Gym Equipment Flying off Shelves

Gym Closure
Gym Closure
Gym Closure

Gym equipment is now the latest victim in the panic buying phase. This was as the government announced that gyms and other places were large crowds meet are to be closed.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Scoot Morrisson announced the closure of all non-essential venues. These include entertainment venues, cinemas, night clubs, indoor sports venues and gyms. All these places need to be closed midday on Monday.

Among the places being are also land-based casinos, meaning, Aussies have to stick to playing online casino games for their safety. 

This has lead to all the gyms in the country shutting heir doors. However, those in the fitness industry are still a bit confused as gyms are essential in the upkeep of the body.

The confusion was especially on the fact of personal trainers. Where they still allowed to train their clients at home or were they to cease all physical communication.

Other than the personal trainer issues, gyms wanted to know how long they have to remain closed for. 

It was stated that the gyms and other public venues were to remain closed till the 13th of April, however, there is still yet to be clarity on the issue.

Impact of Gyms Closing

Impact of Gyms Closing
Impact of Gyms Closing

Gyms in Australia have to now close due to the covid-19 and this will be a direct blow on the Aussies. 

This is as the fitness industry in Aussie has more than 3500 businesses members and more than 19 000 fitness professionals.

This is among the many industries that have been left crippled due to the spread of the covid-19. However, the Fitness Australia Chief, Mr Barrie Elvish said they are doing all that they can to clear the confusion in the closure of the gyms.

Gym Substitutes

With the gyms about to close, gym equipment has been flying off teg shelves in the most recent phase of panic buying. If you still wanty to stay fit during this time but bit don’t have any of the gym equipment, we have a few alternatives.

  1. Dining Chairs

    You can use your dining room chairs to work out your butt. You need to have space around you. Then you can position your feet wider than your hips, toes turned out slightly. You can use the table for balance if you need to. wit this position, you can then do your squats.

  2. Washing Detergent

    If you have 2litres of house washing liquid, you can put them to use. Get yourself two bottles and use your hallway to do weighted lunges with a bottle in each hand. 

    Set a goal and you are good to go. Take, for instance, go for two laps and then add 10 squats while holding each of the bottles at each end of the hallway.

  3. Stairs

    You can use the stairs as well to add you do it yourself home gym routine. Use the stairs to do single-leg squats.

  4. Bath Towels

    Even your bath towel can come to your aid when gym equipment goes M.I.A. Grab your gym towel and loop it around a secure pole. This can be a staircase or a brick pillar. Make sure that it is secure and that it can support your weight.

    Then, stand facing the pole and hold the ends of the towel in each hand. You then lean back slightly and use the towel to pull your self towards the pole and then retune to your starting position.

    You need to make sure that your arms are straight and that you have shoes that have a grip to avoid slipping.


Gyms have closed as well, and you have to what it takes to make sure that you are healthy and fit. Use the above methods for your mini-gym home session. You can do the above exercises for as long as you need to. make sure that you wash your hands and keep your self during this period.

Gym FAQs

Will personal trainers be allowed to make home visits?
We doubt as the whole country is under isolation. Therefore, you need to communicate with your trainer on how to make your training schedule work while using various online methods.
Why are the gyms closing?
The gyms in Australia are closing because of the covid -19. The Prime Minister announced that all public venues be closed until further notice.
How many cases of covid-19 have affected Australia so far?
So far, Australia has over 1 709 total cases. And a total of 7 deaths. 88 people have so far recovered and there are 11 critical cases.
When will the gyms open?
The exact of when the gyms will be open hasn’t been decided on yet. However, there were rumours that they may open around mid-April 2020.
Are there any substitutes for gym equipment?
Yes, there are, you can use the various items in your home as substitutes for gym equipment.

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