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The Star Sydney Reports Covid-19 Positive Case

The Star Sydney Reports Positive Corona virus Case

The Star Sydney Positive Coronavirus Case

The Star Sydney is now under a lot of scrutiny as a man who visited the hotel recently has tested positive for the coronavirus. With regards to the matter, the Star Entertainment Group released a statement on Monday confirming that the patient had visited the casino on the 4th of July from around 7.30 pm to 10 30pm.

The Star Sydney hotel is doing all that it can in conjunction with the New South Wales Health Department to respond to the case and they in the process of contact tracing to try and get all the cases that may be related to the patient.

According to the Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant, the man had no symptoms when he visited the casino. Dr Chant made this statement in a press release on Monday after the case was confirmed and reported.

“It is sometimes unclear, particularly when people have very mild disease, the exact time of onset or infectiousness. We also advise that he was largely maintained within his group and really did not interact with anyone else, but obviously we have let the community become aware of the sites web people may have been infectious, but as I said, we are taking a very cautious approach”

The Star Sydney casino reopened its doors on the 1st of June. And from that, it has been cleaned daily form 6 am to 10 am. From the time that they opened their doors, they always made sure to encourage patrons to always stay safe as well as maintain their social distance as per casino reopening regulations.

As a result of the cases rises, players will have to once again revert to real money at Australia’s top online casino sites. 

Coronavirus Cases Australia as of July 13 2020

TerritoryConfirmed RecoveredDeaths
Western Australia6356050
South Australia4434394
Northern Territory31290
Queensland1 0711 0586
New South Wales3 4922 98849
Victoria3 9672 28924
Total9 976


7 728108



Cases Linked to the Crossroads Hotel?

The Star Sydney casino coronavirus patient has been included the New South Wales 21 new cases. From those 21 cases in NSW, 7 have been linked to the Crossroads Hotel breakout in Casula.

10 people who visited the club recently have tested positive. Among these cases is a teenage pub worker, a Sydney woman in 40’s and a Victorian man in his 20’s.

From the above mentioned 4 cases, an additional 11 cases that are connected to them have also tested positive for the virus. This is with the inclusion of a woman in her 60’s, a woman in her 30’s and a child. All of which are from south-western Sydney.

As a result, of the outbreak, all the patrons from the Casula pub who were in the club from the 3rd of July to the 10th of July must now self-isolate. As a precautionary measure, they also now have to get tested as well.

Because of the outbreak, another venue has to undergo a testing phase as well. This is the Picton Hotel as one of the infected is said to have visited the hotel on the 4th, 9th and 10th of July 2020.

Gym Closure As Well

On Sunday night, Casula Planet Fitness gym posted on its Facebook page that a member of the gym had recently tested positive for the virus. And as a result, the gym has now been closed and it is being disinfected as per the NSW Health Department advice.

Stern Warning To Hospitality Industry

Due to the recent rise in the cases, the NSW Police Department has issued a stern warning to the NSW hospitality industry. The police minister David Elliot on Monday noted that they cannot afford to have these sort of slips when it comes to the restrictions that are allowing these hospitality venues to be open. He also noted that all the patrons have to take responsibility.


The Star Sydney is not the only casino that is now under scrutiny as a result of the COVID-19 cases on the rise. Several other venues have also been affected well. As a result, patrons have been urged to maintain the rules and regulations that have been put in place to avoid a second wave of the outbreak. Just a few weeks ago, Melbourne was put under a 6-weel lockdown extended period. And the same could happen in NSW at the rate that the cases are rising. This means that real money gamblers have to continue to play at the best online casinos in Australia to get that gambling experience.

The Star Sydney FAQs

Yes, The Star Sydney Casino and hotel is still open to the public at the moment. However, the regulations are now being enforced harder than they were before.
The casual Fitness Gym, The Crossroads Hotel as well as the Picton have recently been affected by the recent coronavirus cases.
Yes, it is true that a man has tested positive for the coronavirus. The person who tested positive for the virus was inside the hotel on the 4th of July from the around 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm.
The casino reopened its doors to the public on the 1st of June.

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