Gamblers in Crisis as CoronaVirus Cancels Sports Betting

Gamblers in Crisis as CoronaVirus Cancels Sports Betting
Gamblers in Crisis as CoronaVirus Cancels Sports Betting
CoronaVirus Cancels Sports Betting

They say that you never know what you have until you lose it. And right now, gamblers in Australia are experiencing just that. Due to the isolation,gamblers in crisis as coronavirus cancels sports betting.

Almost all sport events have been cancelled and that leaves all those who love sports betting in a fix. Because they have nothing that they can bet on. Fine, they do have online casinos, but if you thirst for real money sports betting, then online slots and table games just won’t cut it.

Other Than Major Sports Betting Events

Land based casinos have been shut down until the corona virus situation is under control. And we have major sport league games like the AFL and NBA being canceled. However, bookmakers and other gambling sites are still looking for ways that they keep the Aussie punters less bored.

Other than the major sports other sports are now slowly being introduced to the gamblers. According to Deakin gambling expert, Professor Samantha Thomas, other sports are already being marketed.

Speaking from her own experience  she was recently directed to a Russian betting market from a Twitter feed.

Dr. Thomas noted that the ad was originally a table tennis ad from, an Australian bookmaker but the redirection was to a Russian site. According to her, such re-directions will continue to happen as all the sports sites in Australia become desperate to meet the needs of their clients. Also because a lot of the international markets are the ones that are open right now.

Foreign Sports Betting Sites?

If the assumptions of Professor are correct there will be a tonne of re-directions to foreign sports betting sites. However, as good of a relief as this may be, what does it mean for Australian punters?

Fine they were missing sports betting, however there is also the issue of safety and security when they do gamble. These are the concerns of Professor Thomas as she said that protective measures have to be taken.


Foreign Sports Betting Sites As much as there is the option of playing and betting on online casinos, you will still crave for sports betting. That is why Aussie sports bettors need to be careful if they are redirected to any foreign sites. They need to make sure that the sites are legit.  

Foreign Sports Betting Sites FAQs

Is it safe to place bets at foreign betting sites?
Foreign sites can be a bit tricky. However when it comes to security and safety requirements, they are all generally the same. Make sure to read reviews about the to see if it’s legit or not.
Am I allowed to place bets at foreign sites?
There are no laws that say that it is legal, at the same time there are laws that prohibit it as well. It is a grey area.
Can I still win real money playing at foreign betting sites?
Yes, you can as long as the site is legit. Most online casino sites are not from Australia as well some sports betting sites as well.
Are there any sports that I can place bets on?
At the moment, due to the covid-19 outbreak, there are not a lot of activities taking place. As such there ate very few sports events as a well.
How do I stay safe while placing bets at foreign sports betting sites?
To stay safe, you need to first make sure that you reviewed the site that you are betting on.


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