Movies and TV  Shows That Meghan Markle Has Featured in

Meghan Markle Movies

Meghan Markle Movies


Meghan Markle has made quite a lot of headlines before and after she became the Duchess of Sussex. Mostly, they are on how a Hollywood star ended up in the conservative royal family.

The actress could not handle the heat anymore. Hence she and her husband, Prince Harry decided to let go of their royal titles. This came as a massive blow to the royal family and the world at large.

Now, the left is just waiting to see what Meghan and Harry have in store for us next. Especially considering the fact that their union has just been surrounded drama.

But, drama is not new to Meghan Markle. Here are some TV Shows that the former duchess has featured in. you can take a break from your casino games and watch the Duchess of Sussex showcase her talent.

Remember Me

Meghan Markle Movies
Movies Meghan Markle Featured in

Although Meghan Markle played a small role in this 2010 movie, she surely enjoyed her time on set.

Who knew that the movie bartender would one day sit at the royal table as the duchess?

 The movie also stars Twilight star Robert Pattison. Also, it is based on the 2001 twin tower bombing. This is a historic event that shook America.

When Sparks Fly

When Sparks Fly
When Sparks Fly

Released in 2014 this is one of Meghan Markle’s lead role movies. Additionally the movie is Christmas movie from Hallmark.

In the movie, Markle plays a journalist who goes back to her hometown after a work assignment. Later on, she realizes that maybe life at home is not so bad after all.

 Meghan Markle in Anti – Social

 Anti- social happens to be one of Meghan Markle’s biggest movie. Also, the movie producers made a re- release of the movie shortly her relationships with Prince Harry was made public.

The re- release is said to have made Markle’s role more dominant in the movie. Initially, she had just played a love interest of one of the movie leads.


There are a lot of Meghan Markle movies and series you can enjoy while in isolation. The star has been in the movie industry for quite a long time.

Meghan Markle FAQS

Who is Meghan Markle?
Markle is currently married to Prince Harry. Also, she is well known as an actress and blogger in the Hollywood scene.
How old is Meghan Markle?
Born August 4, 1981, Meghan is currently 38 years old.
Is Meghan Markle older than Prince Harry?
Yes, she is. Prince Harry was born in 1984 while Meghan was born in 1981. Therefore, she is 3 years older than Harry.
How does Meghan straighten her hair?
The Duchess of Sussex uses a Keratin Treatment to make her hair straight.
When are Meghan And Harry leaving the royal family?
The couple will officially let go of their royal titles on March 31, 2020.