilst playing live blackjack online. If you are a new player it is important to play simple versions of this game. you can then move on to the ones that have the following features when you have gotten to understand the game.

  1. Surrender:

    This is an option that allows players to surrender a hand before turning. This means that you get half of your stake back.

  2. Side Bets:

    At live blackjack table you get a chance to place side bets. These are bets on specific outcomes and they usually come with big prizes.

  3. Resplit:

    Then you split two cards that are the same and then you get another two that are identical, you can split them again.

  4. Bet Behind:

    You can bet on another player’s handle as you await a seat at the table. This is the behind bet.

  5. Double any 2:

    This means that you can bet double down if you have any combination of cards.

Different Types of Live Blackjack Dealer Games

There are different types of live blackjack games that players who like this type of game can play.

  1. Blackjack

    This is the most basic one. It does not have any complicated rules which is why it the perfect game for all Australian players. Good thing is that it is suitable for kinds of players from big bettors to small ones.  It is a good way to start your live blackjack experience.  After mastering the basics of this game you can then move on to more complicated versions of this game.

  2. Vip

    This one has the same rules as the basic blackjack. The only difference is on the amount you bet. On this one, you bet larger amounts of money than you can in the standard version of the game.

  3. Party (Live blackjack party)

    This is a great version for party lovers. It is a game from evolution Gaming which is one of the top providers in the gaming industry. The game comes with music and lots of chat as well as many dealers at the table. Moreover, in this game there is the bet behind feature where you can bet on the action whilst waiting for a seat on the table.

  4. Common Draw Live Blackjack

    This version of live blackjack is from NetEnt. That means that it has the basic rules like other versions.  The only difference is the fact that all players are dealt the same hand. This then means that you can always find a place on this table as they are unlimited. The game is perfect for newbies.

  5. Bet Behind

    This type of live blackjack is not only fun but it is also very unique. You get to join the game from behind if you have not managed to get a seat. You can place bets in other player’s hands whilst awaiting your own chance to play.  It is also good for new players. This is because you can a thing or two before actually joining the game.

Live Blackjack Online Mobile

Nowadays almost everyone has their mobile devices at all times. That is why Australian mobile players should be glad. This is because they can play live blackjack on their mobile phones. It does not matter where you are, you don’t have to worry about missing a game. You can play in the comfort of your home, the bus, the park and anywhere else.  Al you need to do is to log into your online casino site and you can start playing.

Also, you can play at any mobile device you have it can be an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, windows and also blackberry phone and tablets too.  You just have to make sure you have a strong internet connection or Wi-Fi.  Good thing is that you can play all different versions of Live blackjack.

Things To Consider Before Playing Live Blackjack On Your Mobile

Before you start playing live blackjack on your mobile device, there are some important things that players need to watch out for. Read on to find out more.

  • Always be careful of untrusted internet connections. If you are not using mobile data and if you are using Wi-Fi instead make sure the connection is a trusted one. You should avoid putting your persona and payment details until you are using a trusted connection.
  • It is also important to play at online casinos that are safe and secure. We recommend you lay at any of our recommended online casino sites. They are safe, secure and offer the best live blackjack versions.
  • You need to keep your device charged at all times. Internet games take up the battery and it is annoying for your battery to die in the middle of a game. That is why you need to have your battery charged at all times.


After learning all there is to know about live dealer games, all Australian players who wish to have a real-life casino experience can go for this game. It is a product of top software providers like NetEnt, Revolution Gaming, and many others. You can have fun and you have control of how the games go, the dealer you will work with and even the entertainment. You also don’t have to drive to a casino to play you can play on the go using your mobile device.


What is Live Blackjack?
Live blackjack is an online casino game that gives players a real casino experience without having to live your home. It makes use of real dealers, cards as well as a real table. You will be able to interact with the dealer through a web camera. So you can see everything from the cards being dealt, the dealer and everything else. Moreover, you can see the game from any angle as there is more than one camera to work with.
Is Live Dealer Blackjack Australia Safe?
Yes, live blackjack online is safe. Just like all other blackjack games. The advantage with this one is that you can see everything taking place, from the dealer who is dealing the cards and more. Well if the casinos a licensed one of course otherwise you cannot do this.
Can I Play Live Blackjack For Free?
Most casinos do not offer live blackjack for free. But there are a few that do so. However, you can play regular blackjack games for free so that you practice and enhance your skills. After that, you can then move on to live dealer games for real money.
Are The Odds in Live Blackjack The Same in Regular Blackjack?
The odds in live black blackjack are the same as the ones in the regular one. This is because nothing has changed. You will still be playing against the dealer just in different modes.
Is It Possible To Enjoy Live Blackjack On My Mobile?
This mostly depends on the casino you are playing at. But many Australian casinos including the ones we recommend have live blackjack mobile compatible. You can play on your smartphone or tablet. All you need is a strong internet connection and a fully charged battery.
Is Live Blackjack Dealer Rigged?
All the casinos we recommend are not rigged. These live dealer games are tested by some independent bodies to make sure they are safe. You can check for the certification on the site that you are playing at. Also if the casino has been developed by top software providers like Microgaming, PlayTech and Evolution Gaming. You don’t have to worry about that casino because already it means it is safe as these providers only work with safe sites.