French Roulette Game Review

French Roulette Online Wheel
French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the many versions of online roulette. The game is also known as Roulet a’ la Francaise and the version is quite the same with European Roulette. The features are the same along with the table layout. The Roulette version contains 37 numbered pots and the American version has 38 and it consists an addition 00 pot. The extra 00 pot also contribute to the house edge.

The French version of online roulette contains numerous betting options. The betting options that are range from an AU$1 to AU$500.

Advanced French Roulette Bets

If a player wagers straight up on a number then the layer will be reduced to a 3% chance so that you can earn 35 times what you have put in. If a player places a gamble on either the first twelve up to the third twelve then they is a slight chance of tripling the bet.

You can bet on either the first numbers of the box that is 1-8. Or you can place your bet on the second half 19-36. This betting option will give you a slight chance of doubling the betting amount.

French Roulette has the lowest house edge of 1.35% because of the halfback rule for even bets only?

French Roulette Tips and Strategy

For a player to play a game of Roulette at an online casino he or she must have the knowledge of the game on their fingertips. The main thing to note in gambling is to manage your bankroll. However, in French Roulette, a player must divide or split the bankroll into lower unit stakes.

This strategy will enable a player to connect to 2.00 chips if they have a 200.00 bankroll or 0.50 valued chip if they have 50.00 in their bankroll. The next players must aim many spins per session. This is a strategy used by players so that they can only play outside bets along with playing for stake levels.

If a player has 200.00 in the bankroll and if they stand to a maximum bet per spin of 10.00, this will guarantee them to have a worst of 20 spins per day. Moreover, if your bet succeeds the player will receive more free spins during the gameplay. The house edge varies in French Roulette, this depends on the type of bets you are placing. Players should choose the betting type that will work in their favour and make them win real money at the end of the day.


French Roulette is one of the many different online roulette versions, and as the name states, it is French Roulette as such it has its full origins in France. The reason why most players enjoy playing this online casino game is because of the two rules that will give the game a lower houses edge as compared to the roulette versions. That being said, log, sign up at the best AU online casino and enjoy French Roulette today.

French Roulette FAQs

What is the difference between French and European roulette?
The main difference between European and French Roulette are the different type of bets. In French Roulette there is the addition of the two rules that will give players a greater house edge, these are the En Prison and the Le Partage rule.
What is the best bet to place when playing French Roulette?
When playing French Roulette, it is difficult to state which are the best bets to make in the game, the best bets in the game will depend on your bankroll as well the how well you know the odds in the game. Also, you need to bear in mind that this is a game of luck, therefore, the best bet may not be your best option depending on how the wheel depends to turn.
What are the le partage and en prison rules in French Roulette?
The Le Partage Rule states that any losing money ion the game is bet is split between 50/50 between the players and the house, this means that you will then only lose half of your stake. While the En Prison rule states that any losing even-money bet remains on the table and it is imprisoned until the next t spin. If the next spin is a winner for the player, then the stake will be returned to the player.
Will I be able to win real money while playing this online gambling game?
Yes, as long as you are able to place the right bets in this you will be able to win real while playing. Players need to note that they can only win real money in the game if they chose to play it for real money, otherwise playing the game for free will not result in any wins for the player.
Is it safe to this roulette variation at online casinos?
Yes, all online casino are audited for fairness, this then means that before this game even reaches the online casino it is checked to see that all the outcomes in the game are random, as cub it will be proved to be fair.