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Everything You Need to Know About Google Classroom

Google Classroom GuideAs the paperless world is emerging, most of our day-to-day activities are now taking place online. It’s not surprising that most people in Canada are also playing online casino games at the comfort of their homes. Nevertheless, it is justified why Google put in place an online learning platform Google Classroom.

As the world is fighting the deadly pandemic of the COVID-19, most countries have gone on lockdown. This means no one is going to work and schoolchildren are no longer attending school lessons.

Therefore, for the betterment of your children’s future, you should consider this time Google Classroom. The classroom has grown into popularity. The online learning platform from Google carries recent updates that provide users with a smooth format. If you are on lockdown during this hard time and you want to continue with your studies from home, make use of Google Classroom here’s what you need to know before you sign up.

Google Classroom Usage Statistics

During the annual BETT education conference in London, Google in January released their latest usage statistics for its education online services.

Google announced its Chromebooks have been used by over 30 million students along with teachers around the world. At the same time, Google Classroom program now carries over 40 million users.

Moreover, from Google statistics, the Google G Suite for Education has attracted 80 million users since it cameo in 2006.

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Before you sign up for Google Classroom here is some information you need to keep in mind:

  1. Users can simply be from any Google Apps for Education GAFE domain. If it is not in your domain simply ask IT administrator to whitelist the required domain.
  2. Encompass the most features in the Chrome browser. This educational platform will work in some other browsers, but it will not carry 100% of the top features available on Google Classroom.
  3. Permits the students know that teachers are able to see all the comments posted in the online learning platform even the deleted ones.
  4. The online learning platform from Google carries a limit of 1,000 students and 20 teachers to conduct their online learning sessions.

Services and Integrations Available in Google Classroom

The Google Classroom is fully combined with a vibrant Google ecosystem. This simply means that teachers along with students will be able to have access to other Google services such as Gmail, G Suite and Google Calendar.

Despite this, there are other various third-party add-ons that users can give a try. And if you are curious to know more, here are the few ones:

  1. Hiver

    Since Google Classroom alongside Gmail shares a mutual relationship, there is a possibility that your inbox can end up getting flooded with messages. Therefore, what Hiver will simply do is to make sure that your Gmail inbox is organised.

  2. GeoGebra Classic

    This well-known tool helps students to create the best mathematical models, graphs, spreadsheets. The GeoGebra Classic integration permits teachers to propel applicable materials as assignments to their Google Classrooms.


Google Classroom has caught the world by storm in offering the best online education platform. It has added massive value to different educators. The platform simply permits users to go paperless. Above all, if you are looking for something that carries a simple user-experience yet so powerful to change the world. Google Classroom is the platform you should consider.


Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. Scroll at the top, click Add. Join the class. Simply enter the class code you get from your educator. This class code carries 6 or 7 letters or numbers.
Yes, as long as you are willing to learn and pursue your education. Google Classroom will allow you to join.
The License for the G Suite for Educational will cost $4 per user, per month.
Precisely you don’t need to have Gmail enable to use the online classroom. Therefore, if your admin hasn’t activated Gmail, teachers and students will not receive email notifications.
No more than 18 students required to produce the much-desired benefit. The ideal class size recommendation is 18 students per class.

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