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The Gambler’s Ruin Theory

The Gambler’s Ruin Theory

The Gambler's Ruin Theory

The Gambler’s Ruin Theory

The Gambler’s Ruin theory is one of the many theories that real money gamblers will come across as they read about online casino games.

And while it may seem like it is something new, it is in actual fact something that you indirectly practice time that you play online casino games for real money.

While it may sound like it is complicated and it may sound a bit too negative, The Gambler’s Ruin theory is actually something that you need to know as a real money gambler.

Because with the knowledge of this theory we can guarantee that you will find online casino and online gambling to be quite fascinating.

That being said, spare us a few moments of your time as we tell you all about the Gambler’s Ruin theory and why you need to know it. We will also tell you how you easily use this theory to make the most of your real money bets as you play at the best online casino in Australia.

What Is The Gambler’s Ruin Theory?

The Gamblers Ruin theory, in its simplest form, deals with how much a bankroll a player needs when they play online casino games for real money. It also looks at the level a player will need to size their bets at. Therefore, one can sum it as the value of bankroll management to players. As well know that in order to play online casino games you will need to make that you have adequate funds to do so, and this theory dwells on that fact.

Do All Real Money Gamblers Need To Know This Theory?

Ye, all serious real money gamblers need to know this theory. As we mentioned earlier, with the Gambler’s Ruin theory you are able to get the most of your bankroll. In addition, all gamblers know the importance of making sure that you have a bankroll that can last for as long as you want to play. Therefore, the answer to that question is yes, all real money gamblers need to make sure that they know the Gamblers Ruin Theory.

How does the Gamblers Ruin Theory Work?

The Gambler’s Ruin theory dwells mainly on the steps that a player has to take to make sure that they get the most out of the game. This is as with every game, there is the risk factor and as there is a risk, players need to make sure that they do the best that they can to avoid that risk. Therefore, a player needs to have enough money to make sure that they outplay any negative outcomes that may occur during the gameplay.

What is a Random Walk in the Gambler’s Ruin Theory?

A random walk in the Gambler’s Ruin theory is when a player wins for a number of times and starts making uncalculated bets. You see as we win, we start thinking that we now own the game and we get carried away and start making bets based on adrenaline instead of facts.

Is The Gamblers Ruin Theory Applicable To All Online Casino Games?

Yes, it is. This as with all games there will be the aspect of risk. Therefore, it can be applied to all games that we play. As we mentioned earlier the theory basically revolves on players making smart bets to avoid the imbalance of their bankroll as they play.

How Can I Use The Gamblers Ruin Theory To My Advantage?

The best way that you can use the gamblers ruin theory to your advantage is by making sure that you know the odds of the game that you are playing. Even you are not playing for profit it always helps to know the RTP and the house edge of the game that you are playing.


The Gambler’s Ruin theory aims to educate players on smart betting moves that they can make in order to get most out of our bankroll. This is as since we use real money to play, we need to be able to make sure that we actually budget the money that we play with.  While we may not be able to win at times when we play eth game, it always helps to have a budget that can outlive or outplay any of the loses that we may incur ads we play. As such, is the underlying lesson of the Gambler’s Ruin Theory.

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