Blacklisted Casinos Australia 2022

Blacklisted Casinos
Blacklisted Casinos

Blacklisted casinos are real money gambling sites that all Australians should avoid. Blacklisted are the casinos that tarnish the image of other great real money casinos.

This is because blacklisted casinos in Australia make the rest of the online casinos look bad. Imagine someone who is new to the great world of online casinos and they land on of one of the blacklisted casinos.

It will just ruin online gambling for them forever.That is why we have this this page, to guide all online casino players in Australia. And to make sure that they steer clear from all the toxic blacklisted casinos in Oz.

What is a Blacklisted Casino?

Generally online casinos are a safe and secure place where you can play and enjoy games. However, at a blacklisted casino, you don’t feel safe at all. Blacklisted are gambling sites that steal and don’t care for the safety and the security of their players. Such blacklisted casino make online gambling feel like hell as they don’t do anything right.

Reasons to Blacklist a Casino

As the #1 online Australian real money online gambling guide, we don’t just blacklist casinos at random. There are certain reasons why a casino is blacklisted. We will look at the main reasons why casinos are blacklisted. Bearing in mind that we blacklist casinos for your sake as a player, because we value your safety and security as an Oz gambler.

  1. Withholding Players Real Money Rewards

    The main reason why casinos are blacklisted is withholding players money. Between an online casino and a player, there needs to be the bond of trust. As such, when a casino withholds a player’s real money rewards, that bond of trust is broken. Therefore, if a real money casino withholds a player’s rewards by weeks, they will find themselves on our blacklist.

  2. False Offers

    There are a number of real money casinos in Australia, we know that much. As such, these casinos will each have a few bonuses. In an attempt to stand out, each online casino will have different and more attractive bonuses. A casino will then be blacklisted for advertising false bonuses. As such a casino that offers is players a false bonus or one that is impossible to claim will be blacklisted.

  3. Spam Communications

    We don’t mind casinos sending an occasional email about updates on the site or even about the latest promotions. We actually prefer and like this. However, when the casino never stops sending us email it becomes a problem. Especially even after we have unsubscribed. This can land an online gambling site straight on the casino blacklist.

  4. Rigging the Games

    If an online casino wants to get itself a one-way ticket to our casino blacklist, then they should rig games. Online casino games are expected to be fair and use an RNG. As such casinos that use an RNG and deliberately alter a games odds’ in their favour will be blacklisted.

  5. Questionable Operating Standards

    Everything has basics, even online casinos. An online casino needs to have a customer service and support team, it’s a basic requirement. As such, the moment an online casino lacks this we get questions. At the same time if the support team is there and they fail to answer our questions or take ages to respond, the casino is blacklisted.

  6. Lack of a License

    A license for online casino sis like a birth certificate, without it, the casino will not be trusted at all. As such, online casinos that are caught with the licenses will be blacklisted.

  7. Complicated Withdrawal Procedures

    At a real money online casino, complicated withdrawal procedures are a stress to deal with. As such, for any online casino, should the withdrawal process be long, winding and complicated, that online casino is blacklisted.

  8. Frozen Accounts Without Warning

    It is normal for online casinos to block your account for not adhering to certain terms and conditions. However, if they just block you without any warning that sends red flags. Funny enough this is very common. As such another that a casino ends up on the casino blacklist is by freezing or blocking players account.

Australia 2021 Blacklisted Casinos

Name of Online Casino Reasons for Blacklist
1×2 Gaming False Advertising
Casino Fortune Confiscated Funds and Slow Payouts
99 Slot Machines Poor Customer Service and Slow Responses
Gold VIP Casino Spamming Players
21 Dukes Payment Problems
Jackpot 247 Poor Terms and Conditions
Lady Dream Casino Rigging Casino Games
50 Stars Payment Issues
Gold Betting Unethical Business Practices
Balzac Casino False Bonuses

Quick Ways To Spot Blacklisted Casinos

  1. Check for the casino license
  2. Read player reviews about the casino
  3. Go through the bonus offers, some are just too good to be true.

What To Do If You Come Across A Blacklisted Casino

As a real money online casino gambler, you need to do your research. Therefore, should you come across an online casino you need to make sure that you report it. In that regard, as mush you have to do your own research, never trust an online casino that is on our blacklist. We know that real money gamblers are risk takers, but some times, its juts not worth the risk.

Therefore, if you have signed into an online casino that is blacklisted, just walk away. If there any of your real money at the casino, try to withdraw it all, but never deposit there again. There are tonnes of real money casino out there that cater for Australian players and payout in AU$ as well. Therefore, just close your account at the rouge casino and play at a reputable one.

Trusted Online Casinos

We know that this article may have scared you off real money online casinos. However, even with all the blacklisted casinos, there are thousands more of trusted casinos. As the #1 online casino guide Australia, we have a page has the best Australian casinos.


Blacklisted casinos are real, that is why we advise all Aussies to stay away from them. The bonuses may be great, and the welcome bonus amazing, but juts try to avoid them at all costs. When it comes to real money gambling, it is also better to be safe than sorry. 

Blacklisted Casinos FAQs

What is a blacklisted casino?
This is an online gambling site that you should avoid playing at. These are casinos that do meet the needs of players as such they provide players with the worst experiences.
Why should I avoid blacklisted casinos?
You should avoid such casinos for your safety and security. If you are looking foe the best ever real money online casino gaming experience, you need to avoid these casinos at all costs.
How does a casino get blacklisted?
An online casino gets blacklisted when it does not meet the needs of players. One of the main reasons why casino can and will be blacklisted is when it does have a casino license to operate. This means that the casino is untrustworthy.
How do I spot a blacklisted casino?
The fastest way to spot a blacklisted casino is by checking for the casino license. Another thing that you can do is check players reviews. Real money gamblers leave reviews at most casino they play at. Therefore you juts need to read the reviews to get the players experiences. The will tell you if a casino is worth playing at.
What do I do if i have signed with a blacklisted casino?
First, you need to stop playing there and that means you need to stop depositing real money at the casino. Then, make a request to withdraw your funds if you have any real money wins. Lastly, you need to close you account for good.
Can I get my money back at blacklisted casinos?
At times, you can get your money back, however, at time you may not be able to withdraw it. It is very unfortunate that one of the main signs of a blacklisted casinos is by withholding players real money rewards.