How to Play Mobile Keno in Australia 2022

Mobile Keno
Mobile Keno

For those that love card games, you should definitely try Keno. And what better way to do that than to play it on your mobile in the comfort of your home?. Now, let’s look further into the game.

Mobile Keno Real Money

Keno happens to be one of the popular, oldest casino games. The game originated in China ages ago. As it progressed, it got introduced into land-based casinos. Also, as its popularity grew in the late 20th century, it got introduced into online casinos.

At the moment, Keno has gone mobile. This has allowed players from around the world to enjoy the game while on the go.

Playing Keno on Mobile

Mobile Keno has a total of 80 numbers on the board. Soon after wagering, you can pick as many numbers as you want. In fact, you can pick from 1 to 15. Afterwards, the computer will pick the 20 winning numbers randomly. A “Hit” happens when the numbers picked by the computer matches any one of your numbers. You will win a prize if enough of your numbers hit.

Winning at Mobile Keno

Winning at Keno is dependent on the following factors:

  1. The lucky numbers that you have picked
  2. How many of those lucky numbers hit

To explain, are a few examples:

  1. If you happen to pick just one number and that number hits, you win a 3:1 payout on your wager.
  2. In the case that you pick 6 numbers and get 2 hits, you will win back your bet. Also, if all 6 numbers hit, the payout will be 75:1.
  3. 5 hits pay back your bet in the event that you pick 15 numbers. On the other hand, getting 10 hits will give you a payout of 150:1. Furthermore, getting 15 hits will give you a payout of 10,000:1. This is a might jackpot in Keno. And you can win this on your mobile!

Before you play Keno, there is something that you should know. Keno is purely a game of chance or luck. There are no strategies that you can implement during gameplay, none at all. So, whenever you wake up feeling lucky, try playing mobile Keno. Who knows, you might just score a jackpot!