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Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is often referred to as Double-Hand poker, so just in case you see that term in the text please doesn’t be shocked. Poker is one of the games that is loved and enjoyed by most online casino games players in Australia.

This is despite the fact the game is challenging. And this challenging part is what is adored in the game as it is always a thrill to work for the real money rewards a bit. Anyways, for those of you who are new to the world of poker.  Allows us to school you Pai Gow poker.

Online Pai Gow Poker

This version of poker deals with the traditional versions of poker. When playing Pai Gow poker, you will need 2 card hands as well as the roll of the dice.

To get the most of the game you will need 2 or more players at a time, you can use these pai gow poker tips. The game is a bit slow as compared to other game like online craps and online blackjack. Players will need 53 cards, that’s a normal deck plus one wild card, the joker.

The cards will be split into hands that will add up to 2 in each hand as well as the dealers. You have to know the card values in this game as they are the same as traditional poker. The ranking of the value has the highest as the Ace, King, Queen and the Jack. They are then followed by the cards 10 to 2.

A roll of the dice will be used to determine which player gets a hand, this will level out the game filed regarding random cards.

How to Play Pai Gow Poker Online

Pai Gow poker is played with a  52 card deck with the addition of one joker that acts as the wild card. The aim of the game s to make sure that you beat the dealer, this can be another player at the table or the online casino if you are playing online.

In order to beat the dealer, you will need to create 2 different poker hands from the seven cards that you have been dealt. The first poker hand will be a 5 card hand also known as the high card and the next one will be the low hand that has the 2 remaining cards that you have been dealt. In all cases, you must always be better than the low hand at the table.

As we mentioned, you need to beat the dealer, and at the end do the game, there can be three possible outcomes:

  1. The player wins both hands and therefore wins the bet
  2. Dealer wins both hands and the player losses their bet
  3. Dealer wins one hand and the players the other hand which will then result in a push.

Players need to take note that a tie where both the player and the dealer have the same hand is always won by the dealer.

Creating Your Pai Gow Poker Hands

When you are creating your pai gow poker hands, for the low hand or the hand that has 2 cards, its best to create pairs and high cards. While for the 5-card hand it’s best to stick to the standard poker hand rankings. The joker in the game can only be used to complete a flush or a straight. If these rules don’t apply then the joker can also be used as an ace in the game.

If when playing the game you fail to create the proper hands, by having the 2 card hand more powerful than the 5 card hand then will consider as a foul. Different online casinos will have different rules on how to deal with such situations as such, it is always vital for the players to make sure that they read the rules of the game before they start playing.


At almost all online casinos house rules state that there will be a 5% commission that will be charged on the players winning hands. While at the same time there are other online casinos that will prefer to charge a flat fee per hand as will be determined by the players bet.

Pai Gow Variations

As more and more players are starting to play and love the game, online casino software developers are creating more variations of the game that players will love. While the online casinos themselves are creating various side bets for the players in order to increase their real money wins.

With most side bets, players will be allowed to be extra on certain card hand values like three of a kind, a full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and a royal flush. These side bets will go with a simple rule that state that the higher the hand the higher the bonus payout will be.

Some of the most popular variations in the game include:

  1. Fortune Pai Gow Poker
  2. Pai Gow Mania
  3. Emperors Challenge
  4. Progressive Fortune Pai Gow

Real Money Pai Go Poker Payouts

Hand Payout
7 Card Straight Flush 8 000 to 1
Royal Flush and Royal Match 2 000 to 1
7 card Straight Flush with Joker 1 000 to 1
5 Aces 400 to 1
Royal Flush 150 to 1
Straight Flush 50 to 1
Four of a Kind 25 to 1
Full House 5 to 1
Flush 4 to 1
Three of a Kind 3 to 1
Straight 2 to 1

Pai Gow Poker Strategy

When it comes to games such as these, there is no one strategy that will guarantee the player win, it’s all a game of trial and era. Unlike other versions of poker, players cannot use a bluff or other commonly used poker techniques. No matter how much you deal with your cards, in Pai Gow, the house will always have the upper hand.  As a result, we advise that players opt for being the banker. This will help players to gain a certain advantage, like collecting the winnings after a tie.

The joker acts as the wild. Also, the joker acts as an ace. This will be used to complete a winning hand. Just the wild in pokies, the joker in Double Hand Poker can be used to complete winning combinations.

Pai Gow Rules of Play

To get the best of double-hand poker, a player needs to read and follow all the rules. And they have to make sure that they beat the dealer’s card hand value.

  • Cards are separated by the players into 2 hands, a high 5 card hand and a low 2 card hand.
  • The high hand has to be higher than the low hand
  • The dealer uses the rule called “house way”. This allows him to divide his own hand and turn over his hand.
  • Set your hands on the table and all the hands are compared. The hand with the highest value wins.
  • If there is a tie, the Banker takes all the wins.
  • Players can wager against other players and the dealer. This is a unique aspect to Pai Gow Poker.
  • There is no set banker, and players can rotate being the banker.


Playing casino Pai Gow poker is a great way to make real money rewards at an online casino. The game is fun as well as easy to play and we sure that all poker lovers will definitely find the game worthwhile. However, players need to always make sure that they take note of the rules of the game as well as the various payouts. Alos take note of teh version of Pai gow poker that you are playing. Other than that, play Pai Gow Poker at the bets Australian Casinos to and stand a chance to mega real money rewards.

Pai Gow Poker FAQs

Can I play Pai Gow Poker free?
Yes, you can play it for free, we advise that you play it for free if you are still learning the game as it will give you the chance to learn how to place the bets and how to create the hands.
Is it safe to play Pai Gow at online casinos?
Yes, it is, as long as you playing at a trusted online casino, you can play the game without any fear of having any of real money rewards stolen from you.
What is the high hand and the low hand in the game?
The high hand in pai gow poker is the hand that has 5 cards, while the low hand is the hand that has 2 cards. In all cases, you need to make sure that the high hard outranks and has the best cards as compared to the low hand.
How can I win real money playing Pai Gow poker?
In order to be able to win real money while playing the game, you will need to beat the dealer. This means that you need to have both a high hand and low hand that are better than the dealer’s hand.
Are there any strategies that I can use to win the game?
Yes, there are a number of optimal strategies that you can use while playing the game. But you need to learn first before you use them and make sure that you understand them as well.
What is the best hand to have while playing Pai Gow poker?
The best hand to have while playing the game is the 7-card straight flush.