Fibonacci Strategy 2021

Fibonacci Strategy Explained
Fibonacci Strategy

Fibonacci strategy is a betting system or a strategy that has become very popular in online gambling. This betting system was introduced way back in the XII century.

The betting strategy’s name was derived from the Italian math Leonardo’s theory which was called the Fibonacci Picasso.

However, there is more you can learn about this betting system. Keep reading this article and it will educate you more and everything you need to know about the game of

Your winning odds on this version of are very high that means chances of winning real money are actually there.

Fibonacci – How it Works

This strategy of utilises the never end structures of figures to increase the wagering limit.

The bets are increased transparently and smoothly. This system is very welcoming to Aussie players at online casinos who do not have a huge bankroll.

If you are that kind of a player who only appreciates winning real money playing the game of  Then you might be heading in the right direction by playing Fibonacci. Playing this version of players must make use of the sequences or the figures of the game.

Let’s help you understand the trick and the algorithm of the game of Fibonacci.

For an example, a player might start betting with the minimum bet that can be placed 1 coin. In a case like that, a player sequence will be 1+0=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13 and so on…

If a player starts with the game with 1 coin then place a bet in the next round with another coin. In the next round, a player will add the first coin along with the second one. That means the player will be betting two coins in that particular round.

The version of the game is quietly simple if players get a real understanding of it. And the good news about the game is that players can first play in the practise mode before they bet for real money.

The Fibonacci betting system has become widely embraced by many online. However, players are urged to be patient and very cautious when playing the game.

One of the most fundamental things is to keep track of your bets and a proper algorithm. And you can only do this by writing down the bets you have made.

Pros and Cons of the Fibonacci

The Fibonacci betting is a negative progression strategy, this means that it is used to help you get back the money that you may lose in the game. Therefore, players will only increase their bets when they lost during the game and they will decrease them when they win. 

As it is a manmade strategy, there will be the good and the bad that comes with using the strategy. 


  1. You get back the money that you lost: This is one of the best parts about using this online casino betting strategy, you are easily able to get back all the money that you may have lost in the game. 
  2. Easy to understand: While there are some strategies that are complicated and manage to confuse the players the Fibonacci is not like that. Players can easily understand the match that comes with the strategy making it a simple and easy strategy to follow. 
  3. It Profitable: Another thing that we love about using this online casino betting strategy is the fact that is also very easy to make money as you use for online gaming endeavours.


  1. The risk factor: One of the disadvantages that come with using this online casino betting strategy is the fact that as much as you are able to make tonnes of real money, you are also very much capable of losing your entire bankroll during the gameplay if you are not careful.
  2. It’s expensive: As much as you can get back the money that you bet within the Fibonacci strategy, there is also the chance that it can cost you quite a fortune as well. This as we mentioned earlier that you will have to increase your bets each time when you lose, therefore if you are unfortunate and are playing on a losing streak, it can prove to be quite expensive in the long run.
  3. It can’t change the house edge: As much as betting strategies work, there is always the fact that they are unable to change the fixed house edge of the game,  which means regardless of the strategy that you will use within the game you will always be at a loss. 

Using the Strategy on Online Casino Games

The Fibonacci strategy is mainly used on games when you know that there is 50/50 chance of you either winning or losing. As such it is mainly used on the following games, this, however, does not mean that you can not use it other online casino games. If you feel that the strategy is easy for you to use on other online casino games, you can use it on them. but in most cases it used on the following online casino gambling games:

  1. Roulette Online
  2. Online Craps
  3. Sports Betting


Paying online casino games will always be fun, interesting as well as entertaining. You will find that you have quite the selection of game that you can play free as well for real money. However as good a the game maybe it will never hurt to use a few trusted online casino betting stems like the Fibonacci betting strategy.

This is a negative progression strategy, which means that you are most likely able to recover your mooses when you use it. However, you should make sure that you have adequate funds if you want to use this strategy as it can be quite costly. however, at the same time, it can also give you the chance to win amazing real money rewards as well. 

Fibonacci Strategy FAQs

How does the Fibonacci work?
This strategy works by increasing your bet every time that you lose and decreasing it when you win. To use eth strategy you will need to follow this sequence if your first bet is AU$1 and you lose, your next bet will then be AU$1 + AU$1 = AU$2. Therefore, your next bets will then be AU$1 + AU$2 = AU$3, and you need to follow this sequence up until you get your money back.
Is it safe to use this strategy?
Yes, it is safe to use this strategy., however, you need to be warned that there are some pros and some cons that come with using this strategy. Therefore we will advise that you read and understand the mathematics behind the strategy before you use it.
Will I be able to win real while using the online casino betting system?
Yes, the tone of t advantages that come with using this real money betting strategy is the fact that you area bel to make money.
What are the advantages of using this betting system?
For starters, it is a simple strategy to use, also, you are able to regain all the money that you may lose during the game and lastly, it is profitable in the long run.
What type of betting system is the Fibonacci?
This negative betting strategy meaning that it will take advantage of your losses, it will also capitalise on your looses and you will be able to make more as soon you start winning.