Video Poker in Australia

Video Poker Online Guide
Video Poker Online Guide

Video poker online history is quite close to the history of slot machines. This is because Video poker machines take came into the world as poker slot machines.

Meaning, the thesis of the game was just the same as that of slot machines. There were no drawing or holding options, it was purely a game of luck. Interestingly, and they came with five reels which would turn into a poker hand once the spinning stops. You could not control the outcome in any way.

The Skill draw machine by Charles Fey in 1901 brought a change to all that. Also, it came with a new draw feature, unlike the original poker slots. In turn, this gave the poker players to have control over the outcome of the poker machines.

On this machine, the player would get a random selection of poker cards. After, the player could hold on to their card choice and spin again for possibly better edition.

The Coming of Video Poker Machines

The Poker- Matic was the first video poker machine. It is a brainchild of Dale Electronics Corporations in 1970. It came with a television screen and a Central Processing Unit (CPU). And, it was not quite popular in the Las Vegas Gambling industry.

This is because, for people back then to trust electronic machines, they would want to see the reels spinning first. Leading to the genius invention of William Si Redd, the father of Video Poker. From then on the video poker game started its evolution up to where it is now.

Online Video Poker

Microgaming is the first software developer of the online video poker game in 1994.  After, the world began to witness even more online video poker variations from different gaming software developers.

Additionally, this comes with even better chances of getting that real money online. This is due to the fact that they come with even betting chances. For example, online casino players can get to play in progressive Video Poker games and win mega-money deals.

What is Video Poker Online?

Video poker is a computer version of draw poker.  Meaning that the players are using the random selection of cards to try and make a winning poker hand. Some would say video poker is just the same as slot machines. But, video poker games allow you to hold on to cards and spin for more. therefore they give you an even better chance at winning that real money online.

The game comes with over two million possible combinations of cards.

Meaning, you cannot really try to follow a pattern, guess or even try card counting. Also, the random number generator is constantly shuffling the deck.

Why Should Play Online Video Poker for Real Money

Real Money Options

  • You get even better gaming options you can use to get that real money.
  • There are plenty of bonuses and promotions to help you win even more real money online
  • Real money games are more fun and exciting because you will eager to see what is in store for you.
  • If looking for the land casino experience. Real money play offers you live dealers. This is where there is an actual human dealer taking care of you.

Free Games

  • You are only limited to the options given to you by the casino
  • Bonuses and promotions are useless here. After all, you are not even going to collect your winnings.
  • There is nothing to really look forward to.
  • You are only limited to the computer online casino games versions.

How to Pick the Best Online Video Poker Game.

When you pick the best, you will always get the best back. Therefore, you need to always make sure that you try to make smart choices before wagering on anything. Here are a few tips on how you can pick the best real money option of online video poker.

Bonuses and Promotions

This might seem petty, but it is quite a valid point. Even when it comes to picking the best casino online. You need to get those bonuses to win more real money. If you do not get that there are plenty of options you can pick from.

Most recommended casinos online come with exclusive and good bonus offers. Therefore, you can get a welcome bonus, a daily bonus or even more. What is important is that you get the best online casino to play your video poker.

Fairness and Security

Make sure that you are as comfortable as possible while playing video poker online. After all, online casinos are supposed to be fun. How can you do that if the casino online does not come with fair and secure chances at winning that real money online?

Therefore, you should make sure that the casino you choose online comes with a licence. This will help determine whether or not the gaming is fair and secure. Also, the license must come from a reliable and renowned regulatory body.

Gaming Software Developers

It will definitely not be the best video poker game if it is not coming from the best. Therefore, you always need to make sure to check out the gaming developers partnering up with your casino online first.

Here is a list of gaming developers that you should look of before you start wagering:

  • Betsoft
  • Net Entertainment
  • IGT
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech

Comfortable Banking Options

Before you call it the best online casino for your video poker game. Always make sure that it also comes with the best banking methods. There are a lot of scammers who will want to swindle you of your money. Also, some options might leave you vulnerable to hackers as well.

Therefore you always have to pick that option you trust and is comfortable with. Not forgetting that your casino choice may not offer the current denominations you are comfortable with as well. Hence, you always need to pay attention to this.

Here is a list of some banking options for your deposits and withdrawals that you can trust with your real

  • Wire Transfers
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Transfers money:
  • PayPal
  • Paysafe
  • Direct Wire

Mobile Casino Option

The best online casino must come with a mobile app. In turn, this will give you easy access to your online video poker game without any hassles. You can get to even win your real money in a train station or any place else.

Also, make sure the mobile services tally with the PC services. There should provide the same good quality and fun services. Also, they should come with all the variations that are available for the PC players as well.

Video Poker Variations

Like most of the online casino games, video poker also comes with its own list of variants.  The online gambling industry is now coming with so much diversity for the world.  Leaving you with over 50 video poker games from different developers you can use.

Making real money online could never be any more fun. Here are some online video poker variations you need to try out right now.

  1. Jacks or Better

    Jacks or Better is one of the classic poker games. Therefore, if you are looking for the land casino poker experience you can the online version. The common games on this online casino game are the 9/5, 8/6, 8/5. Although this means lower returns in comparison to land casinos, there is no need for you to crack your head over it. The versions on offer are easier and give you better options at winning that real money online.

  2. Tens or Better

    This game takes off form jacks or better with a little modification put in place. Which is, getting a pair of tens to win your wager. Therefore the winning chances are quite on the high on this video poker version. Because there are four more cards for you to make that winning. Meaning, lesser payouts in comparison to the original jacks or better.

  3. Aces and Faces

    Despite several chances made, the aces and faces game is a child of jacks or better. However, these changes make a huge impact on game outcomes. Especially when it comes to the gaming strategy and the house edge. You will definitely get more money for four of a kind hands that have either aces or face cards. Other than that everything seems quite the same.

  4. Deuces Wild

    This happens to be the most popular online casino video poker game. Its popularity has led to even more variations of the video poker variation. Playing this game means that you are probably a poker guru. The concepts are a lot more complex in comparison to the other video poker variations. For instance, all the number two cards act as wild cards. On this note, this is a good thing as you can use it to replace any card and form a winning hand.

  5. Joker Poker

    If you are looking to get a better advantage over the house then this is the game for you. All you need to is to come up with the best strategy and you will definitely win that real money. Interestingly, joker poker comes with an additional joker card as a wild card, hence the name. In order to win, all you need are two kings or more. However, like most wild card video poker games, the natural hands get more payouts.

  6. Bonus Poker

    This game is popular because it comes with even more real money. This video poker variation comes with full pay and short pay. The full pay gives you a longer winning opportunity in comparison. Other than that, the other game concepts are like those of Jacks or Better. Hence the payout for getting two pair is just the same as that of jacks or better.

  7. Pick’em Poker

    This game will do well with those online video poker beginners. The gaming and strategy are pretty simple and easy to grasp in comparison to the rest of the video poker game variations. In this game, the player gets two cards facing up. The rest of the cards to form the five hand game come from the computer dealer. This variation is the perfect way to warm up before going in for the big dogs.

Video Poker Strategy Tips

What is important with any online casino game is that you come up with different and applicable strategies. In turn, this will advance your chances at winning that real money online. Sometimes you do not just get lucky. You will have to work your way through it first.  Here are a few tips to help you pocket that mega-money deal.

  1. Know your Pay-Tables

    A pay-table will help you know the poker combinations that will give you a win. Otherwise, how do you expect to form a winning hand if you do not even know the combinations that will help you win? With video poker, you can also use the normal poker hands to know which will give you a payout. The good thing about video poker online is that the tables are at the top of your screen. You do not have frantically search for anything.

  2. Take the Full Plunge

    Sometimes risking it all can actually be good for you. While playing your video poker, you can place the highest bet possible. In turn, when you get a royal flush, you will win even more real money. Sometimes the fear of the unknown might actually be that one thing that is keeping you from being a millionaire.

  3. Always Pick the Pairs

    This is where playing it safe and fear should come in. meaning, the move of keeping pairs is there to safeguard your money deal. A pair is always a winning hand no matter how low they are. Therefore, when you get a low pair, it’s better to keep the pair as it might be the only shot at winning you have. What if you let go0 of them but end up with a non-winning end. Again, the choice is always on you. Who knows? You might even get a better hand after swapping.

  4. Know your Gaming Chances

    You can get a winning hand. On the other hand, you can see a much better chance of winning chance. Therefore, you need to always be alert rather than just making decisions blindly. For example, if you see the chance of making a royal flush then you can jump to it. Then you can jump for it and let go of the straight flush. If you are not really sure then it is best you keep you already winning hand.

Rules of the Various Poker Variations

Every game has its own set of demands and requirements for you to stay in it and win. After all, i8t is what sets the games apart from each other. Online Video poker is no different. Here are a few rules that come with the different versions of video poker online.

The rules of Jacks or Better

Here are a few requirements you need to meet up when playing this popular online casino game:

  • The game come with nine winning hands. Of these, your hand must at least have two jacks.
  • Payouts come from a pay scale. The scale is what sets the total payout for a particular winning hand.
  • You only get money for your highest winning hand.
  • Unlike other poker games, five of a kind and low non-jack pairs do not form a winning hand.

Rules for All the Bonus Poker Variations

These include; Bonus Poker, double bonus and double double bonus poker.  The games come with even better-winning hands and opportunities.

  • The bonus payouts are different according to the type of hands
  • They have lower payouts
  • Premium hands get the highest payouts.

Deuces and Joker Wild Rules

These are wild card games. Therefore, when you get the set wild card, you can use it to create a winning hand.

  • They have lower payouts.
  • The poker hands are just the same as those of classic poker.
  • You can get rid of any number of cards.
  • Online video poker variations of these games give bonus games. These are meant to give you a better chance of winning even more real money.

Video Poker Odds

Here are some winning odds for particular video poker hands.

Poker hand Winning Odds
Royal Flush 1 in 650 000
Royal flush created by holding and exchanging 1 in  40 000
Four Aces with a Kicker 1 in 16 236
Straight Flush 1 in 9 150
2s to 4s with a Kicker 1 in 6 984
Four Aces 1 in 5 761
Four Deuces 1 in 4 909
2s to 4s 1 in 2 601
Four of a kind 1 in 423
Full house 1 in 90
Flush 1 in 85
Straight 1 in 80

Mobile Video Poker

What other better way is there to play video poker rather than playing on your mobile phone. Most online casinos are now coming with mobile options. These create an even better and convenient way of winning that real money. For example, you can access your online casino anywhere and start swiping away. Here are three mobile casino options available for video poker online.

  1. Android Options

    when it comes to android users, you can instantly access your casino games online. There is no need for you to download anything. However, if you want to, you can download your game from the play store casino options. The best video poker variation for android users is jacks or better.

  2. iPhone

    iPhone users can access their favourite online casinos through the apple app store. If you do not want to download, you still have the option to play directly from your browser. The best video poker game for iPhone users is deuces wild.

  3. iPad

    the iPad will give you an even much bigger and better screen and performance to play your video poker on. The best game for this high-quality performance is Joker Poker.

Video Poker Glossary

  • Ace High- This is when the player only has an ace only.
  • Aces Full- this is for when you get a full house of three aces and a pair
  • Boat- this is also known as a full house. This is when you have three cards of the same kind and a pair.
  • Draw- a draw is only available once. This is when you hit the draw button after getting your first hand. After, you get another set of cards to pick from then choose the best out of the two.
  • Face Card- these are the jacks, queens and kings.
  • Four of a kind- this is when you get four cards from the same rank.
  • Full House- this is the same as a boat. Getting three cards of the same kind then a pair.
  • Hand- basically, a hand is the total number of five cards that you have. It can also mean the whole process of betting until you get a payout.
  • Hold- when you are holding cards you are keeping your hand on the side. After, you can make a draw then pick the best winning option.
  • Kickers- these are the remaining cards you get after drawing and picking the best combination. Depending on the video poker variation, the kicker can have or not have any value at all.


if you feel like you are not ready for the poker room. You can try to tackle online video poker as a starter for that extra practice and boost.  So sign up with your favourite casino online now and start practising while winning that real money!


Can you make a living from Video Poker?
With the right strategy and practise you can actually make a few extra dollars from video poker. Some people are actually professional poker players.
Is Video Poker a Good Bet?
Video poker gives you a better advantage over the house due to its unique nature. Online video poker will give you a lot of variants that can give you better winning odds.
Is Online Video poker Legal in Australia?
Gambling online is legal if you do so with an online casino that has the proper gambling licence.
Which is the Best Video Poker Game to pick from?
Well, the choice of the best video poker variant depends on your own personal taste. However, there are over 10 video poker variants online that can help make that choice for you. All we can say is you need to find out for yourself.
Can you Cheat Video Poker?
You cannot cheat video poker. However, coming up with the best strategies and tactics can help advance your winning chances.