Fascinating Trivia About Online Casinos

Have you ever wondered where the term ‘online casino’ came from? Want to read some interesting trivia about online casinos?

The word ‘casino’ was originally derived from the Latin word ‘cassus’, meaning ‘a sieve’. This refers to the slots of a casino being arranged in rows or columns, much like a sieve. Over time, the word has come to mean an establishment that offers gambling activities.

Fascinating Trivia About Online Casinos
Fascinating Trivia About Online Casinos

Today, casinos are mostly known for their slot machines (or ‘slot machines). These games are played through the use of a credit card machine, which is also called a ‘card reader’. Players insert coins into the machine and pull a lever, which then releases the coins onto the reels inside. Each reel contains various symbols, such as fruit, pictures, numbers, etc., and players try to line up combinations of these icons to win cash prizes.

Now, let’s get into the fascinating trivia about online casinos.

Fascinating Trivia About Online Casinos

  • The first online casino was launched in 1992 by Bally Technologies. It took two years before this website allowed people outside of the United States to gamble with it. In 1994, an email was sent out to the members of the Amiga Gaming Club informing them that they could now play at the site.
  • A player can choose between playing progressive jackpots or betting on single games. Progressive jackpot games are usually linked to sports events or video games.
  • The first lottery game offered on the Internet was Powerball. There are currently over 30 states offering this game.
  • The most popular online poker game is Texas Holdem Poker. Other popular variations include Omaha Hi-Lo, Triple Draw Poker, Seven Card Stud Poker, Five Card Stud Poker, Deuce To Seven Low Limit, Razz, No Limit Eight Or Better, Caribbean Stud Poker, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild Poker, Three Card Poker, Joker Poker, All Fours, Spanish 21, High Roller Black Jack, Crazy Eights, and Badugi Poker.
  • One of the earliest and best-known brands of slot machines was manufactured by IGT. Today, many different manufacturers produce slot machines.
  • The name ‘slot machine’ originated from the fact that the reels contained several slots on each side. This enabled the reels to slide back and forth within the machine when players pulled the levers.
  • People have been playing roulette since ancient times. Many believe that people were watching the spinning wheel for good luck when they decided to place bets on what color would land next.
  • The oldest casino in the world still opened its doors today. Located in Macau, China, this casino is said to date back to 1618.
  • The largest online casino company in the world is Microgaming. They offer more than 500 casino games including blackjack, poker, bingo, slots, keno, scratch cards, and lotteries.
  • According to gaming law, no one under the age of 18 may gamble legally online.
  • Although online casinos offer gambling services, they do not give money directly to gamblers. Instead, they take payments from companies that want to advertise on their websites.
  • When playing online, you should always check your bank balance, because the casino will deduct any losses from the funds you deposit.


Online casinos allow players to enjoy all sorts of classic casino games while never leaving their homes. While some may feel reluctant to leave home, others might find themselves longing to be able to play anytime and anywhere. Either way, the convenience factor makes online casinos a great choice.