Best Real Money Pai Gow Poker Tips

The picture shows Pai Gow Poker table and someone playing
Pai Gow Poker

When it comes to Pai Gow poker, there is scamming that you can be involved.  And there is also not much that a player can do in terms of strategy. So today will help you with a few Pai Gow Poker tips.

We all love a good game of Poker, and well when it comes to Pai Gow poker, who can resist? Australians love this game because it is exciting to play. And when it comes to fun, the game is packed with it.

Pai Gow Poker Tips

  1. Know The Rules

    The most important thing that you need to know are the rules of the online casino game. This is not only for Pai Gow poker but for every game that you come across. It is very hard for you to actually win any game without knowing the rules of engagement. Take a few minutes to actually read and go through all the rules, you will that by doing this, you make your gaming experience a lot better.

  2. Master The Poker Hands

    Know the poker hands. By knowing the different hands, you can build up a winning combination. You also need to learn how to split your cards into 2 hands. By learning and mastering this art, you will beat the house. A good way to do this is by playing for free before you play for real money.

  3. Learn How To Create Bothe Hands Simultaneously

    Master the art of working on both hands at the same time. You will need to balance both hands to get the best out of the game. Both sets need to balanced, the back and the front hand have to be good to win.

  4. Play The Highest Pair In The 2 Card Hand

    Should you get 3 sets of pairs you will need to play the highest-ranking pair the front hand. You can only do this when your backhand is strong. If your backhand is poor, we advise that you put the highest-ranking pair at the back. If you follow this strategy you can get good results.

  5. Mind The Creation Of Full House

    If you know that you create a strong front hand then you can play full house. Unlike other versions of poker, a full house in Pai Gow poker will not win the game for you. It can result in you losing your front hand bet. Always keep this in mind.

  6. Play The Banker

    If you can afford it, then you can always play as the banker. But just make sure that you can afford it because you will have to cover the bets of everyone at the table. In order for you to this, you will also have to find an online casino that allows you to do so. And make sure that the casino allows you to share the position of the banker to reduce your losses.

  7. Place Side Bets

    Make side bets as these result in your boosting your real money wins. It will always be paid out based on the strength of the hand, take for instance a straight may payout 3 to 1 while 5 aces pay out 250 to 1.

  8. Use The Joker Wisely

    Make sure to use your joker wisely. Why we say this is because you need to create hands, as such you can use your joker for either of these hands. Therefore make sure that use it a way that will most benefit you.

  9. Mind The Strength Of The 2 Card Hand Vs The 5 Card Hand

    You need to be careful when you create your 2 card hand as if you create it and it is stronger than the card hand you can and will be fouled.

  10. Use Strategies

    If there are any strategies that you can use in eth game, make sure that you use the fullest to the fullest. But before you do, make sure that you try them while playing free pai gow poker to see if they work.

Tips on How to Beat Pai Gow Poker 

  1. Play For Free

    If you want to learn how to beat pai gow poker, then we would advise that you play the game for free before you play it for real money. Playing it for free will give you the best chance to practise various strategies in the game. Also, this is the best chance that you will get to learn how to create the 2 pai gow poker.

  2. Aim for a Good Comparison Between The Hands

    Also, if you want to win at Pai Gow poker, you will need to make sure that there if a somewhat balanced between the two hands that you will have created in the game. This is in order to win, you will need to beta the dealer with both hands, therefore you need to be able to create a balance between the two hands.


Using Pai Gow Poker tips is the best way that you can get the better out of the game, this is as these Pai Gow Poker tips make it easier to know what to do and what not do. Using online casino game tips has always been great to see what you can do to win more real money rewards from the online casino, that is why we highly recommend that you use them. Use these top Pai Gow Poker tips as you play real money online pai gow at the best Australian online casinos. 

Pai Gow Poker Tips FAQs

Can I play pai gow at all online casinos?
no, it is not at all online casinos where you can play pai gow poker, there are some casinos that will not be able this game for real money play.
Is it wise to use online pai gow poker tips?
yes, it is as you will be able to know what to do and what not to do in the game. using tips will also be able to open up your eyes to various betting strategies at the casino.
How do I win at Pai Gow poker?
To win at the game you need to beat the dealer. To do this you need to have both card hands to be better than the dealer’s cards.
Where can I find the best pai gow poker tips?
Right here on this site, we have the best real money online Pai Gow poker tips.
Is it safe to play pai gow poker online?
Yes, it is safe to play at online casinos, you just need to make sure that the site is safe.