Are You The Powerball Winner?


Powerball is one of the fastest ways to strike it big that is if you get the winning numbers. However just like online casino games, it always a gamble. Therefore, there are times when it will not pay off. However, there are times, when it does pay off, and today was one of those when the Powerball winner was turned into an instant millionaire.


80 Million Dollar Powerball Winner

One very lucky Australian has become a millionaire over night. Like literally, a millionaire. The lucky Australian from New South Wales scooped the 80 million dollar jackpot prize.

The lucky winner will be the third largest Powerball winner in Australia. Imagine walking away with $80 million dollars, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Are you the winner?

The interesting part about the $80 million dollar Powerball winner is than they are not aware that they are the winner. Yes, you read it right; the winner doesn’t know they won yet.

How is possible you may ask. Well the ticket was submitted online and the Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney says they haven’t been able to make the call. As such everyone form south Wales is being encouraged to make sure to check their ticket. This is because; you just might sitting on a prize of $80 million dollars.

5 entries won the second division, each walking away with $188 293.35. This was the 6th time in Powerball’s 24-year long history that a jackpot of $80 million was up for grabs.


We are still waiting on the news on the lucky Powerball winner; therefore, if you are from New South Wales, we hope that you are checking your ticket. And to the Powerball $80 million winner, congratulations. It seems as if gambling isn’t a bad thing after all.

Powerball FAQs

How do I check my Powerball ticket?
To check your ticket you need to do the following: Enter your numbers in squares and end with the Powerball. Adjust the power play slider. That is if you want the checker to show the value of prizes with the multiplier applied. Select on “Add line” to check another set of numbers. Use the drop down menu to check the results for the past 7, 30 of 180 days.
How much is a Powerball ticket?
A ticket starts from $2
Who is the winner of the Powerball $80 million jackpot?
The winner is anonymous. This is as the ticket was submitted online. However, what is known is that the winning ticket is from New South Wales.
How do I win a Powerball jackpot?
To win the jackpot, you have to match 5 white numbers in any order, plus the one is red Powerball number. The second level prize is won by matching all 5 white numbers. It is known as the Match 5.
How many numbers are in the Powerball?
There are 69 numbers from 1 to 69, for the white balls. For the red Powerball its numbers 1 to 26.
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