Land-Based vs Online Casinos

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Land-based and Online Casinos

Land-based casinos were taken by online casinos in the late 2000’s.

This has been such that very few people who actually gamble online have ever stepped into a land-based casino.

With such a dramatic shift in the casino world, people have forgotten all about the brick and mortar casinos. So let’s take a back to the glory days of land-based casinos.

What are Land-Based casinos?

The land-based casino is building that was made specifically for casino gaming fun. For the most part, these were merged with hotels and other resorts that could take your mind of a long day at work. For many people at the mere mention of land-based casinos the words fancy, and glamorous are in their heads. And for the most part, this is true, as the brick and mortar casino truly were quite glamorous.

One thing that we can’t take away from the brick and mortar casino is that they came with live interaction. And the competitions that they had were far more glorious than those that we have online. And with them providing quality entertainment non-stop. The one thing that most people did not like about land-based casinos was that they were far and expensive.

Land-based vs Online Casinos

We can all agree that both the land and the online platforms were designed so that Australians could have some quality casino gaming time. The two have as many similarities as they do differences.


  1. Both were made so that people could have a place to blow of steam and have some casino gaming fun.
  2. Security issues are common with both casino platforms. Land-based casinos being victims of casino heists and online being victims of hackers.


  1. Promotions online are better than those that you will get at a land-based casino and they are also more frequent.
  2. Skills, land-based casinos are for the skilled players, who can be very intimidating at times. But when comes to beginners, the online casino can be played for fun before you play for real money.
  3. Convenience, for an online player, all you need is a good device as well as a good internet connection. But when it comes to a land-based casino, as you as you stay nearby you are good to go.
  4. Accuracy, for many only casinos you are well aware of the house edge of the game that you playing, and you can find out if the casino is publicly audited or not. This is however not true for the land-based who in most cases have a greater house edge and they are not audited for fairness.
  5. Accessibility, this one a blow for many online casinos. This is because they can close down for several hours so that they can renovate or attend to the slot machines. But with the online casinos, glitches can be fixed within seconds. And even if they do take some time, they barely longer than a day.
  6. Payment, with online casinos you can pay with several currencies. But with a land-based casino, they can only be a few currencies that are accepted at the casino.
  7. Transparency, the aspect of house edge can also leak into slots. Take, for instance, a brick and mortar casino can state that the payout rate is 98%, when in fact is only for one of the 100s of pokie machines.