Understanding Slot Volatility and Slot Variance

Slot Volatility
Online Slot Volatility Rate
Slot Volatility

Slot volatility is one of the things that you need to make sure to check when you are looking for an online pokie to play.

However, very few people know what slot volatility is and how to check for it.

That is why today we take an in-depth look into slot volatility, how to check for it and why it is important when looking for a game to play.

What does Volatility Mean in Slots?

The term volatility is used to calculate the performance of slot machines during gameplay, be it land-based or at online casinos. With this knowledge, pokie players are then able to calculate their bankroll accordingly.

Therefore, simply put, slot volatility will tell how often you will snag a winning combination, the size of the winning combo and the risk level of the game.

Different Types Of Slot Volatility And How To Tell Them Apart

There are three types of slot volatility, high, medium and low variance games. But slot gurus know that there are actually 5 types classifications these are high, medium-high, medium, low-medium and low.

The volatility of pokies is programmed in advance and it solely depends on the RNG. However, in most cases, online casinos and casino slot providers rarely reveal the volatility of a game. Therefore, you will be forced to calculate it yourself.

If you are playing a game that the capacity to pay out big, but you can seem to get the winning combination, then it means that you are playing a high variance game. However, if you are playing a game that has small pays and you are paid out frequently it means that you are playing a low variance game.

Slot Variance and Slot Volatility

When talking about online casino games, there is no difference between variance and volatility. There are terms that can be used as synonyms for one another and as such they can be used interchangeably.

Ways to Determine Slot Variance

Measuring slot volatility is not an easy task to do, that does not mean that it is impossible though. There are a few ways that you can try to determine how volatile an online pokie is.

  1. Look at the PayTable: look at the difference between the payout of 4 and 5 of a kind symbols. If 5 symbols payout more, then you can assume that it is a high-variance slot.
  2. Prizes on Offer: If the slot offers you massive prizes, then it is a high variance game.
  3. Max Bet Option: Most pokies that small max bets are usually high variance games.
  4. RTP: By looking at the return to player rate, you can see whether it is described as a high, medium or low volatility game.

What Does High, Low And Medium Volatility Mean?

  1. High Variance/ Volatility

    These are pokies for players who love to take risks. These slots will not pay out often, but when they do payout we can guarantee you that it was worth the wait. Players with slots also have access to bonus features. These pokies needed to play with a planned budget as they can leave you broke. Popular high variance games are Book of Dead, Dead or Alive, Riches of Robin, Creature from the Black lagoon, Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx.

  2. Low Variance/ Volatility

    These pokies will have frequent but smaller payouts. With these pokies, you can start winning every 5 to o10 spins on average. These are also perfect for new players as well as punters who want to have fun without taking too much risk. Popular pokies in this category are Starburst, Thunderstruck II, Bloodsuckers, Dead or Alive 2, Agent Jane Blonde Returns and Big Bad Wolf.

  3. Medium Variance/ Volatility

    These pokies will offer the player the best of both low and high variance games. Players will get average payouts that are not too high or too low. With the right budget plan, you play these pokies longer than high variance games and still get a good payout as you do. Popular games in this section are Jumanji, Game of Thrones, Vikings Go Berserk, Gonzo’s Quest, Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine, Hugo 2, Guns n Roses and Dracula.


The type of pokies that you can play is now entirely up to you and your budget. At the end of the day, we are sure that you are bound to have a great time as you spin the reels.

Slot Volatility FAQs

What is slot volatility?
This is how often a pokie will payout. There are three ways to describe slot volatility, high, low and medium.
What is slot variance?
Slot variance is another word that is used to describe slot volatility. As such, the term variance and volatility are used interchangeably.
What are the best pokies to play between high, medium and low variance games?
The best pokies to play will solely depend on the player. This as each of the pokies will payout, though the payouts will be different. Therefore, you need to decide depending on your budget.
What is the difference between high, low and medium volatility pokies?
High variance games have high payouts, but they will not pay out that often. Low variance games have frequent but small payouts. Medium variance games have the best of both high and low volatility games.
Do I need to check the volatility of a pokie before I play?
Not really, although most players do check kin order to set their budget. However, it is not a pokie playing requirement.

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