Latest Corona virus News: All You Currently Need to Know about the Pandemic

corona virus news
corona virus news
The latest corona virus news 

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, it is always important to stay informed on current news. Do not feel left out! Get some of the latest corona virus news in Australia and around the world.

Most importantly, make sure you stay safe in the walls of your own house. Meaning, you should practice self isolation. But, if you find yourself bored, you can play fun casino games on the best Australian online casinos and win real money!

Here is some of the fresh current corona virus news that may be of interest and of use to you.

Latest Corona virus News: Prince Charles Tests Positive for COVID 19

 This has to be the most shocking corona virus news we have heard so far. The 71 year old Prince of Whales’ results were made public on the 25th of March 2020.

On the other hand, the Duchess of Cornwall tested negative for the deadly virus. According to the Buckingham Palace spokesperson, the 93 years old Queen is also healthy and safe at the Windsor Castle.

Also, Prince Charles is only showing mild symptoms and is currently OK.  He is in isolation and investigations are still in place on where he got it from since he was working from home.

Australian COVID 19 Death Toll Rises to 9

 According to the Corona virus news web, a 68 year old man from Queensland recently succumbed to the virus. Hence, making the total number of deaths 9.

Garry Kirstenfield is believed to have contracted the virus while he was on the Royal Caribbean Cruise. He died while inn quarantine, his wife and his family has been in quarantine since.

A 30 Day Ban on Cruise Ship Passengers Disembarking

Since Australia is an island it look like this is going to be quite a difficult moment for over 1000 travel fanatics. They are stuck in the ships and it is promising to be chaotic if one of the passenger tests positive for COVID 19.

This is after all of the current 9 deaths are coming from cruises. For example, 177 Ruby Princess passengers tested positive for the corona virus. According to the corona virus news  web, 8 have been confirmed dead and 1 death is from the Royal Caribbean ship.

 However, critiques are finding this to be delayed response. Especially considering the fact that 27000 passengers of the Ruby Princess ship where left roaming about the streets. They should have at least been quarantined for the mandated 14 days.


Corona virus news is surely evolving by the day. A lot of events seem to be unfolding with even more casualties being reported. Therefore, it I important to stay indoors and keep safe. Also, do not forget to practice as much self- hygiene as possible.

Corona virus news FAQs

Where is the corona virus coming from?
According to research, the first cases of COVID 19 are said to have contracted the disease from animals. The rest of the victims are said to have gotten the virus from human interaction.
Is the Corona virus airborne?
On the onset, WHO had declared that the virus is not airborne. But, currently they have withdrawn the statement.
What are the Symptoms of COVID 19?
COVID 19 has flue like Symptoms including fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.
Is the corona virus a global pandemic?
Yes, it is. WHO has currently declared the Corona virus a global pandemic.
How is COVID 19 being spread?
COVID 19 is like flue. Meaning, contact with an infected person or contaminated surfaces or object will put you at high risk of getting the virus.