Online Slot Symbols Explained

Online Slot Symbols
Online Slot Symbols
Online Slot Symbols

Online slots or online pokies as we like to call them are part of the most played online casino games in Australia. The reason why many punters love to play these game sis because they are fun and easy to play.  

Online pokies also give players several ways to win real money rewards, this is all thanks to the online slot symbols.

History Of Online slot Symbols

Pokies have been around for the longest time. And as these pokies moved from land based casinos to online casinos, the symbols on the slots have evolved as well. From the classic slot symbols to the video slot pokies that we have today.

All these online slots symbols forming combinations that would enable real money players the chance to win amazing real money rewards.

Types Online Pokie Symbols

There are basically 4 types of online slots symbols and these are standard symbols, scatter symbols, bonus symbols and the wild symbols. We shall look at each of these symbols in detail.

1. Standard Slot Symbols

Standard slots symbols include classic slot like the Bar, 7’s and the fruits (cherries, grapes, oranges, melons and lemons). These also include the playing card symbols  (Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens). These are the basic symbols in a pokie game.

Online casino software providers have however grown to be more and creative, as such players will tonnes of other symbols as they play online casino games. Nevertheless, the above mentioned symbols are the most common in all pokies both at land based and online casinos.  

2. Scatter Symbols

These are the symbols that in most cases trigger the bonus rounds in a pokie. Most online pokies will have these symbols, however there are some that do not have these symbols. In mots cases an online pokies will at least one scatter symbols. Some online pokies can have 2 or more scatters. Because these symbols trigger the bonus rounds, they are not hat easy to come across in a game.

In most cases, getting 3 or more scatter symbols will unlock bonuses in the game. Players can free spins or they can unlock a bonus game in the slot. However, to find out how the scatter can aid you in quest to win real money rewards at the casino, we would advise that you read the pay table of the online slots that you want to play.

3. Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are the symbols that can unlock bonus game. These are very similar in online pokies.  Some online slot games can have the scatter symbols and not eth bonus symbols. While others can choose to have the bonus symbols and not the scatter. At the same time, there are also some games that can have both the scatter and the bonus symbols.

Just like the scatter, players will need a certain number of online bonus symbols on the reels in order to unlock the bonus.  Players also need to make sure that they take a look at the pay table to see how they can use the bonus symbols to unlock mega real money rewards.

4. Wild Symbols

There are several types of wild symbols that players can come across in a game. The common wild symbol will in most cases substitute for all the symbols, except for the scatter and create a winning combination.

The other types of wilds players can come across in a game are:

  1. Expanding Wilds: These will grow in size to fill the whole reel and thus increasing the amount of money that you can win.
  2. Sticky Wilds: Once you get these, they will hold their position on the reels for several spins increasing your real money rewards.
  3. Multiplier Wilds: These will multiply the amount of money that you can win when you play the game.
  4. Walking Wilds: Juts like the same says, these wilds will move from one reel to the next until they get to end of the reels.


Online slot symbols add a lot of fun and life to the game. Instead of just spinning reels, players spin and have certain symbols that they look forward to getting. This makes the games for fun. As such, players always need to make sure that they go through the pay table to know which online slot symbols pay the most as well what other special symbols the games come with.

Online Slot Symbols FAQs

What symbols can I find on a slot machine?
This will depend on the game that you are playing. However, most online slots will have standard symbols as well, as wilds and scatters.
How many wild symbols do online slots have?
Most online pokies will have at least 1 wild symbol. However, there are some that 2 or 3 wilds as well.
What do slot symbols mean?
In most cases, the slot symbols are in line with the overall theme of a game. An online pokie about monkeys and fish will have monkey and fish related symbols. And online pokies based on movies will have the important movie characters as part of their online slot symbols.
Why do online lost have fruit symbols?
Fruit symbols usually show a classic online pokie. The first pokies to be created had fruit symbols. As such, fruit symbols serve as a subtle reminder of where the slots came from.
Do all online slots have scatters and wilds?
No, not all online pokies will have scatters and wild symbols. These are not a must, however they do make the games a little more exciting.
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