Australia Stage 3 Lockdown: What To Expect

Australia Lockdown
Australia Lockdown
Australia Lockdown

Over the Weekend the Australian government announced stage 1 Australia lockdown where all non-essential services where going to be closed.

This was due to the rise of coronavirus cases in the country. However, the stage two lockdown doesn’t seem to be working out the way the government expects.

Therefore, people should embrace for stage 3 lockdown in Australia.

On Wednesday the national government’s national cabinet met again on Wednesday following reports that the number of cases was rising in some states.

Measures Taken By Australian Government

For the first time in a long time, states and territories in Australia have closed own their borders.

However, on Wednesday states like Victoria, NSW and the ACT where earned to prepare for even tighter measures as the number of the affected have risen in those areas.

So far there are more than 2,600 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Australia.

Different states have different number of cases and deaths.

There have been 11 deaths with most of them being in NSW. That is why more draconian measures are expected to be enforced in these area.

  1. New South Wales (NSW)- 1,219 cases
  2. Victoria- 520 cases
  3. Queensland- 443 cases
  4. Western Australia- 205 cases
  5. South Australia – 197 cases
  6. ACT- 44 cases
  7. Tasmania- 42 cases

Stage 1 & 2 Australia Lockdown

On Sunday last week Mr Scott Morrison who is the prime minister announced some measure which he referred to as phase one.

The included the shutting down of some places which were referred to as non-essentials.

These included the closing of pubs, clubs, bars, cinemas, all entertainment venues and also indoor dining at restaurants and cafes. Casinos were also closed.

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These measures were enforced to promote social distancing, and limit the spread of the virus. After the announcement of this people wondered what stage 2 could be about.

Well there are some places that were left out during the announcement of these measures.

These were places that got to be announced on Tuesday. The list of banned activities has increased. Adding home gatherings, auctions, open inspections have been added to the list of the non-essentials.

All beauty therapist, play centres are part of the non-essentials. The measure was said to start being effective Wednesday at midnight.

Although it was not clearly stated what happens to those who go over the rules, NSW has made it clear.

David Elliott NSW place minister has announced that authorities have power to issue fines on the spot to all those who break the laws.

All companies will pay $5,000 and individuals will pay $1,000. They also have the possibility of facing 6 months’ jail time.

What Stage 3 Will Look Like In Australia

Although it was not made clear as to what the stage 3 measures will be, Scott Morrison made it clear that the stage 3 is coming and people should be prepared for it.

Looking at the tighter measures enforced by countries stage 3 lockdown for Australia looks tough.

As some European and Asian countries are ahead, Australia may take the same measures for stage 3 lockdown.

Countries like the UK and New Zealand have stricter measures. Uk with a total of 6,654 cases and 335 deaths it was time to enforce tighter measures.

Measures like not being able to go out frequently, gatherings limited to only two people unless you stay in the same household, you can only leave your house for grocery shopping and you do not do it frequently.

You can also leave for medical visits as well as for exercises just for an hour.

These are some of the measures enforced in other countries like UK.

Looking at these measures Australia is being expected to go the same route when stage 3 comes into effective.


Australia is not taking the issue of protecting the country lightly. The more the number of cases rises the more measures they are going to enforce.

The point is to limit or to stop the spread of this virus. Residents have been warned to look out for stage 3 lockdown in this Country if the situation does not change.

Victoria and NSW are the most affected areas therefore they should expect draconian measures earlier.

Australia Stage 3 Lockdown FAQs

How many cases of Coronavirus Are There in Australia?
So far there are 2,600 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Australia as well as 11 deaths. These cases are in different states with Victoria and NSW having high numbers.
What Will Stage 3 Lockdown Look Like?
Looking at what other countries have done, stage three lockdown means complete lockdown, going out for a specific time and for specific stated reasons. No more gathering of more than 2 people. All the services left out as essential services may also be closed down.
What Are The Non-essential services?
Non-essential services are those services that are not of great importance. There things that people can do without for some time. In this case in Australia they include registered and licensed clubs, cinemas and entertainment areas, personal services like beauty therapies, outdoor and indoor markets, hotels, pubs, casinos and night clubs.
When is Australia Expected To Enforce 3 Stage Lockdown?
Stage three lockdown’s dates have not been mentioned yet. But Scott Morrison just announced to people that the stage is coming. I guess with the rate at which the number of cases are rising, it is going to be sooner.
How Can I Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus?
The most important thing that one can do is to practice social distancing, to always wash your hands with soap and water and to self-isolate. Avoid public gatherings and getting in contact with someone with flu or cold symptoms. This is because there are also symptoms of this virus.

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