Illegal Casino Locations Around the World

Illegal Casino Locations Around The World
Illegal Casino Locations Around The World

Casinos are allowed to operate in most parts of the world. However, as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, a lot of them were closed down for the sake of their patrons to ensure that they would be safe and not get contaminated. This then leads to the growth of players who gambled at online casinos. However, it is not all the casino gaming sites as there emerged a number of illegal casinos operating in various parts of the world. Today we will look at some of the illegal casino locations around the world that were found to be operating during the dreaded covid-19 pandemic.

Crazy Illegal Casino Locations Around The World

Behind a Secret Wall Of a Cheese Shop in Alicante Spain

The best part about these illegal casinos around the world is that t they were located in the most random of places. As we can see with this first case. The casino was located in a cheese shop in Spain. Of all the places where one would think to find an illegal casino, a cheese shop is not one of them.

Just a few weeks ago, a gourmet food store that is located in Alicante Spain was recently in the spotlight for hosting illegal poker games in its wine and cheese cellar. The shop in mention had a wall that would lead the players to the backroom.

It was in this den that all the gambling took place. Not only was it an illegal casino, but there were also other illegal activities that were taking place on the site.

The casino was accused of breaking several laws that include the fact that private poker games are illegal in Spain and then we have the breaking of the lockdown regulations. Ironically, Spain is one of the worst-hit countries in the world when it comes to the virus with over 3.11 million total cases and over 66 thousand deaths.

A Shopping Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine

It’s amazing the amount of strain that people will go through in order to play at a land-based casino. We personally think it’s a lot easier if they are applying at an online casino. Anyway, another of the illegal casinos around the world was busted in Kyiv a few years ago.

This casino was located somewhere between a shopping center and an office block. The casino in mention was meant for VIP players. According to what the reports say, it used a special secret elevator that came with its own magic key that worked as a means to get the VIP players to the location. And the gambling den was on the fourth floor protected by a series of locks. Talk of security, they seem to have had everything covered.

But unfortunately, it was discovered and raided. During the raid, cops are said to have found gaming equipment, naturally, confiscated cash as well as weapons alongside some ammunition as well.

A Mansion and A Spa in Markham, Canada

When you see a mansion you think, this place has got to be amazing inside right? And well, guess what you are right, it is really is amazing, and it is an amazing place to have yourself an illegal casino as well.

A few months back, a 20 000sq ft mansion made the news in Markham along the York region. The mansion in this case was operating an illegal gambling den that was breaking all eh covid-19 restrictions in Canada.

Upon entering this luxuries mansion, you would find yourself in quite the exquisite bread and breakfast, well, upstairs that is. The basement on the other hand was nothing of the sort. It was a hive of activity filled with gaming tables, slot machines and to make sure that through all the gaming you are comfortable, it came with a spa as well.

The Markham gambling den was found to be in possession of over C$10 million in cash, assets and there were firearms as well.


People seem to have gotten very creative during the lockdown period and it seems as though playing online casino games is just not enough for the gamblers anymore. That is why there were a series of illegal casinos around the world that managed to sprout out. Well, what we can say, all for the love of gambling maybe?


What is an illegal casino?
An illegal casino is a casino that is operating without a license. In this case, we are looking at casinos that were not only operating without a license, but they were operating in places where they were not supposed to be.
What leads to the rise of illegal casinos?
The lockdown restrictions may have led to the rise of illegal casinos, both online and land-based. Gambling is one of the fastest ways to make a profit for people, as such the people in charge sort to start illegal casinos.
What is the penalty for operating an illegal casino?
This will depend on where the casino is being operated from, as well as the period. In this case, during the covid-19 pandemic, there may have been a heavy fine as you are putting not only your life in danger but the lives of the people that you rea playing with as well.
Why do people run illegal casinos?
People run illegal casinos for several reasons, the first of which is the real money that is involved, then we have the fun and then there is also having space where people can relax and ease off their stress.
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