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Types of Online Casino Cyber Attacks

Types of Online Casino Cyber Attacks

Types of Online Casino Cyber Attacks

Both patrons and online casino sites are facing online casino cyber attacks from all corners. This is as online casinos are growing in popularity with each passing day. The main reason for this growth is the coronavirus that kept the world locked up in their homes. And with the patrons locked away safely, they needed something to keep them entertained as all the other physical entertainment venues were now out of reach, and as such they turned to online casino games.

However, as we turned to online casino gaming, so did the hackers knowing that millions would flock to the online casino sites, they too went there as a result there was a growth on online casino cyber attacks.
That being said, we thought it wise to give you a heads up on the most common online casino cyber attacks that both real money gamblers and online casino sites need to be wary of.

Most Common Online Casino Cyber Attacks

Online casino and online gambling sites are now facing attacks for all directions as a result of online casino cyber attacks. And below we shall examine some of the most common online casino cyber attacks that both players and online casino sites need to be careful of because by knowing the threat it is easy to come up countermeasures for you to be ward odd any attacks. As well up your security to make sure that players’ information is kept safe at all times.

  1. Expediting

    Expediting is not new online casino cyber threat in the world of online gambling sites. However, there has been a rise in the threat. This is an automated threat that uses bots to speed up time-consuming actions. These will mostly offer advantages to the players by violating the rules in the gameplay.
    As a result, this will affect decline user appeal which will then lead to loss of subscription revenue and this will then lead to a site losing its reputation as an online casino games provider.

  2. DDOS

    DDOS means Distribution Denial of Service. This is where hackers will flood real money gambling sites with loads of unexpected traffic. This will, in turn, result in significant delays in loading times or it can even crash the online cash the website. Players will then in most cases lose interest in the online site and then opt for another one.

  3. Scraping

    Scraping is another common online casino cyber attack that many sites are falling prey to. When scraping, hackers will use bots to steal data form API’s, websites as well as gambling databases consequently using that information to exploit the gamblers.

    Scrapers in most cases lead to increased risk of latency on gambling sites that use excessive bandwidth to process requests. This will lead to real money gamblers suffering long loading times as well losing their valuable information to the hackers.

  4. Account Take Over Attacks

    This is an online casino cyber attack that is targeted mainly at the top players at online casino gambling sites. Hackers will gain access to a players account and use their user profile to perform payments as well as use it for identity fraud.

    The hackers can also sell that players information on the dark web and they can lure victims into accepting malicious friend requests by clicking infected links.

  5. SQL Injection

    Lastly, another online casino cyber attack that players and online casino sites to keep their eyes open for is the SQLL injection or the Structured Query Language attack. This is when a hacker feeds malicious SQL statements to take over a database server. By so doing, the hacker can add, modify and even delete data according to their will.

    Hackers will be able to pass through validation and approval checkpoints. This method of hacking can be used to take over personal data, intellectual properties of gamblers, customer information, gaming secrets and a lot more.


These are but a few of the online casino cyber attacks that players and online casino sites have to mindful of. As such, online casino and other online gambling sites need to make sure that they keep all their players’ information safe from hackers. This they can do by upping up the security as well as identification measures at the online casinos. That way players can play online casino with peace of mind knowing that they will not fall prey to any online casino cyber attacks.

Online Casino Cyber Attacks FAQs

These are threats that can affect online casino sites integrity as such affecting the players’ safety.
The most common online casino cyber attacks are:

  1. SQL Injection
  2. Expedition
  3. Scraping
  4. Account Take Over Attacks
  5. DDOS

The best that you can protect yourself from cyber attacks is by checking to see if the site that you are playing at is safe and secure. Additionally, you can use complicated passwords as well as avoid making your passwords something that is obvious. You can use several verification methods.
Yes, because these attacks are targeted at online sites, all web-based gambling sites can fall prey to them.
Make sure to notify the gambling site support and help team as soon as possible.

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