NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming Sign Game Changing Deal

NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming
NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming

Despite the fact that NetEnt develops some of the best online casino games, that does stop them from still looking for ways to grow. NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming (IWG) have penned a deal that will see both the companies reaching greater heights.

Amidst all the turmoil in the world, real money online casino gaming must continue. And we can see that several companies are taking to make sure  that they use these moments to re-strategize and grow.

NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming Deal

NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming have signed a deal that will broaden Net Entertainment’s scope and create awareness in new markets.

The deal between the two gaming giants will see IWG creating several new games in line with some of NetEnt’s leading online casino games titles. This is a step that will be an additional uplift to both NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming.

Instant Win Gaming Reaction

IWG CEO noted that they have been fans of NetEnt for a while. As such, to finally have the opportunity to work with them will be a leap in the right direction. This as this deal will see IWG growing their markets in Europe, North America and Australia. This will also see IWG offering such unique brands to their 21 clients in the continents stated earlier. 

NetEnt’s  Reaction

NetEnt also seems to be very excited about the new deal as it part of the company’s goal to grow their portfolio as well as build brand awareness in new markets.  Because IWG has such a great portfolio, NetEnt is more than exciting to start working with them.

When Will The New Games Hit The Market?

According to the arrangements of the deal, the new games are set to hit the market in the third quarter of 2020. The games will be available on IWG’s network 21 WLA and NASPL lotteries around the world. The games will also be available on NetEnt’s server.


It seems as if we are in store for a whole new level of  online casino games and instant win games as well. The deal with NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming has us expecting something new and exiting. As we can clearly see that both the companies are excited about the deal we also can’t help but wonder what awaits us in the future.

NetEnt and Instant Win Gaming FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”22″][accordion group=”22″ title=”Where will the new IGW and NetEnt games be found?” active=”true”]The new games being created will be found on the IWG network of 21 WLA and NASPL lotteries. They will also be available on NetEnt’s game server.[/accordion][accordion group=”22″ title=”When are the new games going to available?” active=””]According to the deal, the new games should be available by the third quarter of 2020.[/accordion][accordion group=”22″ title=”What is Instant Win Gaming?” active=””]They are a supplier of online instant win games to lotteries on HTML5 and desktop and Flash.[/accordion][accordion group=”22″ title=”What does NetEnt do?” active=””]They are a leading provider of top quality gaming solutions to the worlds most successful online casino operators.[/accordion][accordion group=”22″ title=”Why are NetEnt games so popular?” active=””]The games made this company makes are so popular because of their clear vision, that is to create and launch only the best games.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]