7 Online Casino Myths BUSTED

Online Casino Myths
Online Casino Myths
Online Casino Myths

Online casino myths are the beliefs that gamblers have about online casinos that they are not sure about.

Some of these beliefs may be true and some of the may be lies.

That is why we have this post today to help clear the air about the most common online casino myths.

Demystifying Online Casino Myths

  1. Online Casino Games Are Rigged

    This is one of the most popular online casino myths. Due to the fat that players cannot see the dealer as they play, they believe that the games are rigged in favour of the online casino. However, we are here to tell you that online casino games are not rigged. In fact, they just might be fairer than the land based casino games. This is because the games use a Random Number Generator to ensure that all the games are fair. Additionally, tampering with the online casino games would do more harm than good to the online casino.

  2. Online Slots Are Overdue for a Win

    Another of the most common online casino myths is that there are some slots that are overdue a win.  As such, players rush to that slot with the belief that it will spill its jackpot. That is a lie, there are no online casino slots that are due a win. You will only win when you reel in the winning combination of symbols.

  3. The More you Play The More you are Likely to Win

    This cannot really be classified as an online casino myth, because it an element of truth in it. the more that you play, the more likely you are to win, at the same time, the more that you play, the more likely that you are to lose as well.

  4. Online Casino Strategies reduce the casino House Edge

    This is an online casino myth that we would all want to believe. But, unfortunately, it is not true. The house edge is fixed and not matter what strategy that you use, you cannot reduce the casino house edge.  What casino betting strategies do is give a systematic wagering order in order to preserve your bankroll, but they do nothing to the casino house edge.

  5. Online Gambling Promotes Terrorism

    This is one of the most absurd online casino myths out there. There is no evidence that can link online casino to any money laundering and acts of terrorism. Gambling games are a just are form of fun. At the same time, they are run by well-established organisations that are certified to operate them most of which have gaming licenses that are not issued to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

  6. Online Gambling Promotes Addictive Behaviours

    While we cannot deny the fact that you can get addicted to online gambling, we can state that online gambling does not promote gambling behaviours. Most people believe that online gambling sites are responsible for gambling addicts. However, online gambling sites have several measures measured to make sure that they they limit an individual’s gambling behaviours.

  7. Casinos Don’t Pay Winners

    If there is one thing that online casinos take pride in, it is the fact that they payout the winners. All online casinos boast about their winners and how they manage to pay them out. If an online casino does not pay you out then you have gambled at a rogue online casino. That is why you need to be careful about the online casinos that you play at.

Online Casino Myths FAQs

What are online casino myths?
These are various things that both gamblers and non-gamblers believe about online casinos that are not true.
Are online casino myths true?
No, they are not true. However, because they have been circulated in the gambling industry for so long, many people now believe them.
How do casino myths start?
These myths are usually by people who have no clue about online gambling. They then start to speculate about what gambling might be.
Why do people believe online casino myths?
This is because it is easier to believe the myths that to try out the games. As for the gamblers who believe the myths, it is because they have been scarred by online casino games.

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