Online Casino Player Safety 2021

Online Casino gambler's safety
Online Casino Player Safety

Online casino player safety is very vital for players as they are looking for an online casino to play at. This is because players want to know that they are safe as they gamble online.

It is for that reason that online casinos use various measures to ensure player safety on their sites. We shall look at a few ways that online casino player safety is practised at Australian gambling sites.

Ways That Online Casinos Practice Player Safety

Online casinos use many to ensure that their players are safe on their sites. And thanks to technology, there are new and better ways to ensure online casino player safety. Below, we shall highlight some of the most common ways that casinos keep their players safe.

  1. Encryption Communication

    Using encryption is one of the most common ways to ensure player safety. Players must always check is a casino has an SSL certificate. To check for the certificate, you simply need to click on the lock that is on the address bar. From there, you click on certificate. If the site has an SSL certificate is will appear, and the site is safe to play at.

  2. Authentication and Access Control System

    The authentication and access control system are measures used to identify the user on the site. Most online casinos will use a 2 step authentication system. This helps to protect your account on top of the password that you already use.

    The reason why they use a two-step verification is that it can be easy for a hacker to get your password. But with two-step authentication it can is rendered nearly impossible.

  3. Licences

    More and more casinos are pushing to get valid licences. The licence shows that the casino is able to operate in certain areas or territories. It also shows that they are under a certain regulatory body that monitors and controls their activities. But having a casino licence does not mean that the casino software is safe.

    In order to make sure that their software is full proof, online casinos seek 3rd parties to test it. They will test for safety, fairness and reliability.

    One of the most common regulatory bodies that check for player protection, fair play and responsible behaviours is eCOGRA. eCOGRA tests casino software at least twice a year to ensure that their payouts are fair and accurate.

  4. Random Number Generator

    The Random Number Generator or the RNG is an algorithm that makes sure that the outcomes in online casino games are completely unique. By use of the RNG, online casino wins are completely random and one win has nothing to do with the next one. All the wins are completely independent of each other.

  5. Big Data

    Big data is a way of collecting data/ information and analysing it to come up with results. Through its use, casinos can monitor player behaviour player, and by so doing spot hackers’ strange behaviour and move to stop them.

  6. Verified Player Applications

    Most online casinos are available for players via mobile platforms. To make sure that these applications are safe, companies like Apple and Android for instance verify these applications. They need to make sure that they are safe for their players to use.

Measures Players Can Take to Stay Safe At Online Casinos

Player Safety At Casinos Online
Player Safety At Online Casinos

Online casinos have ways to keep the player safe and the players need to take some safety precautions as well. Players can ensure their own safety through the following methods.

  1. Creating Strong Passwords

    Player’s can create strong passwords. Players can use a mixture of letters and symbols to create passwords that are unique. Players need to make sure that they avoid any passwords that have anything related to their families or anything dear to them as they are easy to guess.

  2. Check HTTP “s” on the Address bar

    Players will have to check the “s” on the address bar. Most sites will have the “HTTP” without the “s”. but we advise that you check for “s” because it stands for safety. It shows that the site id up to date in all its protocols and certificates.

  3. Update your device

    Another to ensure that you are safe as you play at online casinos is to update all your operating software’s. Be it you are using a smartphone, tablet or desktop, just make sure that all that you have is updated and you are the latest version of the operating software.

  4. Use A VPN

    If you are allowed to, you can also use a VPN to ensure that your location not be tracked. Using a VPN ensures that location is kept a secret as you browse online.

  5. Always Log Out

    There are times when we play on different devices and as we do, we need to make sure that we log oy as soon as we are done. Not logging out gives another person access to our accounts.

  6. Never Share a Password

    Lastly, you should never share your password with anyone else. As much as you trust someone, they can get tempted to withdraw your real money wins from your online casino account.


Online casino player has always been a major concern for online gambling sites. And they make sure that they do whatever it is that they can to make sure that their players are safe at all times. Players can also take certain measures to make sure that they are safe as well when they play online.


What is online casino player safety?
Online casino player safety are methods used to ensure that players are safe when they play at an online casino. These are ways that the casino protects its players from any malicious attacks.
How do I know if an online casino is safe to play at?
You will have to do check for the gambling sites safety measures. Players can also read reviews of th casino to see what other gamblers who have played there have to say about the site.
What can I do to protect my details from third parties?
You need to make sure that you use strong passwords and make sure that you always log out when you have finished playing. Also, never share your login information with anyone.
Are all online casino safe to play at?
No, it is not all casinos that are safe to play at. Players have to check of a casino is safe to play at.
Where do I find a safe casino?
Players can find a safe casino by checking for the safety and security measures that are used on the site.
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