Football Betting Guide Australia

Football Betting Australia
Football Betting

You get to enjoy watching the world’s most loved sport, while at the same time winning some extra while football betting. Known as soccer betting, football betting is very common in Australia. If you are well informed in the game of football, you stand the chance to make some really good money.

Of course, now and again, match-fixing is questioned but that doesn’t stop fans from wagering. If you want to know how to bet and win in football, read on.

Best AU Football Betting Sites

Some of the Best AU betting sites are:

  • Bet365
  • LeoVeags
  • Pnxbet
  • PlayUp
  • SportsBet

How to Place Football Bets Online

  • First, you must choose the maximum amount that you’re willing to spend, just like you would do at an online casino.
  • Next, decide on the maximum bet that you’re willing to place. Make sure you revise the betting categories before settling for a bet. You will then need to find a site that offers great betting tips.
  • After, choose a bookmarker and then your league. Next, place your stake in Australian dollars and hope for the best.

Best Leagues You Can Bet On

  1. Barclays English Premier League (England)
  2. The FA Cup (United Kingdom)
  3. The FA Cup (United Kingdom)
  4. The UEFA Champions League (Europe)
  5. Serie A (Italy)
  6. USL Pro (America)
  7. Bundesliga (Germany)
  8. La Liga (Spain)

Football Betting Tips

  • When it comes to sports betting, football, in particular, You must register on multiple accounts. This means your odds on each of your selections will be multiplied.
  • Your stake will also be multiplied with a slight difference in price. This increases your returns. Your bets will be placed at the best available odds.
  • You will need to adjust your stake to the number of selection, as well as overall odds.  Players usually consider the link between the sizes of the stake and then combine accumulator odds which accumulate wagers.  If all selections win, you will not get any returns.
  • Having too many legs on your slip is not a good idea as you risk a lot of money.
  • You can increase your stake and try to multiply it a few times if your accumulator has several selections. This is best when each of the teams you’re backing is a hot favourite. Many betting sites offer players some great bonuses on winning accumulators. These can add up to about 100% in cash bonuses added to your winnings.
  • You must leave out all short-priced bets when the odds are too little to offer any respectable value. Rather, back-up teams that have weaker oppositions. This way, you keep your winning chances the same while improving the combined odds.
  • Lastly, choose top leagues only to follow. You’re better off having between 2 and 4 competitions at the most. This allows you to follow the games closely. You will also get great insights into those few chosen games.

How to Find The Best Football Sites

There are a tonne of real money betting sites, but it is not all these sites that are safe for Australian players, that is why here we want to give you a few things that you need to make sure that you look out for when you are looking for a site to play at.

  1. Soccer Betting Markets

    Which markets are available on the site that you are betting at? The best soccer sportsbooks will offer players the following in and draw options, Forst goal scorer, anytime goalscorer, both teams to score as well as other betting options.

  2. In-Play Betting

    While most sites will offer players the chance to pace the bets before the game begins, the best Australian soccer betting sites will give players the chance to place bets during gameplay. In-Play betting is great when you are watching a live match and it gives you the chance to change the bet when you are watching the game.

  3. The Best Odds

    Top sportsbooks in Aussie also players the best odds. These are odds that give an almost accurate representation of the match. That way when you place a bet, you know what your odds are and you can make an informed that you will not regret. Also with the right information on sports betting odds, you know that you have put your money to good use.

  4. Payment Options

    Placing bets for real money will also entail the usage of real money payment methods as well. Therefore, hen you are looking for a site to place soccer bets you will also need to make sure that you consider the payment methods. There have to be payments methods that you can use and those Australian players are allowed to use as well.

  5. Promotions

    Like an online casino, sports betting sites have welcome bonuses among other promotions at the sites. As such, when looking for the best sports betting site to play at, you need to make sure that you check for the casino bonuses that are available as well.

  6. Mobile Betting

    When looking for a site for football betting, you need to make sure that you get a site that also offers you a great mobile betting experience as well.

  7. Safety and Security

    Playing at an online site, players always need to make sure that they are safe, that is why players also need to make sure that they consider the aspect of safety and security when they are looking for a site to play at.

Live Streaming Football Betting Sites Australia

Placing live bets in football is very exciting as you get the chance to watch as the game unfolds. Also, live betting will also give you the chance to change your bet during the gameplay if you feel like you have made the wrong bet. There are a number of Australian betting site that will give players this feature, However, there are rules that players need to make sure to follow even when they engage in this type of betting.

How to Place Live Football Bets

  1. Log in your favourite betting site
  2. Make a deposit of any amount
  3. navigate to the Live Betting page
  4. Look for the odds and call the number that is displayed on the live betting page
  5. Place your bet

Types of Live Football Bets

When placing your bet live, there are a number of bets that you can make. Below we will state three of the most common bets that you can place in love football betting.

  1. Next team to score: As the bet states, here, you will get the chance to choose which team will score the next gal. A tip would be to choose the team whose potential you see and one that is making more attacking chances.
  2. Next Player to Score: This is one of the tricky bets to place in live betting as you will have to estimate which of the players on the filed will be the next one to score a goal.
  3. Tome of Next Goal: With this bet, you are wagering in the amount of tie that it will take to score the next goal. A few of the options that you have in this section are 10 minutes or between 60 and 90 minutes.

Different Types of Football Bets

  • Goals Over/Under: You place our bet basing on what you predict the total score of both teams will be.
  • Asian Handicap and Goal Line: You bet on the outcome of the game. The pay-out will be based on how accurate the bet was and not a fixed bet.
  • Spread Betting: Your winnings and losses will be based on how right or wrong you are.
  • Value Betting: Value Betting involves believing that one of the teams has a greater advantage of winning than the other. Thus, you take advantage.
  • Full-Time Result: This is simple bet as you will be wagering on the result of the match results. Aussies have three options, the home team, the away steam or a tie.
  • Half Time/ Full Time: One of the riskiest soccer bets but it has the greatest odds as well.
  • Double Chance: This bet will give the bettor a sense of control. The risk is cut in half but so so the winning odds as well.


Football is one of the most interesting sports in the world, as such, it is no shock that there are a number of people who enjoy soccer betting. Another thing that makes football betting favourable is the fact that there are a number of leagues around the world that players can bet in.

Football Betting FAQs

What is the best football betting site for Australians?
Some of the best football betting sites for Australian punters are: Bet365 LeoVeags Pnxbet PlayUp SportsBet.
How do I place a bet on football?
Once you have logged into your sportsbook account, you then need to go to the match odds section. Thereafter, you need to click on the odds that are shown for your country or that are available for you to make. Choose the amount of money that you would to bet on and click “Place Bet” to confirm your bet.
Can I engage in live football betting?
Yes, as long as the site that you are betting at has the option to place live football bets, then you can.
Can I make more than bet in football betting?
No, you can only make one bet at time during one game. To make multiple bets, you will need to bet on different matches. But during one match, you can only place one bet.
Can I change my bet once I have made it?
No, you can not change you bet during the gameplay. And once your bet has been made you can not change it.