Top Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a seasoned Australian online gambler or you are a beginner. There will be some questions that you want to know the answers to.

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Online Casino FAQs

Online Casino Security and Safety FAQs

Is it legal to gamble online in Australia?
Gambling online Australia is very legal, but the casino that you gamble it has to have a license to operate with the country.
How can I sure that this casino is safe to play at?
You can check on several reviews of the online casino, these will tell you if the casino has a license and if it is legal. Most online casinos that we recommend for you are safe, and if the casino is tested by third parties like eCOGRA, then it’s safe to play at.
How do I know that games are fair and not rigged?
You can only know after doing your research and if the casino is audited for fairness by third parties like eCOGRA and other companies.
What is a Rogue Casino?
This is a casino that you do not want to play at. Such casinos are not safe and do not have the Aussies best desire at heart. They will have very poor services, not pay winning players, rig games and of the like.
Where can Problem Gamblers get help?
Many of us tend to play for fun. But at times, there may those that are addicted. There are many organizations that are willing to help if you have a problem, just make sure to reach out.

Casino Game FAQs

What online casino games can I play in Australia?
There are 2 main types of web-based casino games that you can find, pokies and table games. under these two categories are thousands of games.
How much can I win online?
This all depends on the game that you are playing. At times you can walk away from a millionaire and at times you not even win a dime. Just always remember to play for fun and not to win.
What is a Progressive Jackpot?
This is an online casino game, table or pokie whose prize money grows every time that it is played. It will keep growing until someone is lucky enough to win it.
How do I increase my chance of winning a progressive jackpot?
There is no known way that you can increase your chance of winning, other than to keep playing.  And we can say that if you mother luck to be on your side, play the maximum bet.
What games have the best chance of me winning?
This is a question that many people ask. And to be honest, there is no right or wrong answer, it’s all a matter of opinion and luck. But in all cases try and avoid games that have a greater house edge as this will reduce your chance of winning.
What does Pay-out Percentage mean?
This is the amount of money that is paid out to players as compared to the amount that they receive. For example, if a game has a payout of 95%, for every AU$100 that is played, AU$95 is paid back to the players. This does mean that if you play with AU$100, you win AU$95; you can win it all or lose it all.
Who pays out more, Online Casinos or Land Based Casinos?
Online casino do because they have less operating costs and can be accessed by more people as compared to brick and mortar casinos.

Banking and Registration FAQs

How do I get started with an online casino?
Well, all you need is a good internet connection and a device to play on. The rest is already there.
How do I go about registering my Online Casino Account?
Just make sure that you have researched on the casino that you want to play at. Then go to their website, look for log-in or register, and just click there. The process is fast easy and simple.
How do I deposit money into my online casino account?
When it comes to online casino games, it’s a win-win type of situation, you deposit, you win real money. So back to the question, you deposit real money by going to the banking options. You select the banking option that you want to use. Click on it, and look for deposit. Enter the amount and you good to go.
How can I get my money after winning?
Just like you deposit money, there is also the option of withdrawing it. You go to the banker/cashier page. Look for the banking method that you want to use. Click on it and select Withdraw. Enter the amount and confirm. Though this can at times differs from online casino to online casino this is basically the general process.
How long does it take for a casino to pay out?
This will honestly depend on the withdrawal method that you have selected. The estimated period is 24 hours from the time that the request was processed.
What is a wagering requirement?
These are simply the conditions that a player has to meet before accepting a bonus. This can be any amount from AU$20 to AU$100 and more depending on the casino where you are playing.
What is a withdrawal limit?
This is the amount of money that you can withdraw at a time from an online casino.  Some can be weekly and others can be monthly.