30-Minute Hairdresser Time Frame for Aussies

Hairdresser 30-Minute Restrictions

Hairdressers in Australia were recently given a 30-minute time frame to get the job done. At the same time, the number of people at funerals was reduced to just 10. This is all being in an attempt to reduced the spread of the covid-19 virus among the Aussies. However, even at time like this, such rules will get a backlash. That is is why it is just easier to stay at home and enjoy some real money online casino games.

30-Minute Hairdresser Rule

As of Thursday, the time that it takes to get a haircut was reduced to just 30 minutes. However, there was also a very strong recommendation from the Australian Hairdressing Council that all hairdressing and barbering industries be closed.

The 30-minute hairdresser was set in place as a restriction to deal with the covid-19 outbreak. However, the rule was removed just a few hours after it was set in place.  This was as the decision was dubbed “just bonkers” by many in Australia.

Social Distancing in Saloons

Despite that the 30-minute rules was removed, other measures were put in place. The saloons and the barbers had to make sure to adhere to physical-distancing restrictions. These restrictions stated that there has to be one person per 4 square meters.

The Chief Executive from Just Cuts, Denis McFadden said this was nit realistic. He stated that it is impossible for stylists to do a shampoo of a haircut without touching the person.

At the same time, the hairdressers had also placed complaints over the 30-minute hairdresser rule.

McFadden said the only reasonable thing to was to close all the saloons. Furthermore, he said it would be hard for the owners of the saloons and barbers to out in place the social distancing measures and get the job done as well.

Salons Forced To shut Their Doors

Due to the growing covid-19 virus many salons in Australia have closed their doors. However, many saloons are facing pressures from clients and landlords to stay open in line with the National Cabinets advice.

The governments undecided hairdresser restrictions have taken its toll in many saloons.  Owner of salons may want to close, however they fear action taken against them by the Fair Work Act. At the same time, the growing pandemic calls for self-isolation. While clients at the same insist in getting their hair done. All the indecisiveness has left both hairdressers and owners of saloons stressed and confused at the same time.

Despite the growing pressure on hairdressers and salons, many can not afford to stay open.  This is because they can not access the hand sanitizers and gloves that are needed for them to work in an almost safe environment. At the same time, they have to consider the 1.5 meter social distancing rule and the 4 square meters per person restriction.

Funeral Limits

When the hairdresser restrictions were set in place, funeral restrictions were set in place as well. The National Cabinet decided on no ore than 10 people at funerals.  The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison also said that the state would have they discretion to allow extra people to attend funerals.  


Many measures are being set in place to make sure that the covid-19 virus doe not spread. The hairdresser restrictions in Aussie are juts the government’s ways to try and keep the people safe.

Hairdresser FAQs

Are all hairdressers and salons in Australia closed?
No, not all of them are closed. There are some that are still open. However they have to make sure that they stick to the rules that have been set by the state on social distancing.
Is the 30-minute hairdresser rule still in effect?
No, the rule was removed. However, hairdressers in saloons were told that there has to be one person per 4 square meters’ and there has to be 1.5 meter distance from clients.
Can I still go to the saloon or barber in Australia?
Yes, you can. However it is advised that you only do so when necessary. If possible, you can even get your hair done at home.
How many people are allowed at funerals during self-isolation period?
The State set a cap of 10 people per funeral. And addition of 2 family members may be allowed if absolutely necessary.
What happens if I don’t follow the hairdresser and funeral restrictions?
At the present moment, there is no clear punishment set in place. However, if you fail to follow the restrictions there are high chances that you can get infected by the covid-19 virus.

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