Is Card Counting Applicable in Online Blackjack?

Card Counting in Online Casinos
Card Counting in Online Casinos
Card Counting in Online Casinos

Card counting is one of the ways that players can reduce the house edge while playing blackjack at land-based casinos. However, due to the fact almost all land based casino are closed because if covid-19, many have resorted to playing their favorite gambling games at online casinos. This has led many to ask if card counting is also possible in online blackjack.

There are a lot of responses out there. However, as the leading online casino guide in Australia, we will dish out a few secrets. And among those secrets is the mystery of whether card counting in online casinos is possible.

What is Card Counting?

For the benefit of those who are new to gambling in general, we will first define card counting. Card counting is literally what it sounds like, counting cards. This is used by players to determine which card comes next as such, allowing them to make a bet in their favor. This is usually done in blackjack. However, it is frowned upon by many land-based, this s regardless of the fact that it is a perfectly legal strategy. And when mastered you can walk away with millions while playing blackjack. That is why many want to know if card counting in online casinos is also possible.

Is Card Counting in Online Casinos Possible?

Well, before we answer that question, we look at few things that online casino do to prevent card counting. Thereafter, we will tell you if it is possible to count cards in online casinos or not.

  1. Measures in Place

    As we said earlier card counting is not exactly legal and most land-based casinos want to do all that they can to avoid it from happening. When it comes to live blackjack, it is very easy to tell if a player is card counting. And when they find out that you are counting cards, they can ban from that game and casino as a whole.

    To make sure that they kill any of your efforts at card counting, there is continuous shuffling in place. With this continuous shuffling, they then add brunt cards into the pack. This will thwart any efforts that you have at card counting at online and love blackjack.

  2. The Cut

    When the cards are shuffled, they will then be put back in place. The shuffler will then put the cut card wherever the choose. However, if in live dealer blackjack, they think that there any who are card counting, they will then ask the shuffler to put the card earlier in the shoe.

    In order to get away with card counting n an 8-deck shoe, this is typical shoe size while playing online blackjack. You will need to be able to get away with put at least 6 or 7 decks at card counting. However, if they cut the cut the deck and put it before 6 decks are played this will disturb your count. And as result will result in you not being able to count cards.


Wrapping it all up, we are sure that you want to know if you can count cards in online blackjack. Well, as you can tell with all the measures that are put in place, it is impossible to count cards in an online casino. They make sure that if you are winning you win in other ways other than card counting. This however, should not stop you from enjoying real money online casino games. Just because you can count cards doesn’t mean that you will not be able to win.

Card Counting In Online Casinos FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”456″][accordion group=”456″ title=”What is card counting?” active=”true”]Card counting is a controversial strategy used in blackjack.  With this strategy you will able to predict the exact cards to be dealt to you in a game. As such allowing you to make a bet that is best for you.[/accordion][accordion group=”456″ title=”Is it legal to count cards?” active=””]Yes and no. the legality of card counting depends on where you are playing, however most online and land-based casinos make sure to stop you from card counting.[/accordion][accordion group=”456″ title=”How do you cunt cards in live blackjack?” active=””]Card counting is strategy that needs to be learned. However, this is not something that you can learn and master in a day. It takes a while to learn how to count cards.[/accordion][accordion group=”456″ title=”What happens if I am caught counting cards at an online casino?” active=””]In most cases, the casino will ban you from the game or even ban you from playing at that casino again.[/accordion][accordion group=”456″ title=”Can I still win blackjack without card counting?” active=””]Yes, you can. Like all the other online casino games, it’s all about luck. Additionally, there are some other strategies that you can use to get an upper hand in the game.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]

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