How the Houseparty is Entertaining the Generation in Lockdown

""</pThe video chat app, Houseparty app allows spontaneous gathering is back to replicate the social life of millions of people in the world. With COVID-19 causing massive dismay in the whole world, most people have gone into isolation as a way of quarantine. Some are making use of this moment to play online casino games and win real money.

At the same time, the Houseparty video chat app is no exception. The app is making the lockdown in Australia more fun. With the lockdown taking place, many people in Straya have had their activities going down the drain.

The beauty part is that the application Houseparty has been a great initiative for the people in Australia. Imagine a lifestyle without, drinks, parties, and casual dinners with friends and family, the viral chat app Houseparty is making our lives easy.

What is Houseparty, the Social Video App?

What is Houseparty, the Social Video App?
What is Houseparty, the Social Video App?

If you have been missing having parties with your friends and your spouses during this period. Houseparty might be the best application for you. The app has attracted millions of users in Australia, making them sane during this lockdown period.

The Houseparty app is not actually new, and it is not new, rather it has been in existence since 2016. It has been a video chatting service but back then it did not attract a lot of people. But now with many people stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the app has become very popular. It offers loads of fun with some amazing features. Users can enjoy extra features that include; games and quizzes.

Last week alone, the application managed to lure and attract massive 2 million downloads. However, the app is owned Fortnite developers’ Epic games who brought the app in 2019.

Moreover, there are plenty of things that you can enjoy whilst using the Houseparty app. These make it more interesting

Houseparty App Development

Since the Houseparty app is a social networking app that permits group video chatting via mobile devices and desktop it has been magnificent in the social media world.

Users are able to receive notifications when their friends are available online for a group chat. Nevertheless, on average most users spend approximately 51 minutes a day on the app. Since the app is available on iOS and Android the app has attracted a lot people in Australia.

In 201, the Life On Air increased $12 million in the venture capital with the funding coming from Greylock Partners.

These top-class creators went on and published this exciting app on App Store and Play Store in February 2016. They did this under the pseudonym. The application was developed in a space of 10 months. Their website went on redirecting to the app in October 2016.

The company did exceptionally well since they managed to secure $52 million in venture capital funding only.


Above all, the app is doing a great job in making sure that it offers Aussies the best lockdown experience since they are experiencing Lockdown stage 3. Its just a sad and difficult time to be alive, but the good news is that anyone can have a glimpse of fun making use of the Houseparty app today.


Is Houseparty a safe app?
They are not really safe, but if you use it on well-functioning operating system such as iOS and Android you will not have any problems.
How does Houseparty app works?
Houseparty app will split the screen between you and the person you are having a chat with.
Can you get Houseparty on a computer?
Yes. You can use the app on PC with Windows 10 and Mac. Therefore, you can connect with your friends anytime anywhere.
Does the app cost real money?
Houseparty app can be used for free and It is a non-purchase at the same time it is an advertisement plan as well.