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Gambling In A Time Of Crisis

Gambling in a Time of Crisis

Gambling in a Time of Crisis

For the past weeks a lot has changed in the world.

Our day to day activities that we were so used changed within just a matter of hours.

This put the whole world in crisis, even the simplest things like gambling have changed.

They have changed so much that we are now gambling in a time of crisis.  

Effects of Gambling in a Time of Crisis

Gambling in a time of crisis has led to a lot of things changing in the gambling world. In several countries there have been several revisions of the gambling and online casino laws. These laws have been changed so as to accommodate the old and the new gamblers.

  1. Reducing Gambling Limits

    Some of the new laws that have changed have were altered to accommodate the vulnerable gamblers. These included changing the limits at online casinos. Many nations have urged online casinos to reduce their gambling limits. This is because they fear that many take online gambling overboard.

    One of the main reasons why nations are taking to gambling in a time of crisis is because there is no sports betting at the moment. As such, a lot of people are turning to online casino gambling. Gambling statistics in the UK show that online casino gamblers are 9.2% more likely to be vulnerable as compared to online sports bettors who have a 2.5% chance.

  2. Self-Exclusion

    Self-exclusion is when a gambler willingly asks a casino to limit the money that they use at a casino. This helps players to limit the amount of money that they use at the casino. However, many online casinos have reported that many of their clients have requested that their self-exclusion limits be changed. Online casinos have however refused to adhere to their requests.

Pizza vs Online Gambling

While most countries are in crisis over gambling in a time of crisis, in Australia, the panic of online gambling has ceased. The main reason for this is that recent statistics show that there is now a rise in home food deliveries.

Just a few weeks ago, online casinos in Australia recorded a 67% rise in online gambling, the wheels seem to have turned.  Statistics show that while online gambling topped the charts in March at 67%, end of April results show that it now at third place. With online shopping of furniture and office have grown with 66% and food deliveries are clocking over 156%.


Gambling in a time of crisis may be a little for some, as you may be afraid to be a vulnerable gambler. However, as we can clearly see from Australia where online shopping and online food deliveries seem to be booming, it isn’t that bad.  Therefore, gambling in a time of crisis isn’t that bad at all.

Gambling in a time of Crisis FAQs

This will depend on the crisis. There are some cases where gambling drops in a time of crises and there are others when it rises. At the same time, there are cases where gambling will fall and rise, just like how it is now.
That’s a tricky question. Online gambling can be bad for people personal funds, however for a nation’s economy, not that much. There are nations that rake on over $60 billion from online gambling annually.
It’s an issue because it is a controversial matter.  Another reason why online gambling is a issues is because it is a grey area in most cases, as much people are not sure where it is allowed or not. And in areas where it is allowed, there a set of rules that have to followed that most people don’t read.
Online gambling in a time of crisis can be good and it can be bad. Good in the sense that it can keep people stress free and relaxed, bad in the sense that it can lead to over spending.
To be a vulnerable means to have a weakness for online gambling.

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