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Best Blackjack Online Casinos Australia 2020

Blackjack Online Casinos Australia

Blackjack Online

Blackjack Online or the game of 21, is a popular casino card game. When playing online Blackjack, your objective is to get cards in your hand that will inevitably add up to 21, no more and to beat the dealer. 

There are many Blackjack variants and we guide you through the best ones as well the best gambling sites where you can enjoy the game. 

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Reasons To Play Online Blackjack

The benefits of playing Blackjack online are:

  1. It offers convenience, you can enjoy your favourite Blackjack game while at home.
  2. Blackjack casino games have a better pay-out than pokies.
  3. Unlike Roulette, you can actually use your skill when playing Blackjack.

Top Blackjack Australia Variations

Online casino game providers offer Blackjack in a variety of styles. Isle of Man’s Microgaming Software Systems offers many variations of the game. Microgaming supports a number of Blackjack games, these range from the highly traditional to the wildly inventive. It’s most popular Blackjack online releases include:

This is played one hand at a time. It uses 5 combined card decks that are shuffled at the start of each game by the dealer. The benefits include high table limits and remarkably smooth play.
This employs only 2 decks and does not allow players to surrender. The game requires the dealer to hit on a “soft” 17
This is s very common variation of the game of 21 as the house edge in the game is only 0.36%. The game uses 8 decks and it also gives players the chance to go for the surrender option, the dealer in the variation stands at 17 to 21.
This variation of the game fo 21 has a slightly higher house edge of 0.62%, regardless, it is also very popular at most gambling sites. In this variation, players can double down after a split, however, players need to bear in mind that should the dealer hold a winning hand, the player loses all their money.

With the variation of the game of 21, players can place pairs side bets in order to increase their real money wins. These hand either be placed on the player or dealers hand and they include a mixed pair, colour pair and perfect pair.
When playing the game of 21, the surrender rule allows players to fold their hands and receive half of their bet back. This can be very helpful if you have a bad starting hand.
This is a more recent variation of the game of 21 and players receive 2 hands at the start of the game with these 2 hands, players can switch the best card between the two. With this variation, if the dealer has a 22, it is considered a push or tie.

Play Blackjack Online

Before You Play

  1. Always make sure you restrict your gaming activities to websites that hold official certification through eCOGRA.
  2. Always play within your means. Place responsible bets that are within your budget and know when to walk away.
  3. You must learn Blackjack online for free first so that you familiarise yourself with the game. Many casino software programs also provide detailed instructions to guide players through the intricacies of this game.

How To Play Online Blackjack

  1. Look for and sign up with an Aus top web browser real money gambling site like the ones recommended in this guide. 
  2. Navigate to the gambling games section and select “Blackjack”
  3. Make sure that you read all the rules.
  4. To start playing, click “Play” to start your real money gambling action. 

Live Dealer Blackjack

The live dealer option allows you to play at virtual blackjack tables via live video stream. A dealer at an actual casino uses the blackjack equipment needed and this is then live-streamed to the player.

You get to interact with the dealer and other players as well. The game’s outcome is determined by the dealer with the live dealer option.

Online Blackjack Games Tips

  1. Always avoid alcohol. It will impede your judgment, leading to poor decision making.
  2. Set your budget limits. Know how much money you want to spend before walking away.
  3. Set your time limits.
  4. Use the blackjack strategy to get the best way to place bets in the game.
  5. Never split two 10s. You have already won that hand.
  6. Always split a pair of 8s. It gives you a value of 16, which is one of the worst hands possible.
  7. Never split two 5s. We recommend that you double down and ask for another card.
  8. Make sure that you stand on any hand with a value greater than 17.
  9. Also, stand if your hand is valued between 12 and 16 while the dealers is valued between 2 and 6.
  10. We recommend hitting if the value of your hand is between 12 and 16 and the dealers is greater than 7.


Wrapping it all up, the game of 21 is one of the easiest gambling games to play to add on to that, it offers players great rewards. The blackjack payout of 3:1 has always been an enticing factor for players as that is a very juicy payout. All in all, blackjack online is a great game and players can win amazing rewards by playing this game. 

Blackjack Online FAQs

No, when playing at an internet gambling site, you are not able to play the game with other players as it will just be you against the dealer.
If you want to practice the game fo 21, you can always play it for free online blackjack. Free mode gameplay gives you time to get to know the game as you can play for as long as you want without having to wager any real money.
The best real money gambling sites to play the game of 21 in Australia are:

  1. Kahuna
  2. Casinonic
  3. Johnny Kash

Yes, you are able to enjoy this game on your mobile device and the best part is that the gameplay is just the same as you would play it on your desktop.
Yes, as long as you are playing for real money, you are able to win real money when you play the game.