Will There Be A World War Z 2?

World War Z 2
World War Z 2
World War Z 2

World War Z is one of the best global pandemic movies. As such, during this time when people are fighting against covid-19 it one movie that a lot of people are watching.

As they watch the 2013 movie and enjoy real money online casino games, they can’t help but ask whether there will be a sequel or not.


The World War Z Movie Plot

The World War Z Movie Plot
The World War Z Movie Plot

World War Z was about a Gerry a former United Nations employee who finds himself in a race against time. This was as the there was a virus that was turning people into zombies. While, with the covid-19 virus there are no zombies, people are wondering if the movie and the current pandemic have similarities.

Anyways, on that issue we are sure, however we are curious as to whether we are getting a sequel of the movie or not.

World War Z was directed by Marc Foster and was adapted from a book by Max Brooks. The book/ movie also managed to get itself a PS game as well, this shows that it was very popular. Worldwide, the movie raked in $540 million at Box Office.

News on World War Z 2

Fans of the PS game, book and movie all want to know if there will be a World War Z 2 movie. However, rumors have it that there might not be sequel to the movie. This as it is rumored that Paramount has scraped the movies creation.

Despite they fact that movie was a Box Office hit, the making of the sequel has been full of halts.  As such, the hopes of there being a sequel to the movie are very low.

One of the main reasons why we will not be getting a World War Z 2 is the budget. Also, there are a number of creative differences between Paramount and the director. However, there is hope if the budget come through.

Why The Movie Might Be Cancelled

Why The Movie Might Be Cancelled
Why The Movie Might Be Cancelled

At first, World War Z 2 was set for production in 2017, however there was no action on the words. At the same time Brad Pitt had to film Once Upon A Time Hollywood and WW Z 2 movie shooting was postponed. The shooting was then pushed to March 2020 and well, we all know the issues that we are facing in March.




The question still stands will we be getting a World War Z 2 or not? Well, as we said, there are high chances that the movie will never see the light of day. However, as the first movie ended there is hope for continuation. We will just have to see it all in time.

World War Z 2 FAQs

Will there be a World War Z sequel?
There is no solid answer for that question. However, there are rumors that the sequel has scrapped off because of budget issues and creative differences between Paramount the director.
How much do World War Make at Box Office?
The movie was a box office hit. The movie raked in a massive $540 million worldwide this was from a $190- $269 million budget. As for the ratings, IMDb gave it a 7.2/ 10, while Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 66% and Metacritic rated it 63%.
What is War Z?
This is the game after the movie. War Z is a third person shooter video game developed by Saber Interactive and published by Mad Dog Games. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PS 4 and Xbox One in April 2019.
Is World War Z adapted from a book?
Yes, the movie and the video game were adaptations from a book written by Max Brooks.
Can I download World War Z game for free?
From the 26th of March to the 2nd of April it was announced that it will be free to download a keep on the game store. Those who download it now can get the latest cross play update, with new weapons and perks.

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