Top Gambling Songs and Their Messages To The World

Top Gambling Songs and Their Messages To The World
The best Gambling Songs
Top Gambling Songs and Their Messages To The World

The thing with music is that it is the universal language of communication. And because it is a language that is understood it is one of the easiest ways to get a message across. That is why we have a plethora of gambling songs.

It is through these songs that various messages about online casinos and gambling can be advocated across the world. And speaking of messages being advocated, we shall look at some of the most common gambling songs as well as the various messages and the lessons that they teach about gambling.

Best Gambling Songs And The Lessons They Teach

  1. The Gambler: Kenny Rogers, 1978

    One of the best gambling songs of all time is The Gambler by the late Kenny Rogers. This song talks about gambling as well as how to play the game, and not just the gambling game, but how to play the game of life as well.

    In the song, he mentions that the secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep. Which is basically what happens with life.

    In life, you have to know what to hold on to and what to keep as well. Because every choice that you will make in life will have a cause and an effect. This is the same principle as gambling as well. When playing gambling games, you have to know what’s worth keeping and what you need to let go of.

    In the song as well, Kenny Rogers mentions knowing when to walk away and know when to run. Life, like gambling you have to know when the fight is worth it and you have to know when not to fight.

  2. Luck Be a Lady Tonight: Frank Sinatra, 1965

    Luck be a lady is a gambling song that looks at luck and how it affects most gamblers when they play the game. When playing online casino and gambling games in general, there are three things that we need and those are money, skill and luck.

    Frank Sinatra in his song literally begs luck to be a lady. He talks about how a lady will never leave her escort and therefore asks luck to his lady and make sure that he wins all his games as he plays.

    Don’t we all wish that we could talk to luck and tell it to be a lady and not leave our side as we go through the journey of life as Frank Sinatra said? But well, unfortunately, luck is evasive and the whole lady thing doesn’t seem to go well with luck. Which then shows the irony of people calling it Lady Luck.

  3. Viva Las Vegas: Elvis Presley, 1963

    Unlike the other songs that we have mentioned on this list, this song literally has no hidden meaning to it. It talks about the fun that you can have when you are playing casino games. But one of the things that you can take away from the song and is that casino games are meant to be played for fun and as such, you shouldn’t attach any emotion to them.

    As he says in his song, Elvis has a lot of money that is ready to burn and the stakes need to get higher. So that is the things with casino games, they have and always will be a way of having fun and should never be seen as anything more than that.

  4. Poker Face: Lady Gaga, 2009

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    In this gambling song by Lady Gaga, we look at the relationship between love and gambling, one that tends to very complicated if you fail to control it. In the song, Gaga talks about the game of

    love and how similar it is to the game of gambling.

    In her song, she chooses the game of poker, which also happens to be the title of the song. It talks about how in love, sometimes you have to play a game and at the same time you need to have a poker face.

    Like poker, you have face-up cards, (these are called the community cards) that the players can see and like in love, there are definite things about you that your partner is able to see.  And then we have the two other cards that the players at the table and your partner are unable to see (these are the hole cards).

    But in order for you to win the game, you will need to know how to play the game right. You will have to know what to throw and what to keep, and you will need to have a poker face. This means you will need to have a face that the players cannot read.

    And like in love, you have some cards out for your lover to see and then you have some things that you need to keep a secret and wait for the right time to reveal them.

  5. Waking Up in Vegas: Katy Perry, 2009

    Waking up in Vegas is a very interesting gambling song that literally talks about the effects of overindulging in gambling activities. In the song, we see how things are at first going well, which is sometimes how it happens in gambling and in life as well.

    We have those days when everything is going according to plan. And during those days we need to try and pan so that we can save for days ahead.

    And then things go out of hand when the winning streak suddenly goes cold and then you are losing everything as fast as you got it. That’s the thing with gambling and that is the thing with life as well.

    At some point, you have it all and you have everyone around you trying to please you and make you happy.

    But when you lose it all, you will also lose all the people who were around you as well. But as Katy Perry says on her song, “that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas”, and we would say, well, that what we get for living this life.


Gambling songs, as fun as they can be also have valuable lessons that they teach us, like gambling itself. Gambling is great but there are several things that we can take away from it when all the games have been played and all the cards have been dealt.


What is the best gambling song of all time?
The Gambler by the late Kenny Rogers has been rated to be the best gambling son of all time. the song is timeless and the lessons that it teaches about gambling can still be used today as we play the games.
Can I get rich as I gamble?
Yes, you can get rich. There are a lot of real money prizes that you can win from playing online casino gambling games and from gambling in general.
What is the best music for a poker player?
Poker players in most cases listen to Indie and Rock music. They need music that will keep them calm and at the same time keep them aware of their surroundings.
Do all gambling songs have a hidden meaning?
No, it is not all gambling-related songs that have a meaning. Most songs are simply about fun and the love for gambling.

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