Online Sic Bo in Australia 2022

Sic bo Australia
Online Sic Bo

Online Sic Bo is a game where players bet on the outcome of a 3 dice roll. While Sic Bo’s exact origin is not known, it’s believed that it’s been played in China for thousands of years.

Over the years, Sic Bo has made its way into the online casino gaming industry. Sic Bo is a precious dice game which can be studied with strategies being implemented in your favour.

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How To Play Sic Bo Online

There a few things that you should do when playing Sic Bo:

  1. Always look at the betting limits first
  2. If you are sure, buy your betting chips
  3. Place your bet
  4. Roll the dice for the possible outcomes in this case, for real money gambling sites. Allow the system to give you the outcomes.
  5. Collect your payout if you have won
  6. Get at it again if you want to. Depending on the flexibility of your bankroll.

A Better Understanding of the Sic Bo Table

  1. The bottom row of the table

    Mainly, this part is just for single numbers only. Meaning, they are there for those who believe that the outcome of the game will leave you with a single-digit number.

  2. Above the Bottom Row

    In the middle of the table, there are quite simple and understandable symbols. This part gives you all the possible winning combinations you can get from two dice. From these, you can get to choose which one you want to wager on and win real money.

  3. The upper half of the Middle area

    This betting space just shows you the totals that you can possibly get when betting. Which are numbers from 4 to 17. The payouts differ according to the possibility of players getting to a certain total.

  4. The top of the table

    On the top part we have the small and big bets, specific double and triple bets you can make. The middle part is where you place your wager for the triple bets.

Sic Bo Online Strategy

All table games need you to have that extra strategy before attempting them. Hence, if it were that simple a lot of people will be very rich right now. Therefore, if you are in need of some education, you are on the right page right now. Here are some strategies that you can use depending on a particular bet.

  1. Big, small, odd and even bets they have a house edge of 2.78 % while the probability of winning is quite healthy for a start at 48.61%.
  2. Specific triple stay away from triple bets as they have the worst house edge.
  3. Domino two faces have a house edge is at 2.78% while the payout is at 5/1. All you need to do is study the listing on the table for the two dice and try to figure out which combination is better for that real money win.
  4. This game is based on chance but there are a few tricks to help you win.
  5. Try to choose a good table. Look at the numbers that are laid out in the centre of the table in question. Choose tables offering a 65 to 1 option. These result in a house edge of 8.33%.
  6. Be aware of your limits. Know the max and min limits available on the specific table in question.
  7. Know when to stop. You may lose all your winnings simply because you couldn’t face the urge to wager.

Sic Bo gameplay is straightforward, you need to know your bet options as you will be wagering on the number that the dice will show. It may be a game of chance, but you can still use various strategies to get the bets out of the game.

Mobile Gaming

The good thing about casino games is that you can actually get to play them on your phone. All you need to do is just find a casino that supports your mobile device. These days, internet casinos are coming with the mobile app you can download on your device or even play for free directly from the browser. The main types of devices supported are Android, iPhone and iPad.

Sic Bo Online Variations

Like any casino game, Sic Bo online also has quite a number of variations that you can pick from. After all, casinos are all about giving you the most fun possible.

This is due to the migration of the game. As the game was spread around the world, a lot of different variations where made.

Here are some variations that you can pick up from to win real money.


This variation takes its name from the hourglass shape of the dice. However, the game is just like the traditional game.

Chuck a Luck

Chuck a Luck is usually referred to as the cousin of Birdcage. This is because they have quite a number of very similar aspects.

However, this is a simple version of the traditional game from America. Also, this is not usually taken seriously when it comes to gambling.

Dai Siu

As the name suggests, this Variation is definitely from China. Instead of the normal triple pay of 180 to 1, this one pays150 to 1. And instead of the 60 to 1 specified bet pay, you get 50 to 1. Meaning, the payouts for this game are on the low side.

Grand Hazard

This is the British version with a much simpler table in comparison to the rest. The triple combinations are known as Raffles and can be found at the centre of the table.

Yee Ha Hi

In this variation, there is no us of numbers or dots that stand for number, they use symbols. Commonly, fish, shrimp and crabs, hence the name.

There are sevral variations of sic bo games that you can play either at online casinos or mobile sites.

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Online Sic Bo FAQs

What is Sic Bo?
This is gambling game played with three dice where players wager on the outcome of the dice when they are rolled.
Is there anything I need to play Sic Bo?
Make sure you have a stable intertnet connection, a device to play on and a reputable site where you can play.
I’ve never played Sic Bo before, can I play for free?
Yes, at most gambling you can play the online games free.
What is the highest payout in Online Sic Bo
The highest paying bet is aSpecific Triple that pays out 180:1 but it has teh worst house edge of 16.2%.
Can I use strategies while playing Sic bo?
Yes you can use stratgeies as you play the game, however these will only give you specific betting methods an will have effect on the casino house edge.