Impact of Covid-19 on Online Casino Gambling Australia

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Various studies have been carried out on the impact of covid-19 on online casino gambling in Australia.

This is to ensure the safety of all Aussies who love to play online casino games, as they are currently the only form of real money gambling that Aussies have access to.

Below, we shall look at one of those studies to see the impact of covid-19 on online casino gambling Australia.

Tracking Online Casino Gambling Australia 2023

Study on the impact of covid-19 on online casino gambling Australia was part of a full research to uncover how much the pandemic has affected the Australian economy.  The study covered 5 areas namely:

  1. Consumer spending
  2. Consumer spending by category
  3. Consumer credit volumes
  4. Consumer financial distress
  5. Industry financial distress

The study was carried out on 250 000 random Australian consumers.

Impact of Covid-19 on Online Casino Gambling Australia

The week of the isolation and quarantine period in Australia included the closure id casinos, clubs and as well as other real money gambling arenas. This in turn led to a rise in online gambling by 67%.

Recent statistics gathered from 27 April to May 3 continued to show a steady rose in online gambling. This week recorded a 142% rise as compared to the week before the pandemic. These numbers contrast with the 71% that was recorded last week.

Despite the fact that online rose by 142%, it was no where close to food delivery that rose by 213%. And right under online gambling was office spending that was up to 138%.

Reasons For The Sudden Rise

Many speculate that that the rise was a cause of two main factors

  1. Unemployment benefits
  2. Youth Allowance

Effects of the Rise in Online Gambling

Many people are now seeking out helping to deal with gambling problems. This came as a surprise as the number of gambling services reduced significantly. However, what they forget was that Aussies have a wide access to online gambling casino gambling sites.

Australia have always had more than 80% of the adult population gambling, hence why are so many seeking out help?

The Cairnmillar Institute Clinical Services Director Mandy Taylor on response to question said,

“People gamble more when times are really good, and they also gamble more when times are really bad.  When they have no income and they are really desperate for money, in terms of financial hardship in the community, we are really seeing that align with problem gambling right now.”

Response to the Gambling Problem

As a response to rise in the gambling problems, the Cairnmillar Institute is offering free online counseling sessions. These are to stand in place of the in-person sessions that can not be carried out at the moment. Taylor noted that if people do not get help to deal with the gambling problem it will continue to grow.


This is just a semi partial a picture of the impact of covid-19 on online casino gambling in Australia. The full picture will only become clear in a few months and when people have gone back to their normal routine.

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