Top Online Casino Gambling License Providers 2020

Top Online Casino Gambling License Providers
Top Online Casino Gambling License Providers
Top Online Casino Gambling License Providers

For an online casino to be able to operate online without causing any suspicion there needs to be an online casino license provider.

These are companies that regulate the gambling site to make sure that it is safe and that all the games are fair and not rigged.

For this post, we shall look at the top three online casino gambling licence providers as well as the requirements that it takes for you to get a license with them. Or rather for your favourite real money online.

Best Online Casino Gambling License Providers

  1. Malta

    Malta is located in the southern Mediterranean. Malta is also part of the EU Member States. Their gaming industry is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and is considered to be one of the best online casino license providers in the world.

  2. Curacao

    Curacao is one of the oldest online gambling licence regulators. They have been regulating online casino licenses since 1993. Curacao is an island nation and online gambling is allowed there. However, online providers are not allowed to offer their online casino products offshore. The licensing process that comes with Curacao is fast, low cost and they offer their players a wide range of benefits.

  3. Kahnawake

    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the one that is in charge of issuing the licensing of the Kahnawake gaming license. Kahnawake is a Mohawk territory and the First Nations reserve, it is located in Quebec, Canada. Kahnawake started issuing their online casino gambling license in 1999 and they offer their services to several online casino sites.

Overview of the Top Online Casino Licence Providers

Overview Criteria Curacao Kahnawake Malta
Timeframe to get the License 2-3 business days 8-10 weeks 10-12 weeks
Complexity level by License Low-Medium Medium Medium-High
Approximate License Cost $ $$ $$$
Taxation Costs

*restrictions apply 

**Taxation will depend on where the casino depends on operating

***effective tax rates as low as 5% for non-resident UBO’s

0% Cooperate and income gaming tax* 0% Corporate and Income tax** 35% Income and tax rate ***


This is a general overview of the top three online casino license boards. Each has its own pros and cons as well. Before taking a license with any of the licensing boards, online casinos site operators always need to make sure that they check for the fine print. These are the small details that have a bearing on the licensing board terms and conditions.

Online Casino License Providers FAQs

Which are the top money real online casino games, license providers?
These are:


How long does it take to get a license?
This will depend on the casino regulatory board that you will use. It can go on the for at least two working days to several months. With Curacao, it can be at least 2 to working days. Yet with the Kahnawake Gambling Commission, the period can span up to 10 weeks. At the same time with the Malta Gaming Authority license takes the longest time which is 12 weeks. The reason for this is that the Malta Gaming Authority may also require meetings with prospective license holders.
How hard is the online casino licence application process?
The online casino license application process will depend on the provider that you want to use. With Kahnawake, there are several application procedures, as such, there is more legal work that needs to be done. With Curacao, you will get a fast, safe and efficient process as compared to the rest of the sites. Malta takes a while as well, as they are very strict and require periodic reviews, checks and audits.
How much does an online casino license cost?
Curacao is the lowest of the three as such it is good for start-ups as well as entrepreneurs. The Kahnawake price range is medium and one has to consider additional costs as well as corporate setup, and bank accounts. Malta is the most expensive, and there can be an additional fee depending on the game that is on offer.
Are there any restrictions?
Yes, there are across all the licence providers there are restriction on where can and cannot offer their services.

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