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Online Keno

Keno Online is an online casino lottery style game that many Australians are familiar with. Keno game is very much like Bingo and it comprises drawing numbers and then eliminating the corresponding numbers on the cards.

The rules of Keno online are very simple. In traditional live casino games of keno, there is the use of a large plastic bubble carrying 80 numbered balls.

Players must guess the right numbers in order to win. The online versions are similar to that. All Australian players can start playing keno online at our shortlisted casinos online today. You can claim great bonuses and promotions at these casinos.

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Fun Facts

  • Keno origins can be traced back to the Han Dynasty in China over 3 000 yeras ago. 
  • The biggest keno win was over $4.37 million at Black Butt Hotel in Australia.
  • Many new real gambkers confuse Keno online and bingo.

Getting To Know Keno Online

Keno online for real money is a lottery game on demand. All you have to do is to pick your numbers, wait for the online casino to draw a series of numbers. Players get paid out basing on the number of numbers they were able to get correctly.

A game of Keno has three main things. Although every online keno game is different from the other these elements are the common ones therefore you will find them.

How To Play Keno Online Australia

Playing online keno Australia is easy. We are going to provide simple steps to playing this game. this is so that our Aussie players can understand better before playing real money Keno.

  1. The first step is to choose the online keno game you want to play. We understand that there are many casinos online to choose from. That is why we recommend you choose the game you want to play among the ones being offered at any of the casinos we recommend at this site.
  2. When you find the game of your choice, you now need to pick numbers. Usually, you can choose between 1 and 15 numbers or 1 and 20 numbers that will be on the keno grid. The Keno numbers you choose is entirely up to you in terms of how many they are. what players should understand is that the greater the percentage of numbers you catch, the higher your payout rate will be.
  3. The next thing is to make a decision on how much you want to spend per draw.
  4. you are supposed to indicate how many games you would like to play as you are given that option.
  5. now you have to wait for the numbers to be drawn to find if you are a winner. You get paid according to the winning numbers you have hit.

Keno Rules

Understanding the rules of a game is essential. This is because it helps you understand how to play the game and how to win. Although Keno online is an easy game knowing the rules helps you increase your odds of winning. Here are some of the simple rules you need to remember when you are playing this game.

  1. The keno board has about 80 numbers, you cannot check off all the numbers, however, the number you can check out depends on the casino you choose to play at. the total number is usually between 15 and 20.
  2. Some casinos let players play one number, but some sites will require players to play at least two numbers.
  3. Unlike playing at a land-based casino where you need to wait for the game to start to be able to see your payout. In keno online when the game starts is entirely on you.

Online keno is a simple game to play, you juts need to make sure that you read and understand the rules and then you are good to go.

Finding Top Keno Gambling Sites

As we have mentioned before, for safe and secure online gaming, Australian players can play at any of our shortlisted online casinos. This is because we care about our players, therefore, we want to offer them the best there is to win big.

These casinos we have shortlisted for our readers have gone through a review. In these reviews which check for different things to make sure the casino is safe for the players. We have decided to show our readers the criteria we go through to make sure the casinos that make it to the list really deserve to be there.

Here are some of the things we look at as we review the best online keno Australia casinos.

  1. Game Choice

    We made sure that the casinos we recommend have a great number of games that players can enjoy alongside a wide choice of keno online. The games include slots, popular table games, poker, and also live dealer games.

  2. Security and Support

    Safety is on the top list of our priorities. as players will play for real money, we make sure to recommend casino sites that are safe and secure.

  3. Banking Options

    It is important to have a wide range of banking methods to choose from so that players may find what works for them. Not only that players need methods that are not just secure but also fast. Having to wait for long to deposit or to withdraw can be exhausting, hence we choose casinos that offer faster payment methods.

  4. Bonuses

    Another thing we look at as we review the best Australian casinos is the bonus packages. We offer casinos that have great bonuses and promotions for both new and existing players that give them all a chance to win.

  5. Mobile Play

    Nowadays everyone is always on their phones. therefore casinos should be able to offer players the option of their games on their mobile devices. This is why we recommend casinos that do not only offer keno mobile play but also the best experience.

Players need to take special attention when they are slecting an online casino to play at, some of the things tah they should consider include mobile play, bonuses, safety and security to mention but a few.

Online Keno Australia Tips and Tricks

Keno is primarily a game of luck, but there are things that you can do to help you. These are:

  • Choose a set of numbers and make sure you play those consistently. It will not hurt to try this trick.
  • Before you start playing, always pay attention to the payout chart. This helps you to identify what you need to do to win.
  • Shop around for an online casino that offers special bonuses for its Keno players. This gives you a hand when you start playing.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Chasing your losses will only make you lose more.
  • Remember that Keno is a game of luck. There is nothing more than you can do after choosing your set of numbers.

Online Casino Keno Versions in Australia

The graphics of these online casino games are usually kept very basic. There is a different chime for winning matches. Colour coding also makes it easy to tell which numbers have been selected or been matched.

What makes online keno exciting is the fact that the prizes can well exceed expectations. With progressive jackpot games, the prize keeps growing. This happens until a player hits the right number of matches.

Some of the different versions of Keno include Neptune’s Keno and Bingo Keno Extreme.  There is also Keno Extreme. This gives players 6 Keno boards to bet on.

Through the use of player tips you get play the game better and alos there are several variations of Keno that players can try out.

Keno Online FAQs

What is Keno Online?
Keno is a game that is believed to have its origins from China that is why there are some variations taht will have Chinese characters. Furthermore, the legend states that the winnings from this game are the ones that were used to build the Great Wall of China. Today it is like a lottery where players spick numbers from a pool of 80.
Can I play Keno for free?
bsolutely, many online casinos allow you to play Keno for free before you play for real money.
What Are The Bets Involved in Online Baccarat?
There are three bets in the game. Players can bet on the player, the banker, or a tie. These are the three bets that you have.
Are there any strategies that I can use to win?
If you are looking for a game of calculations and strategies, Keno is not the game for you. The game is based purely on chance.
How can I tell that the game is fair?
The best way to tell if your game is fair by playing at a reputable casino. Luckily for you, the online casino that we have for you here are all fair, have licenses, through an audit and are run by random number generators. Therefore, you can try playing at any of the online casinos that we have reviewed here.
What do I need to start playing Keno online?
You need an online casino, and a device to play from. Thankfully, we have a wide range of online casinos that you can choose from.
Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings?
This depends on the country you are based in. Some countries do require players to pay taxes but some don’t.
Can I play Keno online for free before betting?
Definitely, best Australian casinos offer free online keno. you can lay the game in the free mode before you actually risk your money. This is an opportunity to learn more about the game, enhance your skills, and boost your confidence before playing for real money.