The List of Essential Services Australia

List of Essential Services
List of Essential Services
The List of Essential Services will be effective from Monday 22, 2020.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has led to a standstill in industrial productivity. But, a lot of businesses have been left confused about whether or not they qualify on the list of essential services.If you are an online casino fan, there is no need to worry. Online casinos are still functioning hence, you can go ahead and play your casino games right now!

The non-essential services are expected to seize operation from Monday, 23 March 2020 up until the next 6 months or more. At least until everything cools down.

Since 22 March 2020, the Australian government has banned all outside gatherings with more than 500 people or inside gatherings of 100 people.

Non-Essential Services Australia

Over 600 COVID 19 patients have been recorded so far in Australia. This has led to schools being shut down and other non-essential service providers.

The list of non-essential services includes:

  1. Bars
  2. Restaurants
  3. Gyms
  4. Cinemas
  5. Churches (for funerals and weddings, but only in line with the 1 person per square meter)

For now, the border has also been shut down. In turn, this will at least keep the virus in track and minimize uncontrollable spread.


In his press conference, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, advised his citizens to practise common sense. Even though there is an essential services list. The public still needs to make sure that the activities they will be participating in are highly important. He advised against unnecessary travel and activities.

List of Essential Services

Any infrastructure providing the following services can continue to operate:

  1. Health and Safety Services
  2. Grocery services
  3. Emergency Service Provider
  4. Crucial Service providers like, waste collection, airport operators, water and electricity, telecommunications.

According to Morrison, travelling for the holidays has been banned. Which explains why most Australian borders are now shutting down.


Spreading of COVID 19 is rapid and uncontrollable. Therefore social distancing is the only thing that can actually be of help right now. Only travel when you feel the urgent need to do so. It is now up to the Australian citizens to take action into fighting the virus. The government and other authorities can only make a limited contribution.

 Essential Services FAQS

What is an Essential Service?
Essential services are those important, vital and highly needed facilities. Like water supply, food providers and health providers.
When Will the Essential Service Shutdown End?
Chances of grocery shops running out and shutting down. But the health sector has no option but to keep operating.
Is the Crime Sector part of essential service providers?
It definitely is! The police will highly be on standby. We know that there will be a few people trying to thrive in all the bad ways from this opportunity.
What is a non-essential service?
Non- essential services are those things that you will not need in the case of emergencies.
How long will the non-essential ban last?
The Australian non-essential ban will last for at least 6 months.