Online Casino Progressive Games- What Are They and How do they Work?

Online Casino Progressive Games
Online Casino Progressive Games
Online Casino Progressive Games

Online casino progressive games are part of the many different types of online casino games that players can enjoy at the casino.  These games can offer players massive real money rewards should the player manage to get the winning combination. However, as big and as great as these wins are, have you ever wondered how these games work and how you can be the lucky winner of the massive online casino progressive jackpot? If you have, then keep on reading, as we will look deep into the secrets behind online casino progressives and how they work.

What are Progressive Online Casino Games?

What are Progressive Online Casino Games?
What are Progressive Online Casino Games?

The most common online casino progressive games are slots. An online slot progressive is a game whose jackpot just keeps on growing. Such that each time that the game is played, the amount of money that can be won grows rapidly.  A game has increased portion of bets in place so that it can increase the maximum jackpot.

Winning an online casino progressive slot game happens on or before the game has reached its maximum amount. This is as all progressive games, slots or otherwise have an amount of money that they cannot exceed. Therefore, as much as the jackpot will keep on growing with each time that is played, there is an amount of money that it can exceed. As such, it will spill all its real money on or before it reaches that amount.

The Progressive Jackpot Meter

The Progressive Jackpot Meter
The Progressive Jackpot Meter

A progressive jackpot meter is the amount of money that players can win when the progressive jackpot is won. It will on the online slot such that all players can see it and it also used as a way for the game to be able to attract more players to its reels.

The jackpot will increase with every play on a connected slot game. The casino or the house will the one to set the amount that jackpot increases. Therefore, lest say that with 5% edge, the jackpot can be 1% of the expected profit.

How Progressives Work

We mentioned earlier that online progressives are games whose jackpot grows each time that the game is played. We also mentioned that the amount will cease to grow when it reaches a certain amount. Therefore, one can say that an online casino progressive game is like the jackpot, it will grow the more players add coins and play the game. As for how progressive online slots work, this will depend on the type of progressive game in particular. This is as there are three types of online casino progressive slots games.

  1. Standalone Progressives

    A standalone progressive is a machine that allows winning only on its machine. Regardless of the fact that it stands isolated or alone, it will still contribute to raising the jackpot. This is as long as you play in the machine that increases the jackpot. However, a stand-alone will always have a smaller jackpot when compared to other kinds of progressive jackpots.

  2. Local Progressive or Linked Progressives

    Local progressives are usually linked to land-based casinos,. The term refers to a network on machines these are usually within a short distance from each other. In most cases, most local progressives are in the same land-based casino. Therefore, local progressives usually have a bigger jackpot prize.

  3. Wide-Area Progressives or Networked Progressives

    These are a jackpot that will offer the biggest amount of real money to be won. These are also numerous machines in different locations all feeding to the same jackpot.

Tips On Winning a Progressive Online Slot Progressive

The bigger the prize to be won, the more effort that you will have to put in.  And the most fascinating or annoying part about online casino progressives is that there is no strategy that you can use to try and win. However, there are some tips that you try to give you better rewards.

  1. Have A Budget

    If you are going after a jackpot, you need to go there fully armed. And in case that means that you need to have a budget. Playing progressive is fun and can be frustrating as well. However, regardless of the fun and frustration you still need to have an amount of money to keep you set.

  2. Play When The Budget Set

    Setting the budget is the first step, and now you need to make sure that you play when you have the funds ready. Remember there are some games that will require to play all the lines in order for you to be able to win.

  3. Play When the Jackpot Is Huge

    Another tip at winning progressives that we can give you is to play when the jackpot belly is filling up. Therefore, you need to play when the jackpot I huge. That way you can stand a bigger chance of winning.

  4. The Gut Feeling

    Lastly, we can say that you need to follow your gut. When you don’t feel like gambling, don’t. When you feel like today is your lick day, then go ahead and gamble. You never know, it might the day Lady Luck could visit your doors.


Online casino progressives are fin and thrilling to play. However, like any other games, they can easily deplete your bankroll id you are not careful. Moreover, always remember that online casino progressives are still a gamble like any other casino game. Furthermore, online casino progressives are much harder to win that regular online casino games. regardless of that, the joy when you win the progressive is not like any other.

Online Casino Progressive FAQs

When do you hit the amount the winning combination in online slot progressive?
There is no set time when you can hit the winning combination. However, a progressive jackpot has an amount of money that it can exceed. As such, it will spill the real money on or before that amount of money is reached.
What is a progressive online casino game?
A progressive casino game is a game whose prize money or jackpot grows each time that the game is played. There three types:

Standalone- a jackpot of that game only
Local Area Progressive- usually used at landbased casinos where the same slot is linked to each other in order to feed the jackpot.
Wide Area- linked over a wide area and offers the biggest progressive jackpot rewards.

What is a progressive meter?
This is the amount of money that you can win when you plays the game. It is usefully displayed in a place where all players can see it.
Do online casino progressive have a maximum amount that can be won?
Yes, they do. Games have a certain amount of money that is not able to exceed.
How do I win a progressive jackpot?
There is no set formula that you can use to win a progressive. However, you can always play when the jackpot is huge as you have better chances of winning then.

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