Leading Online Casino Rewards Australia 2022

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The Best Online Casino Rewards

Casino rewards are part of the many things we love about online casinos. With the casino rewards we feel we are more that players at the online gambling sites. However, with so may online casino and casino rewards finding the bets can be strain.

That is we are here. As the #1 real money online casino guide we have all you need. That is why we also have the best casino rewards as well the bets real money online casinos for Australians in 2021.

What are Casino Rewards?

Casino Rewards are the way that online casinos retain players at their site. This might seem like a minor thing to players, but it actually a huge deal to internet-based casinos. You see, with the rewards they can keep

Aussies happily playing at their sites. But when the casino rewards get boring, the players get bored and they leave and find another site to play at. And the moment that this happens, the casino loses all its valuable players and the business goes broke.

We are sure that at some you have come across web-based casinos that have closed down. This is the major reason for that close. As they will no longer be of interest to the Aussies who are supposed to play at the casino.

Why We Have Casino Rewards

There are hundreds of online casinos that Australians can play at. And as a result, the casinos are always in completion trying to get more players to their sites than their rivals.

This is why they introduced the casino rewards programs. Casino Rewards are in most cases what keeps players playing at a certain site and they are also what attract players to that casino in the first place.

  1. Allows The Casino to Stand Out
  2. Gives Players A Reason to Play At That Casino
  3. To Reward Players
  4. To Get You to Play More
  5. To Get Inactive Players on Games Again

Please Note: Always bear in mind that you are loosing money. So, even though the casino rewards you, its because you gave them money first.

Real Money Casinos With Best Rewards Australia 2021

  1. Joka Room: AU$5 000 Bonus
  2. Play Amo: AU$1 500 Bonus
  3. Uptown Pokies: AU$8 888 Bonus
  4. Fair Go Casino: AU$1 000 Bonus
  5. Kahuna: AU$4 000 Bonus

Types of Casino Rewards

There are several types of casino rewards that internet-based casinos use. Namely, these are Bonuses, Promotions and VIP level status. Each of these is different in its own way and also has its own perks.


This is the most common type of casino reward. They give you a little something for playing at their casino. These welcome bonuses are very attractive and very hard to resist. They can offer new players up to 100% match up bonuses of up to AU$750 or more.

Part of this can package can also be a certain number of free spins on online pokies. This all of cause depends on the casino that you have chosen to play at.

Types of Bonuses:

  1. Welcome Bonus
  2. Match Bonus
  3. No Deposit Bonus
  4. Free Spins Bonus
  5. Refer-A-Friend
  6. High Roller Bonus
  7. Mobile Casino Bonus
  8. Loyalty Points
  9. Reload Bonus


Promotions at online casinos can run at any time. Some can be daily, weekly, monthly and annually. They can also be opt-in were the player chooses to be part of it and some can be automatically entered.

Promotions are also part of the casino rewards as they keep players playing at the casino. They also give players something that they can look forward at the casino.

Prize winners of the promotions can be awarded gifts like smartphones, free spins, and even money.  They are very thrilling and give players a reason to keep playing at the casino.

VIP Rewards

Players are awarded VIP status after playing at the online casino for some time. As a VIP you will be treated to gifts and the like. Aussies can reach VIP level after accumulating a certain number of points from the casino. The points can be earned as they partake in the promotions or as the play games.

Best VIP Casino Rewards:

  1. Cashback
  2. Deposit Bonuses
  3. Special Invites to VIP Events
  4. Gifts
  5. Reduced Requirements for Earning Points
  6. Special Treatment
  7. VIP Customer Care

Benefits of Rewards at Online Casinos

There numerous benefits that come with casino rewards at web-based gambling sites. Some of the many benefits include earning VIP status, trips, and money.

As these casino reward programmes go on, players bankroll can be boosted and that gives them more reason to keep playing at the casino.

How to Find Casinos With the Best Rewards

Since all online casinos have rewards, what makes some casino rewards be the best? Just keep on reading to find out how to find online casinos with the best rewards.

  1. They Have the Best Rollover Requirements

    This means that the play through wont cost you much. These are important because as soon as you get done with the wagering requirements you then get your casino rewards.

  2. Game Variety

    While it may seem obvious that you play at online casinos, not all games will be part of the rewards offers. Most casinos, in their promotions will give you games that have high odds to reduce your odds. As such if at online casino you see the following games, then that casino has the best rewards.
    Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat.

  3. Reasonable play through requirements

    Casinos with the best rewards will have play through requirements that allow to least spend less and get more. For example, with Slots- 100% of every AU$1 goes to the bonus and Blackjack- 40% of every AU$1 goes to the bonus.

    This will mean to clear the same bonus on blackjack, you will have to spend 2.5x more, which is pretty normal. This is what casinos with the best rewards offer. While some casinos will give you casino rewards that have 50x or more roll over requirements which is very absurd.

  4. VIP Bonus Grows

    Casinos with the best rewards will also make sure that your bonus grows every time that you play. This is why you find some bonuses have tiers and allow you to get to another level each time you accumulate a certain number of points.

  5. Specific Game Rewards

    While some online one bonus for all games, the best casino rewards will be specific. There will offers for specific games.

  6. T and C’s are Reasonable

    Casinos with the best rewards will also have reasonable terms and conditions. Such that all you have to do is read them and stick to them. there are some sites that before you claim the casino rewards you need to go over a 100x play through requirements, which will not be fair for the player.


All casinos have rewards, that’s a fact. However, you need a casino that has the best rewards. That way you get to play for less and win a lot more. Casino rewards are there for the players so that they can enjoy playing at the casino and have something to look forward to.

Casino Rewards FAQs

Are bigger casino rewards better?
No, just because the bonus is bigger does not mean that it is better. The bonus that is the best at a casino depends on you, the player. If you have a lot of money to spend, then the bigger is the better. However, if you have a smaller bankroll, then a bonus match with 150- 400% will be best.
How fast can I claim my rewards?
This depends on the casino and the reward that you want to claim. Match deposits in most cases are deposited once you make your deposit. While there are some that will need you to go through the casino play through requirements first.
Do I have to claim a casino reward even if I don’t want it?
No, if you do not want the casino rewards, then you do not need to claim it. There are ways that you are allowed to skip the bonus. If the casino forces you to claim the reward then that is a red flag.
”Will I be able to withdraw my casino rewards?
In most cases, you will be able to withdraw them. However, some terms and conditions will not allow you to withdraw the bonus. As such, you need to make sure that carefully read all the casinos t’s and c’s.
What happens if the casino rewards expire before I use them?
Most real money casino will remove the reaming balance from your account.