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Online Casino Games Vs Soccer Betting

Online Casino Games vs Sports Betting

Online Casino Games vs Sports Betting

Online casino games and sports betting are two the most common games that real money gamblers bet on. Some real money gamblers would rather bet on sports betting and yet there are some real money gamblers who would rather bet on online casino games. At the end of the day, a debate will arise as to which of the two is the best when it comes to gambling games.

That is why we want to take a few minutes to see the similarities and the differences between betting online casino games and sports betting.

To do we will look at 5 core aspects that make up both online casino games and sports betting. These are:

  1. Getting started
  2. Availability
  3. Chances of winning
  4. Games
  5. Security

Getting Started

Getting started looks at the overall process that you will have to go through for you to get comfortable with either online casino games and sports betting. Moreover, on both aspects of real money wagering your background comes to play.

However, for this area, sports betting has an obvious advantage as there is no age limit when it comes you watching sports betting games. As such if you have been watching sports betting games from a young age, you can easily get comfortable with real money sports betting.

This is very different from online casino games, where you start when you are above the age of 18. And while sports betting wagering has set rule regardless of the teams that are playing, it is not the same with online casino games, where each game will have its own rules that you have to read in order for to start wagering.


When it comes to availability, online casino games are at the advantage as compared to sports betting games. This is as players can play and wager on online casino games at any time of the day this is not like sports betting games where punters can only wager when then is a game that is playing.

Also, when it comes to the sites for betting, there are more online casino gambling sites as compared sports betting wagering sites. Statistical speaking, online casino gambling sites outnumber sports betting sites 5 to 1.

Even in live betting, online casino games come with live dealers that are at your call for as long as you can afford to play. While with sports betting live betting you can only play for as long as the match is on for which is at most 90 minutes. And while with an online casino, you can always log out and come back to play another fay. You cannot do the same with sports betting.

Chances of Winning

The chances of winning or the winning odds we believe that in this area, online casino games and sports betting games tied. Because while the online casino does have the house edge that is the casinos’ inbuilt advantage, sports betting begging has the vig. The difference is that in sports betting, the house collecting a commission from the losing bets, whereas with online casino games, win or lose the house edge will get to you at the end of the day.

With online casino games. Players can choose a game that has a low house edge, however, with sports betting, it’s all in the team that you bet on.


In the area of games, we believe that they are tied. This is because players have a wide range of different online casino games that they can select from.  And so is the same in sports betting.

With online casino games, players will be able to go form online pokies, to online table games, to video poker, to keno, to bingo to live dealer games. Each game coming with its own set of rules different from the next. As such each invoking feelings in the player.

While in sports betting, punters can choose from horse to soccer, to rugby to football, the list is endless.


In the area of security, we believe both online casino game and sports betting are tied. This is as sports betting sites as well online casino gaming sites make sure that all their players are kept safe at all times this is as they value their privacy.


Therefore, what takes the cup between online casino game and sports betting? We think this will depend on the individual who wants to place the bets. As they both have their strengths and weaknesses. And at the end of the day players will still be able to win real money rewards.

Online Casino Games and Sports betting FAQs

This will depend on the individual as sports betting biting and online casino games both have their advantages and their disadvantages. However, both have greats odds as well as tight security to make sure that their players are kept safe. Moreover, both types of real money gambling are popular as such you engage in them often.
Players can find the best online casino sites by going the casino reviews on this site. We make sure to review the best online casino for Aussies.
Yes, you can win real money while you are betting at sports betting.
Yes, there are some sites that will be able to offer you both real money online casino games as well as real money sports betting as well.
Not really. Sportsbooks, unlike online casinos, will collect a vig. This is the commission that they will get for the losers of the bet.

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