Rapper Bugzy Mallone Injured in A Motorbike Accident

Bugzy Mallone
Bugzy Mallone
Bugzy Mallone

Bugzy Mallone, a well-known Manchester Rapper was involved in an accident. Mallone who was driving his motorbike, smashed it in a car. The accident was caught by a CCTV camera.

Mallone 29, according to reports is recovering in hospital. His injuries are not believed to be life threatening and the police are investigating the accident.

Bugzy whose real name is Aaron Davis, was driving what is believed to be a quad bike. The CCTV footage shows the rapper lying on the floor after the collision. Another video also speculating on social media, shows the rapper smashing into a car.

An Audi came out of a T-junction and that’s when the rapper smashed into the car. He had no time to react. This accident took place in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Many who have seen the footage are taking to their social media pages writing messages, wishing the rapper a quick recovery. Chip who is a fellow Rapper tweeted wishing Mallone a Quick recovery.

Manchester City FC, also tweeted mentioning that the whole of Manchester was with him during these moments.

However not everyone was sympathizing with the rapper. Somewhere wondering where the rapper was headed to, during a difficult time as this.

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As countries are trying to fight this pandemic.

UK is one of the countries that have enforced strict measures as the number of coronavirus cases are on the rise.

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Bugzy Mallone Crash Moment

Bugzy Mallone Crash Moment
Bugzy Mallone Crash Moment

Mallone’s crash was not only caught on a camera. There were also on lookers that explained what they had seen during this horrific moment.

The CCTV shows Malone’s bike bumping into the Audi, and falling on its side.  Mallone is sent spinning down on the road as some sparks of fire shows.

On lookers who witnessed this accident rushed to help the rapper who was just lying on the ground with blood all over his face. Onlookers said that his face was more injured than the rest of his body.

Many on lookers showed videos on social media pages, alerting people on what had happened to the songwriter.

It is not yet clear what happened to the driver of the Audi. We just know he was badly injured and has been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Who Bugzy Mallone Is

Who Bugzy Mallone Is
Who Bugzy Mallone Is

Bugzy Mallone is a British rapper as well as an actor. He I known to be one of the artist that have instigated a grime revival.

He is the first Manchester artist to have commercial success in the grime genre in the UK.

His career started in 2010 when he released his debut mixtape called SwaggaMan.

From there he started doing freestyles for the northern grime YouTube channel and it went on from there.


Bugzy Mallone is a talented artist and many are praying for his recovery during these trying times.

Although the accident looked bad from the videos speculating on twitter and other social media platforms. The rapper’s injuries are said not be that bad and he is recovering ion the hospital.

Bugzy Mallone FAQs

Who Is Bugzy Mallone?
Bugzy Mallone born Aaron Davis, is a British rapper as well as an actor. He is from Manchester and is well known for the Grime and Hip hop genres. He is also one of the people to be successful in the grime genre.
How Did Bugzy Mallone Become Famous?
Mallone came on the spot light in 2015 with grime. He had up to 18 million views as well as MOBO nomination for best new artist in 2015. Also he made his debut in 2010 with his Swaggaman mixtape. He was then followed by more in 2011 and 2012.
How Much Does Bugzy Mallone Worth?
The rapper has had so much success in his career which was short. He got awards and his sings have been successful such that they landed in the UK albums chart rop10. He is one of the most popular grime artist and has an estimated worth of $2 million dollars.
What Happened To Bugzy Mallone?
Bugzy was involved in an accident in Manchester on Wednesday night. He smashed into an Audi on a t-junction. He was injured and was taken to the hospital. The video of the accident as well as the one where he was driving around town before the incident are speculating on social media.
How Old Is Bugzy Mallone?
Bugzy was born on December 20, 1990. He is 30 years old.


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