Roulette Royale Online Game Review

Roulette Royale Online
Roulette Royale Online

If you need the royal treatment, then why not try out Roulette Royale Online by Microgaming? The online gambling game is designed to give all Australian players a good time at the casino. Created after European Roulette, why not spin the wheel to see what you will come out with?

The graphics of the game are quite exquisite. And since the game is structured after the European version, players will see just one green field for the single zero. This is different from American Roulette that has 2 zeros.

Roulette Royale Online Game Play

Roulette is a very conservative game that is why there are not so many versions of this game that are available on the market.  The game was just made to be loved and enjoyed and apparently not edited. But Microgaming has managed to spice it up a bit, without changing the most basic of riles that where the ball land is the winning number. Also, the roulette table is the game is still the same.

Roulette Royale has a progressive jackpot that means that the more the game is played, the more the real money goes. Aussies can change the game to suit their level of expertise. The game can be set to expert and normal mode. This all depends on your level of skill.  At the same time, you can set the spin speed of the wheel on roulette online between fast and slow. All this translates to the player having full control of the game that they are playing.

Expert Mode

When you play this mode at online casinos, you can use the auto-play feature, place neighbour bets and other bets of your choice. You are the expert after all. The expert mode also gives you the option of saving up to 8 templates that you can use at any time.

As you play the expert mode, you will see that you have access to statistics and number history. These you can use to make more accurate predictions.  By playing expert mode, you will have a slight edge over the house.

Talking of house edge, when the jackpot is reset, the house has an advantage of 37% but will be set to 0% when the jackpot surpasses AU 780 000.

Roulette Royale Online is a progressive jackpot game. Meaning that the prize money in the game reach up to millions of Australian dollars before it is won?

Winning Real Money on Roulette Royale Online

For such a classic game, there has to be a way that players can walk away from real money. And well, with Roulette Royal, Aussies will be delighted to know that there are several jackpots that can be won in the game. Each by placing a mandatory wager of one credit.

Players can also attempt to use various roulette strategies in order to win more real money in the game. However, you need to that even if you use strategies while playing online roulette, there is still no fixed-guarantee that you will be able, to win.

Progressive Jackpots

The least of the jackpots is worth 15 credits. And this one can be won by calling the same number twice. To call the same number 3 times in a row will land you with 200 credits. 4 times with 3 000 credits. And the ultimate jackpot is won by calling out the same number 5 times in a row.

The chances of this happening are very low, but since they are games of chance, well who knows. This is all there is if you want to win the game. Just don’t forget to place a compulsory bet on every turn. The jackpot usually starts at AU 60 000 and can grow up to AU 670 000 before it is won. And that is definitely an amount to try chance on.


One of the best things that we love about Roulette Royal is the fact that it is a progressive jackpot. Although we know that it not the nom for online casino table games to have progressive games, we are pleased to say that is a game quite amazing.

Players have numerous chances of walking away with real money. Also, it can be played on your mobile device. That being said, log into any Australian online casino powered by Microgaming and stand a chance to win mega real rewards when playing Roulette Royale today.

Roulette Royal FAQs

Can I play roulette royale online free?
Yes, you can play this game free. However, you need to be logged in to an online casino AU that is powered by Microgaming in order for you get to the game.
What does it mean when gaming is a progressive jackpot?
This means that the prize money to won, or the jackpot in the game will grow each time that the game is played. This then means that it can reach up to millions of dollars before someone eventually wins in.
Is it safe to play this roulette game at online casinos?
Yes, it is safe. You need to make sure that you are playing at a trusted online casino. To find one, you can look through this site as we have the best AU online casinos.
Can I really win real money when playing this game?
Yes, as long as you are playing for real money then you are able to win real money while playing this game.
Can I play roulette royal online on my mobile phone?
Yes, players can enjoy playing this online casino game on their mobile smartphones as long as they have a stable internet connection.